Moshe Feiglin Will Win on January 31

I was hitching a ride to work today as I often do, and army radio was playing. They were talking about the upcoming Likud primaries and why Netanyahu put the Likud chairmanship up for grabs. One of the talking heads said something like this:

“Likud is very unlike the other parties because in Likud you generally do not run against a popular party leader. In Likud, it’s better to be on the leader’s side than against him.”

I was in the back seat, smiling wryly at the cute, clueless little pundits. “Tell that to Feiglin,” I murmured in the backseat, in Hebrew, hoping the driver would hear me and take the bait.

He didn’t even have to. Five seconds later, Moshe was already on the air, talking to the cute, clueless little pundits. “Hello Mr. Feiglin,” the pundit began.

“Hello hello,” Moshe responded, as always. And then, the predictable, ever-repeated, boring clueless-little-pundit question:

“Why are you running, Mr. Feiglin? You have no chance of winning.”

At this point, my wry little smile widened to an all out grin. I love this stuff!

When Moshe’s time was up, my ride starting talking. “Feiglin failed. He’s been failing for over 10 years. He won’t win,” he said. I became annoyed…for about 3 seconds. But then I asked him the following question:

“Are you a Likud member?”

“No, of course not,” he said.

“Well,” I said, “Then what does your opinion matter? You can’t even vote in this election.”

That’s when I realized, all the naysayers, all the people that keep saying over and over and over again that Jewish leadership is impossible, that Israel is condemned to be the world’s doormat forever, they are all out of this game. They don’t matter, because they’ve willingly silenced themselves by refusing to play. They never joined Likud, and are therefore irrelevant. The only people that matter are the Likud members, and those are the ones who DO believe, which is why they joined the game in the first place. This is why we will win. Everyone and everything else that says we can’t, the cute little clueless radio pundits and the nice driver guy, are just background noise who have no vote.

The most difficult dialectic in Judaism, I believe, is that between the inexorability of redemption and the Divine command to redeem ourselves. Why should we do anything if redemption is inevitable anyway? The answer is that it is not inevitable that the redemption of the Jewish people will just happen out of thin air. Rather, it is inevitable that the Jewish people will, as a nation, answer that Divine command and redeem themselves.

Over the next month and a half, Moshe Feiglin and the rest of us who believe in a real Jewish State, in our Jewish identities, and in the Jewish People’s destiny to repair the world under God, will have the wonderful opportunity to once again speak to this Nation. To explain to her that we are sick and tired of measuring the “strength” of our leadership by the amount of time it takes them to put out a diplomatic fire, or by how quickly they can appease Turkey before we lose another “ally,” or by how quickly he can scrounge up UN votes to scuttle yet another meaningless international condemnation and score another “victory” for the “proud” Jews.

To tell this People that we believe in them, we believe in our nation, we believe in ourselves and our duty to live in the land that God gave us, our right and duty to worship freely on our Holy Temple Mount, our Divine charge to speak to the Western civilization we, as Jews, gave birth to. A world now mired in profound economic and spiritual confusion, a world we must equip with spiritual and moral guidance where it is so sorely needed.

It will be a fun, exciting, therapeutic, even cathartic battle for both sides. We need to be calm and understand that nobody in the nationalist camp actually disagrees with us. Some simply don’t believe a destiny-driven Jewish existence is possible.

We will tell them, once again, that it is. And not only that, but that it is inevitable. Not that it will just happen randomly when the Divine egg-timer in the sky happens to go *bing*, but that it is inevitable that we will rise up as a nation and redeem ourselves, and God will be there with us when we do.

The only question is, are you, as a human being with free will, going to be part of it? Our numbers have gone way up since the last time Moshe ran in 2007, and all the naysayers can’t even vote. Don’t be distracted by the naysayers. They are just that: they have no say. They’re not in the game.

But you do have a say. If you want it. Go to now and donate. Help us wake this People up and let’s show the world what the Jewish People can do!

Newt Gingrich makes me want to barf lizards

It truly saddens me that people are seriously considering this man for President. But it doesn’t surprise me. I wrote in a previous post that I thought the next front runner would be Gingrich. In terms of simply being human, Ron Paul is much better at being a person than Newt Gingrich is.

The two people I genuinely respect in this race are Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. I disagree with Santorum on individual liberty and foreign policy, but he seems to be a genuinely good guy. The rest I don’t even respect. Bachmann I sort of like, but there’s something about her that I just don’t trust.

If it were just Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in a debate, you could have a real debate between a real Neocon and a real Libertarian and learn the difference between the two. Mitt Romney won’t give you anything because he never talks about anything. Newt Gingrich will just make you feel stupid. Rick Perry will make you feel that he’s┬ástupid. Michele Bachmann will make you feel like someone’s scratching a chalkboard. Herman Cain will make you laugh, though he dropped out over Shabbos I heard. Jon Huntsman will dazzle you with his looks and amazing hair, but hey, he’s Jon Huntsman and nobody cares about him.

But Newt Gingrich, ewww. America’s on the verge of a monumental collapse and Newt is the best thing people can think of? That’s just gross. Cheat on your wife, take money from Freddie Mac, have government force people to buy health insurance, fight a bunch of wars (or don’t depending on when you ask him)…support the fairness doctrine…my head is in my hands.

I’m reminded of something Worf, the klingon from Star Trek: The Next Generation┬ásaid about the Borg on the episode “Best of Both Worlds”.

Worf to Capt. Picard: The Borg have no courage nor honor. That may be our biggest advantage.

Capt. Picard to Worf: Let’s hope it’s enough.

So I’ll say this. Newt Gingrich has no courage nor honor. He has only hubris. That may be Paul’s biggest advantage. Let’s hope it’s enough.

Continuing the stream of consciousness, Ron Paul said something very funny on an interview with Wolf Blitzer yesterday. Wolf asked him how he would “pay” for the extension of the payroll tax cut. That question means, “how would you take money away from people in order to give money to the same people?”

Paul answered that he wouldn’t “pay” for it. He’d just cut spending and pull 15,000 people out of the embassy in Baghdad. 15,000 in an embassy in Baghdad.

What the HELL are 15,000 bureaucrats doing in Baghdad? Picking their toes? WHAT? With what money are they being paid?

Seems like a damn good way to “pay” for a tax cut. Get the HELL out of Baghdad.

Reminds me of something John McCain said to Paul in an 08 debate.

McCain to Paul: I was just in Baghdad and the troops there told me “let us win!”

Paul answered that the troops give him more money than any other candidate combined. What he should have said was this:

Paul to McCain: Let us win? Let us win WHAT? What are we DOING over there?! What the hell are we supposed to win?!

If people realize this in time, Paul can win. If not, America as we know it will no longer exist. It will be bankrupt in a matter of months.

Keynesian Hubris – Man as an Economic God

Here’s the difference between Keynesian economics and Austrian economics illustrated by example. Austrian economics believes mistakes (money put in the wrong place, aka “malinvestment) have to be paid for by loss of that money. Government, or man, cannot stop the loss of money by mistakes being made. For Austrians, money is real, like gold or silver. Paper money is only representative of gold or silver that exists somewhere, and therefore cannot be wasted on buying mistakes.

Keynesian economics believes that mistakes (money put in the wrong place or “malinvestment”) can be bought by government so no one loses money. Money is created by government by the word of government and paper money represents nothing. Government, therefore, can fix any mistake at any price, and man becomes God of the economy.

Let’s do a case study. Let’s say you need $10. So you sell a piece of paper, a bond, a contract, for $10 to someone that says you owe him $11 one year from now. You now have a $1 deficit and he has $11 in the form of a piece of paper, or a bond, that says you owe him $11 in a year. Let’s say you take his $10, invest it in a business in the private sector that produces, I don’t know, a revolutionary kind of cheese. The business succeeds and gives you back $12 from your original $10, selling the cheese for $15. Then you take that money the cheese company gave you, give $11 of it back to the guy you owe $11 to, and you’re up $1, he’s up $1, the cheese company is up $3, and the cheese people can make their cheese thanks to your $10 investment. Everyone wins. The new money is printed up for the Keynesian, the gold or silver is taken out of reserve for the Austrian. In such a case, the Keynesian is actually better off, because he doesn’t have to find actual gold to back up the new dollars created by the good investment in cheese. If every investment worked out, Keynesian economics would be a great system. Unfortunately, reality does not work this way.

Now, let us suppose that you borrow $10 from a guy who is expecting $11 back in the same way. You take that $10 and hire (purchase) a guy who sits at a government desk filling out unnecessary forms. This is called a “government job” in the “public sector”. He produces no wealth, no cheese he can sell for more money, and just eats up your $10. Now you still owe $11 to the bondholder, but you have nothing. Keynes says, “Print up $12!” So you print it, give $11 to the bondholder, and pocket $1. Well, it looks like everyone wins, but nothing was actually created, so it now takes more money to buy the things that the bondholder was going to buy with his $11 because there are less things of value in the world and more “money” to buy those less things with. He now really only has $9.

The Austrian, in such a case, says that the bondholder should lose his $10 instead of be paid $11 in money off the presses. This keeps the money supply constant, and it requires people to pay for their mistakes and try not to repeat them again.

Man is not an economic god. Since there are mistakes made in this world, those mistakes must be paid for, whether in inflation or loss of investment. Keynes runs to the presses at this point, so all the mistakes made in the world are paid for by ordinary people whose money is affected when the government prints money to paper over mistakes.

If Austrian economics ran the world, the people who made the mistakes would take all the losses, and the people who saved money would be unaffected.

Once government pays for all mistakes, or “bails you out” then people become more encouraged to continue making mistakes. The more mistakes made, the less value there is on the planet, and the more poor people there are. Keynes just spreads the pain around to everyone, 99% of whom do not deserve the pain because they didn’t make the mistake.

Austrian economics clears debt whenever it cannot be paid and takes small losses as they come. Those who made the mistakes are wiped out and must start over, and the rest of society keeps building and creating wealth.

Keynes covers up all mistakes by printing the money to make it look like the mistake doesn’t matter. Keynes hopes to pay for the mistakes through “growth” meaning Keynesians hope that at some point, people will make much less mistakes and eventually pay for the mistakes made in the past by making really good investments in the future. But train people to rely on government to print money in response to mistakes, and they won’t ever make good decisions to pay for past mistakes. So debt goes up and up and up and governments need more and more and more money to cover up the mistakes until at some point, money itself is not trusted as a medium of exchange.

At some point along the way, the big piling mistake that the Keynesians keep piling and piling overflows, and all the pain stored up in that giant pile (aka a “keynesian bubble”) is released in one big wave leading to absolute disaster.

We just saw a bout of “global easing” by central banks (read: money printers) around the world. That means they’re printing more money to paper over the mistakes. The markets skyrocketed because now there’s more money to put into the system. But that money represents no new created wealth at all. It’s just existing wealth more diluted.

At a certain dilution, it just loses all meaning. And that’s when the crash happens. No one knows what dilution is the tipping point. But it’s getting closer, fast.

How Ron Paul can get the Jewish Vote

I’m not sure that it matters so much since Jews vote mostly democrat, but here’s how Ron Paul can get the Jewish vote. This post is of course mostly directed to Paulians with Jewish friends who support Israel.

The first thing to understand about Zionist Jews in America is that they feel terribly alone and scared for their Jewish homeland. They feel they want someone “involved” in the “middle east peace process” and they want American aid more for what it symbolizes than for the actual money. It symbolizes the fact that America backs Israel and it makes them feel less alone. So if you want to break through to a Jew, you have to identify that loneliness and diffuse it.

Tell them that the Jewish State is the strongest in the region and can handle any threat on its own. Tell them that Congress is the most Zionist legislature in the world (it actually is) and if Congress decides to declare war against Iran or join the fight if war breaks out, then Ron Paul would fight it. Paul as president would have no constitutional authority to just fight a war, but if Congress declared one, he would be constitutionally required to fight. This is all true. They have to know this.

About the “peace process” tell them that Israel should be in charge of it, not America. Israel should feel no pressure from the UN or from the US or anyone else, which is why Ron Paul wants to cut off US funding for the UN, leave the UN and butt out of the “peace process”. Tell them you believe Israel is grown up enough to make her own decisions with what she wants to do with the Arabs, and America shouldn’t be involved.

About the money, tell them that Israel won the 6 day war without American aid and she can do it again.

And most importantly, tell them that both Ron Paul and Israel share the value of liberty and mutual respect, and in that sense both will always be friends and Israel will never be alone. That’s in bold. Emphasize it. Let them know you understand this point, and they just might start listening.

Rating Agencies are the Central Bankers of Gossip

I’ve come to realize that credit rating agencies like Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch are not only unnecessary. They are more often wrong and part of the problem. The problem being centralization and market manipulation.

People hire these rating agencies to tell them how risky a bond is, meaning how likely it is that a country will pay interest to you on it when that interest is due. Why not let individual people decide how risky a bond is instead of centralized bureaucracies paid by the very people they are rating?

The existence of rating agencies creates the huge problem that people start to erroneously pay attention to them. Then when they do something, such as downgrade Portugal, markets respond with volatility. This is what happens when you have too many central players in the markets instead of decentralized free markets. In the theory of centralization, why not just have one person dictate how much Apple stock is worth tomorrow?

These days people have been rebelling against credit rating agencies to the point where the recent S&P downgrade actually caused bond price to go UP and yields down for the US. Meaning, S&P said US Treasuries are more risky, and then people actually bought MORE of them. Now interest rates are as low as they have ever been at any point in history. Want to short the crap out of the next bubble? Bonds are the way to go. Just make sure you’re not leveraged.

And two days ago, Germany couldn’t even sell its bonds because people don’t believe Germany will pay them back, given that Germany has to bail out the entire European continent. But they still have a AAA credit rating. See a problem here?

Something fishy here? Credit rating agencies make no sense. People can determine risk themselves, and therefore the market becomes fluid instead of choppy when controlled by central powers.

If you think America will pay back its bonds, then by all means buy them. If you think they’ll go bust, stay away. Screw the credit agencies, which are just overpaid technocrats who aren’t even good at what they’re supposed to do. Like much of the rest of the West these days, they don’t actually produce anything of value with the money they are given.

Which is why, once again, the monetary system does not reflect value for work done. And therefore, it will crash.

The closest thing to a neocon Ron Paul supporter I’ve found

Just saw this on the Ron Paul forums. This guy is the closest thing to a neocon supporting Ron Paul that I’ve seen out there.

He’s also the closest to my own views on the subject of Islam.

My biggest disagreement with Ron Paul is his view of Islam. He doesn’t see it as problematic as a religion. But then again, it’s not the Christians’ job to fight Islam, as Christianity and Islam are not all that different. Just depends on the century. Sometimes the former is violent and the latter passive, sometimes the other way around. Just ask medieval Spanish Jews. And we’re always in the middle of our bickering children, the Christians and Muslims.

I trust Paul even though he’s a Christian because he’s first and foremost an advocate of Liberty, the penultimate Jewish value. His Christianity is private, subsumed under his independent conscience rather than leading it.

Dealing with Islam is our fight, not the Christians’. It won’t be a fight of bombs so much as a war of ideas. So Ron Paul is not the one to fight it. His job is to set an example of freedom in the world so we can fight our own battles.

What do Ron Paul, Moshe Feiglin, and Moses have in Common?

I will come to the title at the end. Bare with me.

These days, I’ve been waking up in the morning totally nonplussed about the age I live in. So much is happening every single day that it’s hard to believe what is going on. I always try to ask myself whether or not I’m losing my mind predicting doom, but I can’t find my way around the precipice. The financial world is falling into a giant vortex of debt and no one will escape.

What is debt, really? It’s when someone promises to do work that will equal or exceed the value of the capital given to them in advance by the creditor. When no work is done, both debtor and creditor lose out, and there are less goods in the world for the amount of people in it. People then become poorer.

There are no creditor nations left on the planet. I came to realize this when Jim Rogers of all people, one of the more honest, moral investors who is genuinely good at simply being a human being, named Japan as a creditor nation. Few people know this, but Japan’s debt to GDP ratio is more than 220%. This means they owe more than twice what they produce in one year. Work promised for capital given in advance, not done.

The problem is, they’re a huge holder of US bonds. If they go bust, which they will, what happens to those? What happens to the dollar? Everything is so sickeningly intertwined that global finances are impossible to sort out. Everyone has promised everyone work in exchange for capital given (debt), and have not done that work. Now that capital itself that was given is itself in question.

The capital is capital because governments said it is. Governments are losing control of the entire planet. Once this truth is realized, everything, and I mean everything, falls in the hole. When you have a government backed global monetary system, government is the last stand and the last stop. Every government has promised every other government money in return for value. But value itself is backed by government in a fiat system, making this whole thing a sick joke. It’s sort of like the world returning to the tohu vavohu of Genesis 1:2.

So what do Ron Paul, Moshe Feiglin, and Moses all have in common? They are all leaders who hate government. This may sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. Any leader who loves leadership will inevitably concentrate power into one point – himself. That power then eventually gets sucked into the vacuum of reality and everything goes back to zero.

The Torah notes that Moses was the most humble man to have ever walked the earth. What that means is that he had no false illusions as to who he was: just a simple man like everyone else. This reality was so ingrained in him that he was able to talk to God himself face to face and not let it go to his head as if he were special. He wasn’t. He was just Moses. What made him “special” was the fact that he understood the true nature of his own being.

When I hear Ron Paul speak, I hear a person with self awareness speak to me as if he were speaking to any other person. All he’s interested in is the truth. I hear the same when Feiglin speaks. The only thing special about these people is that they understand and address reality, and they don’t ever think that there is anything special about themselves.

Judaism does not worship Moses of course. He was just a guy. The same as you or me. He was just a really good guy. Government has been lying to us for a long time. It will fall, because reality always catches up. And when it does, we’ll need leaders who will focus us in the darkness.

And in the chaos, these leaders will cut through the din in order to focus the truth when it comes screaming in our faces.

How would a Ron Paul victory affect Israel’s leadership?

As we get closer and closer to the Iowa caucuses on January 3, this is a question I’ve been asking myself with more and more intensity. The prospect that Israel will finally be cut loose and will no longer have an “American Father” but rather a true American friend excites me deeply for both countries.

Israel, both its leadership as well as the Jewish people at large, are so mentally dependent on America that they cannot imagine not being constantly backed by our father in the Western Hemisphere. A Ron Paul victory would be such a mental shock to Israeli society that the Jewish people would be in a type of frenzy, worrying about the future of the Jewish State and predicting doom once foreign aid is cut off.

There will be much confusion here among the leadership as one of the main objectives, if not THE objective of Israeli political leadership has been to secure American friendship so we don’t feel alone. The better they are at being friends with America, the better the Prime Minister of Israel is considered to be. This is why Ariel Sharon was so popular, whereas Netanyahu is at most tolerated, but nobody here really likes him like they liked Sharon.

So what would happen would be similar to a junkie losing his supply of cocaine. Israel would go into something of an existential frenzy, though she wouldn’t be in any real danger, much like an addict isn’t in any real danger when he runs out of blow.

With Israel off the American dime, the people will be able to look in other, more important directions than the American direction. They will seek out new leaders with new paradigms, start to work on the country like it is actually independent.

I believe that it is no coincidence that the Republican primaries and the Likud primaries are happening around the same time. As Ron Paul rises to prominence and the American people start to undergo a mental paradigm shift, Moshe Feiglin will rise in Israel, speaking the Israeli equivalent of the libertarian message, and the Jewish people will undergo the same sort of revolution, waking up from decades of political depressants.

By the time the 2012 elections come around, this could be a very, very different world.

Ron Paul is NOT anti Semitic and neither, amazingly is Michael Scheuer

In a previous post asking whether Ron Paul is anti semitic, I asserted that he is not, but made the claim, which I now realize is false, that Michael Scheuer, a Ron Paul supporter, is.

I realized today that I was absolutely wrong. Scheuer knocked even further sense into me with a clip I saw today from the Freedom Watch show on Fox Business. What follows is the video that convinced me that Scheuer is anti Semitic. Watch it, cringe a bit, but then continue to the next video and you’ll understand the point:

Watch the latest video at

Now, watch THIS:

Watch the latest video at

The conclusion, my friends, is this. Israeli hasbara, and ALL the political activity that the American Jewish community does in the US on behalf of Israel is not only unnecessary, but it is harmful. Even people like Scheuer, who you could swear was an anti semite after first video, are obviously not after you watch the second. What they’re sick of is not Jews, but Jews whining.

This means AIPAC is a disaster. It should be disbanded and boycotted. I would not have said that even yesterday. But the worst thing America can do for Israel is keep giving her money.

Is democracy as we know it a failure?

I’ve been pondering this question for some time now as western civilization continues to crumble. The western idea of democracy, as it moves further and further from God and more towards government as an end in itself, seems to show that democracy as we know it is indeed a failure.

As government grows and grows, people rely on it more and more, which encourages it to grow and grow until people lose any sense of personal responsibility for their actions. As government continues to collapse under its own weight, the people demand more and more protections from the government, unable to realize that they cannot be provided.

You can tell people 1000 times that there is no money for medicare, social security, and wars, and it simply won’t register. Of course there’s money. The government can just cut a check.

So people unaware that they have personal responsibilities, keep voting for the person who promises to take it away from them in exchange for promises of money and benefits fed by a printing press of money backed by nothing but the word of the government itself, a logical loop of death and inflation.

Money starts to overflow the system. But people will never vote for the guy who promises to flush the system clean. This involves way too much pain and coming to terms with reality. The government has to take care of you, take care of the system, so the money has to keep flowing.

At some point, and this will be soon, reality will take effect regardless of whether people want to acknowledge it or not. This creates more pain than would have been necessary to have been endured had people chosen to recognize reality by free choice, which is arguably the entire purpose of the human race on planet earth.

The reality is that money is only a medium that is reflective of work done. Real money is real stored work in liquid form that can be exchanged. When someone lends you real money, they lend you the work that they did that they do not need at the moment to survive. It’s extra. You have to pay it back by working harder in return. If you don’t pay it back, that work was lost. This is debt. Lost work. If there’s too much of it, there’s not enough productivity to support the population in debt and they collapse and go back to zero. This is a default.

You work hard at your business, you earn money, you store it in an account. You accrue capital. That stored work can be exchanged for other goods and services, or lent on the expectation that it will be repaid in interest.

But the printing press and money backed by the false word of governments has replaced “work”. And reality will catch up in the form of that money losing its pretend value as the assumed storage unit of work done.

When the dominoes fall, all printed money will totally outnumber the amount of actual work done in the world, as the amount of work done in the world shrinks in real terms as people go unemployed. Without productive work, people starve. Increasingly, the money in the world is reflective of handouts by governments rather than work. Money reflective of nothing will lose all value. That’s when the system will become unsustainable.

All the financial tricks done by world banks to play around with money they actually did no work with – produced no food, no thing of actual value, no goods, will be recognized as paper pushing. It will suddenly be discovered that the amount of money in the world way outstrips the amount of real work done in the world.

Work adds value and prosperity to the world. A printing press does not. When the amount of work vs printing press money becomes apparent, that’s when the system falls.

There is no way you will get a majority of people to understand this. They will keep voting for the money until they drown in it.

This is why democracy has failed for now. Unless you can get a majority of humanity to accept reality, which seems a really long shot.