I’m not a Feiglin Fanatic – I’m a Jewish People Fanatic

With about 36 hours until polls open for Netanyahu vs Feiglin Round IV, I find myself fending off attacks from those who essentially agree with Feiglin about everything, but don’t support him because they think he’ll destroy the Likud if elected. It’s not that these people don’t believe in Feiglin. They don’t believe in the Jewish Nation’s ability to redeem itself.

They tell me that only a Feiglin fanatic could possibly believe that the Likud would gain seats if headed by Feiglin. These types of people have their political beliefs which I may agree with, but they have no faith in the Jewish People. I believe in the Jewish People because I know and understand Jewish history. Feiglin is just a guy like everyone else.  Nothing really that special about him, except he’s doing the work everyone else shied away from. It’s the Jewish People that are special.

I also know and understand our role in our own history and what that role should be. When this People is finally presented a real leadership that can take its potential and broadcast it to the world, we will all wake up. If you have a strictly religious personality and Judaism is a personal religion to you and nothing more, you will not support Feiglin, no matter how much you agree with him. You will think that what he represents is pure fantasy, and you will refuse to vote for him under any circumstances. You will ignore poll numbers that say if he wins Likud will gain strength.

Chazal say that the first question one is asked after death is, “Were you honest with money?” That I can understand. It’s very hard to be honest with money. But the third question is “Did you believe in redemption?”

Why should that be the third question? Who doesn’t believe in redemption? Why is it so hard to believe that the Jews will be redeemed?

It’s not hard to say you believe it. It’s really hard to act accordingly. You only believe something if you are willing and ready to act on that belief. If you believe in the concept of Jewish redemption, you believe in Feiglin’s candidacy. You don’t know how he will win in the end, but you do know one thing with spiritual certainty, and that is this: When the Jewish People are presented the choice, for REAL, they will choose the path of redemption. They will choose Feiglin’s path.

This election on Tuesday is just one more step in that direction. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know how much Feiglin will get, and I don’t know all the things Netanyahu has up his sleeve and how much he will cheat.

But I know we are doing the right thing and that this is inevitable. Israel will have Jewish leadership. So if you don’t support Feiglin but you agree with him, I ask you this question, and I’m quoting that guy who shot Sean Connery in Indiana Jones III and looked at Harrison Ford and said this:

It’s time you ask yourself WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

May God give us all the help we need and the strength to continue and fight this to the very end.

Good luck everyone!


26 thoughts on “I’m not a Feiglin Fanatic – I’m a Jewish People Fanatic

  1. You should read Bernard Levy’s work to those who are still caught in the Cold War dichotomy about any socialist regime. This is the work of a Communist believer who rationally destroys Communism about itself, without using history facts of what Communism meant, conceptually destroying Communism that is. Do not lose hope. And also about the very interesting facts you present that US is not actually helping the Israel cause spread blogs such these: http://baruchsbreeze.blogspot.ro/2012/05/how-one-israeli-changed-his-mind-about.html
    This is not what people see on evening news regarding Middle East, CNN World that is.
    How can, what the paranoids call the “Jewish American monopole on media”, spread entirely the drama of Arabs caught in their countries by the manipulations of their rich class, and leave Israel appear to be the evil-doing colonialist power? And this has been going on for years, far before Barack Obama and George Bush. You need representation, a campaign, an international lobby, aimed skillfully to those who have had enough with sheer violence sold as “just another fact of life”.
    All my compassion for the Arabs who suffer the decisions of the ones who run their world without morals or equity, but for those who have chosen to jump the short way to bliss I cannot do much, it’s about a war within themselves as they themselves call it. As certain French Arab citizens prove, one can truly leave what is malign by choice despite the pulling of tradition and fear and just be French. Many others constantly offend the French by ostentatious wardrobe and ostentatious religious beliefs and French people, not Jewish fans for sure, excel at saying NO on principle even after everyone thinks they’ve lost their breath and I think everyone knows about when and what I mean.
    But they are rational, they need to be informed, and they need to see the international organizations (which they respect with awe) get respect and information.

  2. Work can never set you free because it’s a human trap. Parents will work for their children forever for free with purity and children will disappoint every day, without fail, like a clockwork orange. And parents will forgive always for free expecting nothing in return, and children will always dream of slicing their parents souls and eating them on special occasions but best served on a rainy average afternoon when the sky is grey so parents will see the children with rain on their face – those could be tears I wonder!? – and leave with all peace of mind but with heavy hearts.
    Spectators of the show always stay in love, actors too, directors too, because Love is Love and a Rose is a Rose and when the thorns are gone the Rose hid them forever and nobody should accuse a Rose for loving all the way to the end and changing Itself from how God let the Rose be. God would never do this. Ever. God accuses no one and the only Voices that accuse are just a memory of the past when the beginning was a frail but exciting time filled with endless possible futures in the parents hearts – Why does it have to be this one they chose? Why? Why? I will understand always, always, always.

    Eternally, A.

      • Reincarnation is a fact. People don’t want to mix this idea with the monotheist religions because it scares them. That’s what I mean. They prefer keeping the valleys dry and deep like a cut and cruel be the one that memories bring! But a river used to run through that valley. The river remembers the valley that dried it out the valley says it never happened, “time does not exist, now’s the only time I know.”

      • You sound like you’re writing from the mess hall of an insane asylum. I have absolutely no idea what you’re saying or why, and I’m going to stop publishing your comments after this one.

      • You don’t have to sound so defensive A., faith is hard. You sound a girl in love with a man who’s into that “crystal christianity” thingie because I cannot name it any other way. If he loved you he wouldn’t have pushed you into working and twisting for him any story he gives you into something that sounds real. People have suffered a lot without having ANY revelation whatsoever except a painful addiction to these stories. The writing of the Bible ended, some while ago, throwing aliens and ships and metaphors into it will not change the foundation. It makes no sense because people wrote it the first time around too, so there is nothing crystal about it so there is no way to build a huge ship of crystals out of it. Ashes to ashes. Don’t lose yourself for someone who uses you as a shield against his own guilt. He doesn’t love whatever dialectic of “love” he’s using calling it a universal value it’s not true.

  3. I can understand how the idea of Feiglin could have been good and could have worked.
    But it won’t ever work.

    Now, you wrote :
    “They don’t believe in the Jewish Nation’s ability to redeem itself. […]
    I believe in the Jewish People because I know and understand Jewish history.”

    And that is EXACTLY the reason why I think trying to impose a new leadership in the likud is wrong.
    Because if you do this, you actually admit the Jewish People won’t ever vote for a truly caring and incorruptible party (like Ihud Leumi).
    Because I Believe the Jewish People will ultimately reedem itself, I won’t personnally support a move such as Feiglin’s.

    • Amihai –

      I hear what you’re saying. I really do. I’m going to write a sort of magnum opus on the manhigut yehudit approach in its entirety. Please tune in in the next few days.

  4. One more thing. Feiglin also displays bitachon. He does what he needs to do, his job and trusts HaShem will do His part. His belief and trust are inspiring.

  5. What is special about Feiglin is that his emunah is palpable. Sure lots of religious people affirm their belief, but Moshe acts on that belief. Very powerful! Not voting for him is admitting you’re not ready for redemption. So sad : (

  6. So what if Likud is destroyed because of feiglin. It won’t be long before Israel ceases to exist because its own citizens can’t figure out whether they want a jewish nation or a globalist nation/nobody nation. Maybe that’s why we live in exile. Why come to the jewish state if won’t act jewish, think jewish, or be proud of all the jewish customs, traditions that have kept us together for 5000+ years.

    Your call.

    • I agree that Likud is only a tool to gain power for whoever joins it and it doesn’t matter if it’s destroyed or not in the greater scheme of things. But what I don’t agree with is your tone, which is pretty negative. You live in exile in Baltimore because you choose not to come here and vote for Feiglin. Nobody here is going to hasten the geulah for you. It’s your responsibility to get out of there, come here, and do your part instead of blaming other people.

      Your call.

      • Its not that I am being negative, but rather pessimistic. Unfortunately for Israel, this slow unraveling has been going on since the 1970’s. It should be that there is an incentive to come rather than being in the wilderness and then high division.

        I am only one person. What difference does one person make? Even if everyone in exile where to come home and then all of a sudden vote socialist, have we accomplished anything? No because socialism is exactly what is causing Israel to lose its competitive edge against its enemies.

      • Yes, you’re pessimistic, and you don’t act. You are one person. As a person, you have a responsibility to do your best to change the world.

        You want an incentive to come home yet you rail against socialism? You’re also a hypocrite, it seems. Do you want someone to hand you a lolly pop? What do you want?

      • I would like the bribery to stop also known as “aliyah rights”. Why do I need special incentives when Israeli taxpayers are the ones that have to foot the bill. When they give me these bribes, they are openly admitting that life is artificially expensive (reduced tax rate for cars, property tax reduction etc).

        What I want is for Israeli’s to show that they are zionists and stop all of this socialism and dependency. I would like Israel to have a much higher standard of living than America. It’s not that I am a hypocrite, but rather I would like to see its citizens do their part first, and once they show me that they do their part (stop socialism bring back the original vision of zionism), I will do mine.

      • EB –

        You’re not making any sense. In one comment you say you want an incentive. In the next comment you say you don’t. I get the whole anti socialist thing – believe me – i’m with you on that 100%. But responsibility it a thing everyone has to decide on. I have taken responsibility. The future of Israel depends on my decisions. Until you make the decision as well, life will remain difficult.

        So STOP shirking responsibility. You are responsible. As am I. Now let’s get to work.

      • EB, by incentive you mean Sign. You want a sign. You want but do you need? Transcendency comes from within, seeking the invisible in the visible will not lead to anything but sorrow and self-destructive magic on yourself. Dialectics cannot constitute nor produce logic. Politicians sadly propose dialectics because they only compare what one leader did compared with the other and some put in a vague promise but this is not logic. True logic is Divine, it will grow. Jewish people can do logic because of their initial innocence in front of God. Socialism can give the opportunity of having religion and utilitarian needs separated and nonconflictual. As a young country Israel with a very old people can have the opportunity to see socialism free from its product in other countries. A socialism freed of dialectics. In there Faith and Hope can find themselves again.

  7. Very insightful, penetrating powerful and true angle, Rafi – Except for the part:

    “Feiglin is just a guy like everyone else. Nothing really that special about him, except he’s doing the work everyone else shied away from.”


    • Well, yes, he is special in that he is not controlled by fear and he works hard. But I don’t want people who read this blog to think that we see him as anything more than he is.

      • “not controlled by fear and works hard” is how you some him up?

        I’d really be interested in how you’d sum up biblical Moses – seriously, give us a one or two liner on how, if at all, you think he was special – making sure, of course, that people who read this blog don’t see him as anything more than he was.

        Natan (not from new jersey)

      • The most humble man to ever walk the earth, and nothing more than a man.

        And I have your IP Natan. You’re either in West Milford New Jersey or Hicksville New York.

      • that’s what i suspected.

        the implication of your statements totally underestimates man’s greatness – the source of which is …
        Likeness and Image of G-D!

        the greater the relevance the greater the man.

        Sure Moses was the most humble but that alone is as you note: “nothing more than a man”.

        Sure Moshe’s not controlled by fear and he works hard, but that too is as you stated: “nothing really special about him”

        but their adherence to the above mentioned source of man’s unfathomable greatness, and their tireless efforts to awaken it and return it to the Jewish People makes them very special indeed – even more so than a Jewish Nation if and when it tries to disconnect and disengage from its G-D’ly connections.

        Natan (neither from W Milford nor from Hicksville)

      • Natan –

        You seem to be the type of guy that seeks to disagree with anything even though there’s nothing to disagree with or about. I agree with what you’re saying. Why are we arguing? And what are you accomplishing by saying that you’re not from W Milford or Hicksville? We both know very well you’re not in Israel. Which is fine, but get over here if you want to be part of this.

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