DAMN INTERESTING: Go Facebook! Refuses 7 IRS Summons

This is really fascinating and exciting. Facebook has refused to show up to an IRS summons on one of its tax avoidance strategies. The IRS has sent them  summonses demanding access to its books. Facebook is so far standing its ground. Zuckerberg, if you ever had any guts now is the time to use them.

Stand up to these bastards and do not break. You are powerful enough that you don’t even have to go to jail. You can just threaten to shut down the site so all the world’s politicians can no longer get likes for their miserable pages. Even the IRS has a godforsaken Facebook page.

I don’t believe you’ll keep fighting but I implore you to do so. Don’t give in. You’re more powerful than they are. If you stand up to them you will be my hero. If you have to temporarily shut down the second most popular site on the internet, DO IT. Just don’t answer them. Atlas Shrugged these sick thieves and SHUT IT DOWN.


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