The trouble with Catholics and Atheists debating about God

Saw an article in the Jerusalem Post about how the Australian Jewish Community was offended by what some Catholic guy said about the Holocaust or something while he was bickering with Richard Dawkins about whether God exists or not.

I don’t want to address the Holocaust sensitivity issue, though I believe that Jews should stop being sensitive about what people say about the Holocaust, or anything else, because every time they do they sound like little children and make things worse for us.

I’d like to address the very notion of an atheist and a Catholic religious leader arguing about God. The very notion is itself silly, and illustrates the world we live in that lacks Jewish leadership. In an ideal world, the Jew would be the defender of God, as we are the keepers of His law and we are His people. Catholics know very little about God, and most of what they think they know is silly.

Dawkins goes on about evolution, the Catholic guy goes on about Genesis, and the two go in circles as the audience gets dumber by the second. It’s like to kids fighting over a cookie. Invite a Jew who knows who he is on that stage and he’ll change they way these arguments flow.

You, Catholic, on the one hand, believe God actually died and that I killed Him. Then you thank me for killing Him because He died for your sins, but you blame me for killing Him and hate me for it. Then, depending on your mood and the century, you either thank me or kill me over it. And you expect Dawkins to flock to this “ideology”?

The Catholic guy is saying he has to believe in God. Dawkins is saying it doesn’t make sense to. The Jew would say I don’t care what you believe in, but can either of you explain my existence as a Jew? Judaism’s for me. You can both sit back and watch.

Put a Jewish leader on stage and neither of them would be able to explain why the Jew exists, why he’s back in Israel, and why none of the promises in the Bible have been broken. Once the Jew claims his mantel as spiritual leader of the globe, Dawkins and Catholic will fall in line behind us as disciples. And the Catholic guy will suddenly realize God never died in the first place.


The only way to get Jonathan Pollard out of prison

There have been murmurings lately that Pollard is in serious health trouble and that our brave heroic President, Shimon Peres, exercising brave heroics as he always does, has sent a brave heroic letter to their President Obama asking meekly and sheepishly to have mercy and let the dying man go pretty please, oh American master of all things, ruler of Israel, we are your people and you are our Protector in the UN, teach us to follow, obey your rules about spying on you to save ourselves, hear O Israel, America our Friend, America is One, now can we have him back please?

Wow, is Shimon Peres brave. And Netanyahu too. I mean, he went so far as to actually ask for Pollard back! Publicly! On the Knesset Podium! Once! In thirty years! Saying he was sorry we spied on America! Meekly and sheepishly! Just like a proud Jew should!

What a hero.

If we really, actually, in real reality, want Pollard out of hell, we must stop playing games now, or he will die in a prison hospital. We must understand why he has been in prison in the first place for so long.

Anti Semitism, Jew-hatred, is not simply a disease that bad people have and good people don’t. Everyone has it. Even Jews. It’s universal. The reason for it is the dissonance between the Jewish mission and the Jewish reality. The Jewish mission is to be the spiritual leader of mankind. The Jewish reality is that, right now at least, we simply aren’t, but for some reason we’re still around and no one can tell exactly why.

It’s obvious to most people that we shouldn’t be here according to natural law. This includes everyone from the most murderous anti Semites to the most outwardly friendly of Israel’s allies. So everyone knows we’re being preserved for a reason, and the reason is for that moment when we wake up as a nation and lead the world to spiritual enlightenment. Every second we don’t do this we are hated and challenged. The murderers will try to kill us off in an attempt to prove we are no leaders. Our allies, on the other hand, will keep us in a state of mental slavery, help us out outwardly, but only when it serves their interests, while making sure we know THEY are in charge, NOT the Jews.

The minute the Jewish nation starts to stand up for itself and act like a leader, take its destiny in its own hands and be independent, it will trigger a very harsh reaction from our allies in an attempt to test if we are actually taking up our leadership role. When America found out that the Jews were spying on them – well, a Jew who takes our money and begs and acts nice and slave like – that’s fine. But a Jew who spies on us and steals secrets for his own safety without asking us first? THAT cannot be tolerated.

What we have to do is quite simple. We have to stop asking nicely as if we made a mistake and Pollard should never have spied for us. We have to stop apologizing. If America or any other non Jewish country wants to test us and see if we are actually the leaders we are supposed to be, let’s welcome it.

Instead of Netanyahu getting up on the Knesset and groveling, he should get up and burst with righteous anger that Pollard was even arrested in the first place. That yes, America, we spied on you because we needed the information for our own safety and you were not forthcoming. Next time, just tell us, or we’ll do it again. Why? Because you were founded in 1776 and we were founded 3,000 years earlier. We’re older, and we call the moral shots around here. We deserve some damn respect.

So for every day you do not release our man, we will arrest an American spy over here, starting today.

You don’t like being spied on? Neither do we. So let’s just be honest with each other and cut the bull.

Not only would that get Pollard released. It would give us America’s true respect as their spiritual leaders, and will end the anti Semitism that is keeping Pollard in prison.

The more we grovel, the more we are condemning him to die in North Carolina.

Need I even mention that the only person with the Jewish guts to do this…is Moshe Feiglin.

I REALLY Don’t Like Eli Yishai of Shas

Every time Eli Yishai, the head of the Shas party, does something, he exhibits the perfect combination of cowardice, ignorance, pompousness, and something so way beyond chutzpah it’s hard to describe. He has done more to embarrass Judaism and God than any other Jew on the planet.

When anything bad happens, he blames it on gay people. Like the big Carmel fire last Chanukkah when 40 policemen were burned alive in a bus. Gay people did that. Well, thanks for making such a great name for the Jews, because you were the one in charge of the national fire department, which you neglected, probably worried about gay people, while we had to beg for equipment from abroad while the country burned. And you still don’t accept responsibility.

But he just keeps getting worse. The man just does not stop being an ass. Today, I was reading the Israel Hayom newspaper, quoting Yishai as saying we have to go into debt in order to “cheapen living costs” because as a “leader” he has to “take care” of the people by spending borrowed and/or printed money.

He added, “If we go a little off budget, it’s not a big deal.”

The reason living costs are so damn high is that the government taxes the crap out of everything that moves and Ehud Barak and Eli Yishai spend it on first class trips to France and Netanyahu spends it on elaborate anti-missile defense systems that shoot down $10 rockets with million dollar precision guided missiles and everyone cheers him on. Well, at least Netanyahu doesn’t want to put us in debt – he just wants to raise taxes some more. As much as that sucks, at least it’s honest.

But Yishai, ecchh, he wants to put us all into debt because he “cares” about “the people”.

The truth is he actually cares about buying some VOTES before elections next year. He’s a “leader”. He has to look out for the “little guy” by “bribing him with welfare” so he’ll “vote” for the guy that didn’t “take care of the fire department” and 40 people were “burned alive” and he blamed it on “gay people”.

Yishai – I’m sure that when non observant Jews look at you, they say, “Wow, Judaism is a great religion. Maybe I’ll take Tefillin today and strangle Eli Yishai with the shel yad.”

You want to endanger everyone’s shekels because you want to buy some votes? Have a happy Pesach. Thank God Netanyahu doesn’t have to listen to you. As bad as he is, at least he’s fiscally responsible, and when he wants to buy a vote, at least he keeps the budget balanced.

You know what? Maybe Yishai isn’t as bad as Bernanke. At least Yishai isn’t saying that breaking the budget will stimulate the economy and make us all rich.