Knesset Platform

I am an Austrian School libertarian economist, securities analyst, and financial journalist, originally from Miami. I now live in the Golan with my family, but beforehand I was Moshe Feiglin’s next door neighbor in Karnei Shomron for 7 years. Every month we would ride together to Har Habayit and debate economics and monetary policy, my personal area of expertise. He and I agree on almost everything else.

You have a right to know exactly what I will do as a Knesset Member in every single case even before I am in office God willing, and it is simply this. I will vote against every bill that grows the size or power of the Israeli government over Am Yisrael. I will also vote for every bill that shrinks the size or power of government over us. If I am unsure in any particular circumstance, I will consult with Moshe for his opinion, as well as yours as Zehut International members, and share my concerns with you before I vote. The one singular exception to this rule of mine will be if Israel is under threat, in which case I will obviously vote to mobilize Tzahal.

If Zehut is going to lead Israel, we cannot afford to approach the Knesset as simply technicians trying to tweak this or that aspect of government function, or improve this or that government program. Government cannot be improved on a long term basis. It must simply be shrunk, programs and regulations eliminated and privatized. Trying to improve government as a technocrat is how you get embroiled and poisoned by the game of politics and lose yourself in a web of wheeling and dealing.

Once Am Yisrael sees that we are serious about liberty in Israel and that we do not compromise on our principles, we will become the leadership party that Moshe Feiglin designed us to be. Only by doing that will Moshe become Prime Minister. Then we can get the real big things done that we all want, like ending Oslo and paying the Arabs to leave voluntarily.

You should know as a voter that I personally do not accept any money from the government and therefore the salary I get as an MK will be donated back to Zehut every month, as I have always done with any cash subsidy the State of Israel has ever given me since 2012. (Just ask Shmuel Sackett.)

This is my word and I will not break it. If this is what you want to see in the Knesset, then vote for me.

If you have any issue-specific questions, please comment here with your contact information and I will answer, bli neder. For a deeper look into my (anti)political thought, please see this post at Times of Israel.