I REALLY Don’t Like Eli Yishai of Shas

Every time Eli Yishai, the head of the Shas party, does something, he exhibits the perfect combination of cowardice, ignorance, pompousness, and something so way beyond chutzpah it’s hard to describe. He has done more to embarrass Judaism and God than any other Jew on the planet.

When anything bad happens, he blames it on gay people. Like the big Carmel fire last Chanukkah when 40 policemen were burned alive in a bus. Gay people did that. Well, thanks for making such a great name for the Jews, because you were the one in charge of the national fire department, which you neglected, probably worried about gay people, while we had to beg for equipment from abroad while the country burned. And you still don’t accept responsibility.

But he just keeps getting worse. The man just does not stop being an ass. Today, I was reading the Israel Hayom newspaper, quoting Yishai as saying we have to go into debt in order to “cheapen living costs” because as a “leader” he has to “take care” of the people by spending borrowed and/or printed money.

He added, “If we go a little off budget, it’s not a big deal.”

The reason living costs are so damn high is that the government taxes the crap out of everything that moves and Ehud Barak and Eli Yishai spend it on first class trips to France and Netanyahu spends it on elaborate anti-missile defense systems that shoot down $10 rockets with million dollar precision guided missiles and everyone cheers him on. Well, at least Netanyahu doesn’t want to put us in debt – he just wants to raise taxes some more. As much as that sucks, at least it’s honest.

But Yishai, ecchh, he wants to put us all into debt because he “cares” about “the people”.

The truth is he actually cares about buying some VOTES before elections next year. He’s a “leader”. He has to look out for the “little guy” by “bribing him with welfare” so he’ll “vote” for the guy that didn’t “take care of the fire department” and 40 people were “burned alive” and he blamed it on “gay people”.

Yishai – I’m sure that when non observant Jews look at you, they say, “Wow, Judaism is a great religion. Maybe I’ll take Tefillin today and strangle Eli Yishai with the shel yad.”

You want to endanger everyone’s shekels because you want to buy some votes? Have a happy Pesach. Thank God Netanyahu doesn’t have to listen to you. As bad as he is, at least he’s fiscally responsible, and when he wants to buy a vote, at least he keeps the budget balanced.

You know what? Maybe Yishai isn’t as bad as Bernanke. At least Yishai isn’t saying that breaking the budget will stimulate the economy and make us all rich.



3 thoughts on “I REALLY Don’t Like Eli Yishai of Shas

  1. Rafi, socialism will not vanish in Russia and elsewhere “when the money runs out”.
    Socialism, imported from Russia, haunts Israel since its proclamation. Socialism won the hearts of Jews in Russia as it held a promise for equality of Jews with the rest of population. Soon after the Great Socialist Revolution socialism revealed its ugly face. Government arranged preferential terms for Jews in Gulag – Governmental (Concentration) Camps. Russia’s economy, technology and culture stagnated for over 70 years. People lived in constant dread for governmental repressions against ever new contingents and entire populations wistfully selected by Stalin at al. The Communist Party still has many members today.

    Proof of socialism’s inaptitude has not change world views of its supporters. My beloved parents believed to the end of their days that socialism is the best socio-economic system in principle; the reason they suffered from it is because bad people misused it.

    Many otherwise intelligent people in the West, when they witness injustice in the system, tend to “correct” Capitalism and give their creations “more palatable” names, like Conscious Capitalism, Capitalism with Human Face etc. LinkedIn runs a thread of Conscious Capitalism. These people are trying to implement socialism, at least partly, as much as they can, and their new names for Capitalism serves to hide the fraud.

    Capitalism is the most just socio-economic system. The injustice comes from the Mode of Labor Utilization (MLU) that now goes with it. This MLU is incompatible with Capitalism. This MLU must, and eventually will be replaced by the next MLU, which is compatible with Capitalism. We shall talk about it in a few days.

  2. He must have forgotten that printing money is forbidden by the torah because of the usury principle. But wait? Are these “jews” that serve in the Knesset really true torah jews? Probably not. I wouldn’t be surprised if they twist and turn the torah to suit their own creed.

    But Israel is socialist right? Isn’t he just representing the wishes of the voters? I mean after all, Israel was founded on socialism and people are still heavily socialist there right?

    • Right, they are socialist. That will change when the money runs out. Printing money doesn’t violate usury – it violates the honest weights and measures principle, and the prohibition against theft.

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