Joe Lieberman is a Hillul Hashem Rasha Merusha Embarrassment to Jews

Looks like Joe “Marrying a goy isn’t assur but I’m an Orthodox Jew” Lieberman may be the new director of the American gestapo, the FBI. The head kappo.

A Jewish politician who claims to be an observant Jew saying that intermarriage is fine for observant Jews is, well, stupid, but intermarriage doesn’t really bother me all that much. It’s not my issue. It happens. The Jewish people won’t die because of it. Other people can try to stop it. I’ll spend my energy doing other things.

Lieberman is detestable not because of that, but because of his egging on mass murder and mass police state surveillance. I am confident that God will judge an intermarried peace-loving libertarian secular Jew better than a mass-murdering politician who happened to marry a Jewish person.

Here are some of his worst positions.

Lieberman was a supporter of the Iraq War and has urged action against Iran.

Lieberman has been a major opponent of WikiLeaks. His staff “made inquiries” of and other internet companies such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard which resulted in them suspending service to WikiLeaks.

Lieberman led the fight to create a new Department of Homeland Security.

Lieberman has favored greater use of surveillance cameras by the federal government. On June 19, 2010, Lieberman introduced a bill called “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010”,[which he co-wrote with Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Senator Thomas Carper (D-DE). If signed into law, thebill, dubbed the “Kill switch bill”, would grant the President emergency powers over the Internet.

Jared Kushner and Yael Trump and Janet Yellen are bad enough. I don’t want another Jew heading the FBI gestapo too.


Why Impeaching Donald Trump Would Save Lives, Impeach Trump!

Because it would give all the kleptomaniacs on Kapitol Hill something relatively benign to focus on. When the State fights the State, we all benefit. So if Trump breathes the wrong way, impeach him. There will be less time for politicians to pass more regulations and taxes. And bomb people. Impeachment saves lives!

Impeach Trump! Let it be a long, long, drawn out process that takes years and years to untangle. Trump can’t start any wars while he’s being impeached I don’t think, not because it’s illegal, but because he won’t have the time.

How could Something Pence be any worse? I really don’t know the first name of that guy. I think that’s the first time I don’t know a vice president’s first name since I was old enough to know who the president was. Dan Quayle I think.

They should impeach Dan Quayle, too. Retroactively. That’ll take up even more time.

Why I Only Observe Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) Privately, and Not Today

Today is the Israeli government’s day to give lip service to all the people that were killed fighting in a government uniform. It’s a very conflicting day, and though I do commemorate soldiers who died defending Jews, and give tzedaka (charity) in their memory, I do not do it today, davka.

I don’t want anyone accusing me of spitting on the memory of dead soldiers. I do not. I mourn them in my own way, so get off my back please and follow my reasoning.

The sad fact is – and many people on the left and right will agree factually speaking – that ever since 1967, nearly all soldiers who have been killed fighting have been killed not for defending Jews, but for keeping the regime in power. The 1973 Yom Kippur War was the last defensive and legitimate war, but even so the deaths in that war were unnecessary since Golda Meir, AKA the self-hating misogynist, refused to take preemptive action for the sake of playing the victim and 2000 Jews were killed as a result.

The purpose of Yom HaZikaron nowadays is to cynically exploit the deaths of soldiers to strengthen the political power of those who have it, and to retroactively legitimize needless casualties by making their meaningless deaths seem meaningful for broken families.

Soldiers killed because the government gave weapons to Arabs for money, the government’s fault, and I can’t stand politicians mourning the deaths of soldiers that they had killed. Soldiers killed occupying Lebanon in 1983 when there was no plan on how to stop the bombing of Kiryat Shmonah. Either conquer and allow Jews to homestead the area or get out. But the politicians just had the soldiers stand there like sitting ducks in Lebanon for decades for no reason. And now they self-righteously mourn their deaths. Soldiers killed capturing murderers who are then released in “a good will gesture”. Soldiers killed fighting tunnels that were dug in the aftermath of the Gaza expulsion ordered by politicians. Who then commemorate their deaths in self-righteous unctuous ceremonies and speak about how great their “sacrifices were” when they were nothing but cannon fodder.

A poll is published that one government or another is losing support and all the sudden a war breaks out. And those dead are commemorated in ceremonies.

I mourn them, but not together with the people who sent them to be killed for no reason, who are now using their deaths to get a few extra votes by showing up at government ceremonies.

Those who died in actual defensive wars are heroes. (This includes those who died in defensive operations like Operation Entebbe, which includes Yoni Netanyahu, who was a hero.)

Most of those who died since are not heroes. They’re just collateral damage from political schemes to stay in power.

I mourn both the heroes and the collateral damage deaths on fast days and Yizkor Days, and I will continue to give charity in their memories.

But not today. Today I have work to do.


Remembering Saul’s First Act as King of Israel – Threatening Livestock

I’m reading Shmuel (Samuel) with my kids before bedtime these days. I did the weekly Torah portion with them until we got to Trumah, and then I switched to Shmuel. It is the most explicitly anti government book in the Bible. I didn’t even remember how anti government it was until I started rereading it. The last time I read the book in full I was 22.

Israel didn’t have a government at all until King Saul, and Samuel was quite strongly against establishing a government. Interestingly, most people forget what Saul’s first act as king was. He chopped up cattle and sent the pieces throughout Israel, threatening to kill the animals of anyone who wouldn’t go to fight with him.

Here’s the verse (1 Samuel 11:7):

And he took a yoke of oxen and cut them in pieces, and sent them throughout the entire border of Israel in the hand of the messengers, saying, “Whosoever does not go forth after Saul and after Samuel, so shall be done to his oxen,” and a fear from the Lord fell upon the people, and they went forth as one man.

You know…he could have asked nicely. He could have said something like, “Look, Israel, your brothers are in trouble. Some guy named Nahash is threatning to cut their eyes out. Please help me fight them and God will reward you.”

But no. He goes straight for the explicit threat of violence. That’s government for you.

It reminded me of the nearly the exact opposite verse about Moshe Rabeinu in Bamidbar (Numbers 16:15):

Moses was exceedingly distressed, and he said to the Lord, “Do not accept their offering. I have not taken a donkey from a single one of them, and I have not harmed a single one of them.”

The context here is that Moshe’s authority was being challenged by Korach and his gang, basically Moshe’s cousins. His leadership under attack, Moshe still did not resort to violence. All he asked was that God not accept their offering. He specifically did not harm their animals, levy any taxes, or take anything from anyone. Moshe’s national budget was zero. Everything given was voluntary.

So yes, the first act of any Jewish government in Jewish history, was the needless killing of oxen and an explicit threat against the property of innocent people.

Archaeology Hell – Another Way The Israeli State Rapes Us

Picture Marlon Brando as the Godfather, Don Vito Corleone. He’s in your backyard threatening you with that calm voice of his. He’s making you an offer you can’t refuse. He’s making you dig your own grave, literally, with a shovel.

Suddenly, you come upon a rare archaeological find as you’re digging. It’s huge. It must be worth a fortune. Well, now you can sell it, pay back your debt to the Godfather, and you’re fine, right?

No, because Vito sees the find and says to you in that same calm voice, “Hey, that’s mine. Now pay me money to dig it out of the ground.”

Now you’re even more in debt and deader than before.

That’s exactly what the State does to people trying to build a house. If they happen to be building on top of an archaeological find, then they by law they have to pay for it to be excavated and handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority. Or Marlon Brando. What’s the difference.

Normally, an archaeological find belongs to the person who finds it, and that person can sell it and make money. But in Israel if you find one and you’re building a house, you’re totally screwed.

The politicians use the “logic” that if they don’t monopolize antiques then people will just throw them out or use an old mikveh as a Port-A-Potty.

But why not, instead of forcing the person who finds it to pay for the excavation without being able to own any of the capital value, why not just mandate the State, since it has a monopoly on antiques, to buy the site at a value agreed upon by a private appraisal?

Because it’s not about saving archaeological finds. Its about power, greed, injustice.

Only in a Jewish State could finding a priceless Jewish artifact cause the bankruptcy of the Jew who is unlucky enough to find it on his property.

Kim Jong Un for President

Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un, they are both whackjobs with nuclear arsenals. Here’s a novel idea for peace. Trump should fly to North Korea, prostrate himself to Kim Jong Un, and offer him the Presidency. Sure, that’s not constitutional, but neither is anything else Trump has done as Overlord.

Kim Jong Un would be appeased, become president, and nobody in the US would listen to a word he said.

It’s similar to taking the fears of the lefties and righties in Israel to the ultimate extreme. Annex everything and watch the Arabs outvote the Jews and 61 out of 120 MK’s are Arabs and vote to “drive the Jews into the sea”.

So what? Will the Jews say “Well, they have 61 votes, and according to our constitution which doesn’t exist, that means we have to follow everything they say because the State is Holy and We Are All Religious Zionists Now.”

No. Because as much as people believe that nonsense, when it comes to their actual lives, they will throw it out because it is, all, nonsense in the end.

What would really end up happening is that nobody would listen to the Knesset, finally, that would be that.

So Kim Jong Un for president. It would solve all the war tensions and solve a lot of problems with all the Trumpheads following his every command. Nobody would listen to him. He’d be a figurehead and we’d all ignore him.

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Kim Jong Un.