Some Anarcho Capitalist Revulsion at the Election Process

I got back from voting this morning in Karnei Shomron. Some of it is a very different feeling from last time, and some is the same. What’s different is there is not much a sense of urgency that Feiglin get on the list this time. There are no T-shirts, a little less excitement, and a general malaise as to why the Likud is doing this again. Feiglin is not running for Likud Chairman so this is all a bit dull. The point of Moshe getting on the list in the first place was for people to get to know him. Now they do. Getting back in is less important, because when the SHTF, the people now know who to turn to, regardless of whether he’s in this time or not.

What’s the same is the same exasperated feeling that all these people, all these politicians, all these sign waving sheep have no idea what they are saying or why. This may as well all be in a schoolyard playground as we all huddle around the “popular kids” none of whom know what is about to hit them. I feel like I’m in a Vonnegutian timequake surrounded by walking primates pushing platitudes, none of which mean anything at all.

My phone has been so inundated with mindless text messages that I turned it off. This game is so tiring, emotionally draining, and I feel dirty playing it. It’s as if I was forced into a kindergarten, into the body of a 5 year old, and told I had to pick 11 snot-nosed kids to run the country. I want to say something intelligent to the children so they stop acting like such idiots, but I know they’re all 5-year-olds and they won’t understand a word I’m saying. The kids all team up making “deals” with one another and I have to go along with this mindless board game. So I just pick 11 of them and go home.

The system is probably coming down sometime this year. I don’t know how bad it will get but the catalysts are all lined up. Oil could do it. Greece could do it. Russia could do it. The amount of investment the US has made in shale oil is enormous, on par with the investment in real estate before that crashed and brought the financial system to its knees. Billions in loans were given to shale companies that can now no longer repay them. We’ll start to see this infecting the banks pretty soon. From there, whoever is on the Likud list will not like the boat they’re sailing.

Yes, I hope Feiglin makes it on in a high spot. But if he doesn’t, I’ll know he’s been saved from getting on this ride until the boat sinks. It could go either way, and whatever happens, God will sort it out.

I’ll just say, I doubt there is any “political activist” in the entire country that loathes election day as much as I do.

Feiglin Drops Out, and Why I am Now $100 Richer

I was as surprised as anyone else when I saw the news this morning that Feiglin dropped out of the race for Likud chairman to focus on getting a top 10 spot on the Knesset list. I spoke with him this morning for a few minutes and while I don’t agree with the decision, there is something cooking. That’s all I will say. This happened after a 5-judge panel on the Likud court accepted Netanyahu’s appeal to unite the Knesset list and chairmanship races on the same day, despite this being against the Likud constitution. Any American libertarian will know how useless constitutions are in terms of stopping government power anyway.

Here’s what I think goes down from here. First, speaking for myself, I will not be voting for any party in the general elections on March 17th. I will be taking a trip to Bnei Brak that morning to visit the Satmars along with a fellow non-voting Satmar friend of mine, hand in my Teudat Zehut and driver’s license, and take the $100 promised me by Teitelbaum not to vote. So will my wife, and $200 is not bad for a day’s not-voting. I wasn’t going to vote anyway even without the money. The money is just an extra perk I may as well take.

Say what you want about the Satmar and I certainly do not subscribe to their lifestyle, but they do not accept government money. They and I are on the same wavelength there, and I highly respect them for that.

I refuse to vote for my own slavemaster. I will also not vote against Likud out of respect for Moshe.

Though I will be voting for Moshe Feiglin, Amir Weitmann, and Shay Malka for the Knesset list in the primaries on December 31. I will fill the rest of the slate with no-name candidates with no chance. I will not vote for any incumbents, period, not Yariv Levin, not Hotobeli, not Danon, not Edelstein, nobody, nor anybody that Manhigut Yehudit makes any deal with. Forget it. I’m sick of the games. As for Likud Chairman, I will write in none other than Ron Paul, just because.

Beyond that, my not voting it is a tactical move. Bibi has to lose these elections. He cannot be Prime Minister again. When he loses, he will be blamed, and rightly so. He will then resign, following which Feiglin will run, and win. A monetary crisis will arise, new elections will be called, and in the midst of the crisis he will take the reigns. I hope I’m right. I am not a profit.

I only hope that this is not a case of what happened in this week’s Parasha.

ויהי מקץ שנתיים ימים. Why did it take two years? Because Yosef lacked faith and asked the butler for a favor. I would have liked to see Moshe run anyway, even if it risked his Knesset seat, because in my opinion it doesn’t matter if he gets into the Knesset or not this time.

And that’s OK. Because what matters now is that Netanyahu goes down. His time is up.

HUGE It looks like Netanyahu Really Lost the Mercaz Likud Vote After All

Well well well…isn’t this just beautiful? Though a final decision has yet to be made by the Likud court, it looks like that Central Committee vote that Netanyahu “won” last week really was a loss.

Here’s the article from Haaretz.

First of all, last week a Mercaz meeting was called that took place in Ariel. I was not there, but a neighbor of mine who is a Mercaz member described what happened as completely insane. Danon, who headed the meeting as chairman, completely and totally ignored those present. Apparently, he even hired 15 bodyguards during the meeting to ensure he wouldn’t be physically mobbed. He was booed fiercely by the crowd because they had voted down Netanyahu’s proposals, which where three:

  1. To push up the primaries to December 31 from January 6.
  2. To unite the Chairman and Knesset List elections and hold them on the same day.
  3. To allow Netanyahu to personally name 2 of his lackeys to the list.

The crowd was clearly against it, but Danon called for a secret ballot on the matter, which requires a certain amount of signatures which were not collected. The vote was appealed by Feiglin since there were no signatures for it, but that appeal was overruled.

Then Netanyahu “won” the vote 1567 to 835, because the ones that don’t show up to Mercaz meetings are the ones that support him, because they’re lazy, whereas we Feiglinites are motivated up the wazoo and would show up to a Mercaz meeting in Ramallah if we had to.

So, Feiglin and his sidekick Michael Fuah, a Manhigut Yehudit cofounder and the political brains behind the whole operation starting from the late 90’s, appealed to the Likud court again, but this time the appeal was a bit different.

The Likud Constitution states that the Knesset list election and the Chairmanship elections must take place on different dates. It also says that Knesset list elections must be “fair and equal”, which precludes Netanyahu from naming them personally. So, in order to change the Likud Constitution, you need a two-thirds majority. Count 1567 to 835 and it’s 41 votes shy of that majority.

The appeal is basically saying that since Netanyahu did not get his two-thirds majority, he in effect lost and cannot name candidates to the list, nor hold chairmanship and list primaries on the same day.

Now, even though a final decision from the court has not come in yet, it seems that Netanyahu is really nervous about this, because his men are talking personally with Fuah to find a compromise before the court rules.

This comes as an especially sweet victory for me because I remember four and a half years ago the Mercaz vote to postpone Mercaz elections. Netanyahu wanted to postpone the Mercaz elections precisely because he knew he’d lose control of it, and Netanyahu won that vote by getting over two-thirds to then change the constitution.

I remember going home that day after hanging out at the Herzliya Likud branch with Shmuel Sackett all day and feeling, for the first and thankfully only time, dejected and out of hope. For a few minutes I really thought that we could never win and Moshe had no chance of ever becoming prime minister.

I soon recovered, and now we really have stopped the Netanyahu steamroller. By 41 votes.

If the decision comes in to reverse the vote, it will be a real momentum changer in the party.

Why I’m voting for Daniel Tauber for Knesset

I hate the idea of voting for anyone. I hate voting in general. It makes me feel like a criminal, because I know that whoever I vote for will think that he has some sort of mandate to use other people’s hard earned money to buy off more votes to get more power to use even more of other people’s hard earned money and then claim that he’s helping the economy by doing so all the while having other people fund his car and gas bill. (Who funds mine?)

The only laws I support are the ones that make it illegal for the government to do something it would otherwise try to do. Whether it’s destroy someone else’s private property – Arab or Jew – steal someone’s money through borrowing or printing or taxing, or anything else it tries to do. In other words, I only vote for politicians that promise to at least limit, and at best destroy, the very system that feeds them. I vote for infiltrators who vow to cut and destroy government. Not politicians who vow to feed on it and give me some of the scraps they feed on.

If it were up to me, I’d vote for Moshe Feiglin and no one else. He is the only one who cannot be corrupted.

But I have to vote for 12 people, or my vote for Feiglin does not count. So the other 11 people I will have to vote for will only be extensions of my vote for Feiglin.

I’m not voting for Tauber because he speaks English or I need an Anglo to represent my Anglo interests in Knesset. Anglos have no interests any more than anyone else has an interest in keeping his money and property, and I don’t care what language you speak. I’d put an Iranian or North Korean or an Arab in the Knesset if I was convinced he’d protect my money and property. Heck, I’m probably voting for a guy named Jihad (seriously) a Druze with a huge mustache.

I’m also not voting for Tauber because I think he’s incorruptible. If he makes it into Knesset, God willing, and Bibi leans on him to vote for destroying someone else’s private property, he’ll resist, and he’ll resist hard, but eventually he will break if his career at spending other people’s money is at stake. It’s just a sense I have from talking to him. He wants to protect me, but I know he can’t when push comes to shove.

I’m voting for him because he will be a good soldier in Feiglin’s army. That I sense, too. His heart is pointed in the right direction. It’s not in the right place yet, but unlike most politicians, at least it’s pointing to the right place.

Honestly, Tauber would be a very good soldier, better than any of the other 11 kleptomaniacs I’ll be voting for, with the possible exception of Yariv Levin, who I don’t like, but I almost like him, which says a lot.

When Feiglin is in charge, Tauber will be ready to join in, and he’ll be on the front lines. That’s why I’m voting for him, and for no other reason.

The maddening thing about Moshe Kahlon

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It looks like Moshe Kahlon, the popular and vaunted Likud Minister of Communications, will be the second consecutive Likud Central Committee Chairman to leave the party looking for more power. The first one, Tzahi Hanegbi who left to Kadima and was charged with handing out jobs to cronies and nearly convicted of perjury, is now back in Likud because Kadima has entirely crashed. He’s looking for a slot on Likud’s Knesset roster.

But that’s not what’s so maddening. After all, corrupt gangsters are all over the political spectrum peeking their heads in and out of political crevices looking for a slice of tax money. I am a voting Likud party member, and I don’t care all that much that Hanegbi is coming back. I simply won’t vote for him. What’s maddening is the reason that Kahlon is popular and polling 27 Knesset seats if he runs with former Kadima Diva Tzipi Livni, another Likud defector.

The only reason that Kahlon is popular is that I, an Israeli citizen with a cell phone, only have to pay 20 shekels a month for good service now instead of 400. Why is that? Because Kahlon, in a fit of what must have been Divine Inspiration, decided that he, as Communications Czar of Israel, would just let the market be, get out of the way, and do absolutely nothing.

Quite literally, the best thing he did for Israel was to say that he would no longer forbid any company that wants to enter the communications market to do so. He decided he would no longer protect big business with government threats. He decided, in effect, that there was no need for a Communication Minister at all. And voila! More companies sprung up offering much lower prices, and the whole country now benefits from the free market in cell phones. (Or at least much freer.)

But what makes me want to put my head in my hands and weep “Oy Gevalt!” is that the country has no idea what Kahlon did or why it worked. The entire media is describing Kahlon now as an economic socialist, and that it was socialism and ingenious government regulation policies that fixed the cell phone market. All the people know is that Kahlon went into office and then the cell phone bills went down, so they all love him.

And the worst part is, Kahlon himself doesn’t understand why he succeeded. He really IS a socialist, into the welfare state idea and all that. He just happened to have a flash of genius once and did something totally libertarian, totally unsocialistic, by getting government out of the market and just letting it function. Now he thinks he knows how to fix everything with government, and Israel believes him and will vote for him to do just that.

He’ll take that mandate, try to tinker with the free market somewhere, and the people will be disappointed, his party will crash, and he and everyone who goes with him will come crying back to the Likud, as they all do. Even Avigdor Liberman came from the Likud way back when, and now he’s back too.

All government has to do is get out of the way and leave everyone alone as much as possible. It doesn’t take Kahlon-ic genius to do that.

Gidon Sa’ar and the den of education slaves

I went to a Likud event last night hosted by the head of the local Likud branch in Karnei Shomron in his home. He wanted me to show up so there would be bodies at the event, and I happen to have one of those. I’m technically on some board of something or other involving the local Likud branch, which means me and the Likud leadership structure are like Dark Helmet and Lonestar. Father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommates, which makes us absolutely nothing, but that’s more than most people.

I was dreading this event because the guest of honor was Gidon Sa’ar, that random guy who happened to get a few hundred votes more than the next random guy who in consequence was given the right by the Prime Minister to run the entire education system funded by coercive force and run as efficiently as a Hummer with a lead chassis stuck in first gear with the handbrake engaged and leaking fuel.

He comes in, tells us all about his wonderful accomplishments, and I’m surrounded by every head of the various bits and pieces of the totalitarian education regime in my region. After Sa’ar is done aweing us with his amazing display of managerial educational prowess, then the slave fest begins.

Everyone starts begging Sa’ar for tax money. Going on and on about how their school is missing a roof or is leaking poison gas or both and it’s hard for the children to learn the required state curriculum because they keep having to dodge bird droppings from the sky and it’s hard to concentrate while wearing a gas mask. So please oh Master Sa’ar can we please have 5 shekels of tax money so we can spread a sheet over the school and plug up the poison gas leak with a wad of chewing gum? We can’t afford the gum without your help.

I don’t know exactly what everyone was begging for in specific, but it may as well have been that. I couldn’t possibly pay attention because I was jumping out of my skin at the time. All words ran together and I stopped trying to decode it. At a certain concentration of slavery, I just stop processing.

I wanted to pick up these people by their collars and scream, “Why do you all have to beg like slaves towards this man to fund your obviously crappy schools? Get rid of the entire ministry of education, free yourselves, run your schools like businesses, and the best ones will survive and the worst ones will die! Just like any other industry!”

Every time there is a regime change the curriculum changes. If the left wins, everyone has to learn about the Nakba. If the right wins, everyone has to go to Hevron and the Ma’arat HaMachpelah. Why can’t there just be plain and simple freedom? Schools should do what they want to do, respond to supply and demand, teach what they want to teach and parents will send where they want to send, or not, no one will pay any taxes to fund any education system and all the money will go back to the people. Those who want to learn about the Nakba will go to that kind of school. Those that want to learn about the Cave and Hevron will go to that kind of school.

There would be no argument about whether to “recognize” Ariel “University Center” or not because there’d be no public money involved. No Hilonim would complain that the Haredim are not learning basic State requirements, because there wouldn’t be any. No Haredim would complain that the State is making them do whatever because it wouldn’t. Everyone could live in peace and harmony, learning and teaching whatever they wanted to learn and teach. Instead of the bad schools getting more money, they’d get less. Instead of the good schools getting less money, they’d get more.


I got a call yesterday from Gidon Sa’ar’s office asking if I intend to vote for him.

“Probably not,” I said. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

God is the Real Observer at the Polls

As expected, massive election fraud. It’s OK, we’re doing what we can to deal with it. In the end, we must all realize that these elections are just a game. A very important game we all have an obligation to play, but a game nonetheless. They are a game to get the Nation of Israel to pay attention, to see for a fraction of a second what’s really going on. This past week they got another opportunity to glimpse at the Jewish alternative.

We do everything we can, trust that we are on the right path, fight with poise, calm, and faith, and in the end we win. This was originally posted on Israel Truth Times.

Everyone reading this who has an Israeli ID card, click here and join Likud right this very second. Be a player in this game. Before the sea splits, you must take the leap, pay the 64 shekels, and put your name in the hat. Or you can just sit and complain from the sidelines about how muddy the trail is.

When you’re engaged in a battle to change the very consciousness of the State of Israel, the hardest thing to do is stay calm while at the same time fighting harder than you can imagine. We came into this election knowing that the deck was stacked against us, as it has been since we positioned ourselves as the faith-based alternative to Israel’s current leadership. Jewish Leadership – the name means that our goal is nothing less than replacing the powers that be in their entirety. So a little voting fraud, even a lot of it, doesn’t surprise us one bit. In fact, had this election been squeaky clean, we’d feel a bit uncomfortable…

Initial reports of the count given to us by sources high up in the Likud reported that Moshe Feiglin got 36% of the Likud vote, with Netanyahu getting 63%. The story came out at around 1am, February 1. Had that story stuck then Netanyahu would most likely be on his way out of the Likud right now. Just like, had Feiglin kept his number 19 slot on the Likud Knesset roster in ’08, Netanyahu would have left the party long ago. Imagine how embarrassing it would be for him if Feiglin were on his knesset list and no matter what he did, no matter how many threats he made, no matter how much iron coalition discipline he threw at Feiglin to vote the way he demanded and, say, kill a bill that would legalize Migron, Feiglin would never, ever break.

There’s no one in the Knesset like that. Not one. Some are better than others, but no one dares disobey Netanyahu from within, openly, and challenge his leadership at every opportunity. Feiglin would have, every time, from inside the Knesset, from inside Netanyahu’s own party, and he’d get censured and “disciplined” and banned from giving speeches on the plenum and maybe even banned from Likud faction meetings, but he’d vote his conscience and stand out like a sore thumb every time without exception. And the People of Israel would have paid very, very close attention. And the fear and mythology that surrounds the mystical elusive Netanyahu would have evaporated in days

That’s why Netanyahu did everything he could to get Feiglin off his list back then, kosher or not. And that’s why Netanyahu did everything he could to keep Feiglin at his previous 23% ceiling this time, kosher or not, even though he actually got 36%.

So over 1,000 people voted in Bet She’an, a Netanyahu stronghold, when there are only 700 Likud members there. Fraud. So they kicked our observers out of a bunch of places before the count started. Fraud. So in Beit Shemesh, Feiglin got hundreds more votes than reported according to our observers. Tens more examples like this. We’ll fight it. We’ll fight it as hard as we can. Maybe we’ll win, maybe we’ll lose, but in the end what we all must know that God is the real observer at the polls, and He knows what He’s doing.

That, and Netanyahu and the powers that be can only fight reality for so long. The reality is, Israel will have Jewish leadership. And every time Feiglin has another shot, more Jewish souls are lit. And once lit, they never go out. At a certain point, the dam will break. There’s nothing he or anyone else can do about it, because once the soul of this nation turns towards real Jewish leadership, no amount of fraud will be able to stop it.

So Bibi and the rest, I and those in this country who are awake and ready for the next round, say to you this: Bring it on. We’ll be there, and your time is running out.

If you reading this want to be part of the next fight, I urge you to join Likud right this second. Right on Netanyahu’s website, by clicking here.