Barry Freundel Ain’t Movin’ Out of His House

From the Forward:

The Washington, D.C. rabbi charged peeping at his synagogue’s mikveh has refused to move out of the synagogue-owned house where he and his family had been living, the congregation said in an email to congregants today.

The guy won’t move out. This is going to be fun. I propose a compromise between Freundel and Kesher Israel. I say, allow Freundel to stay in the house, on the condition that cameras are installed in his shower.

I don’t know who would watch, but it’s an idea, no?


One thought on “Barry Freundel Ain’t Movin’ Out of His House

  1. The tragedy is that he himself does not realize how seriously bad is what he has done. Taking him out of his house will probably happen eventually but will he ever take it seriously.
    If we are to assume free will give birth to conscience in one’s self, then we could assume someone who would take it seriously would not have done, and if he realized he was no longer taking it seriously at some point in his life, would not have stayed a rabbi. Will he later realize this? Does pushing him from the outside affect his free will into realization?
    Free will divinely created, many factors can help but none can actually stop it. That is why we get so angry when we see people using the world as excuse for this malfunction, refusing to be free and choosing to be solely randomly willful. Randomization is addictive and thus can never be free in itself nor give way to freedom, neither can idictated abstract order in itself can claim it is not the fruit of randomization since its fruits are never truly free.

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