Manny Pacquiao is Going to Hell for Supporting Duterte’s Mass Murder Campaign

I used to like this guy. Not because of anything of substance he ever did, but because he was entertaining and less of an open jerk than Floyd Mayweather. After today though, I am absolutely convinced that as big of a schmuck that Mayweather is, he’s a mensch compared to Pacquiao.

The president of the Philippines, an insane psychopathic killing machine named Rodrigo Duterte, is engaged in a mass murder campaign of drug addict and dealers, encouraging ordinary Filipinos to kill them on sight and promising to give pardons to anyone who does so. He sees himself as the next Idi Amin, in his own words. Duterte absolutely has the potential to be the next Pol Pot and kill half the Philippines if he decides he feels like it. So far at least 300 people have been killed and 60,000 have surrendered. Pacquiao is now a Filipino Senator who theoretically has the popularity to stop this but he supports it.

Manny Pacquiao is a Bible-thumping hypocritical bastard boxer turned politician who is now an accessory to murder. Maybe Mayweather will give him another shot at fighting him and Mayweather can give him the same treatment that Ivan Drago gave to Apollo Creed.

If they ever fight again, I’ll be rooting for Mayweather to give him a severe beating.


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