Kim Jong Un for President

Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un, they are both whackjobs with nuclear arsenals. Here’s a novel idea for peace. Trump should fly to North Korea, prostrate himself to Kim Jong Un, and offer him the Presidency. Sure, that’s not constitutional, but neither is anything else Trump has done as Overlord.

Kim Jong Un would be appeased, become president, and nobody in the US would listen to a word he said.

It’s similar to taking the fears of the lefties and righties in Israel to the ultimate extreme. Annex everything and watch the Arabs outvote the Jews and 61 out of 120 MK’s are Arabs and vote to “drive the Jews into the sea”.

So what? Will the Jews say “Well, they have 61 votes, and according to our constitution which doesn’t exist, that means we have to follow everything they say because the State is Holy and We Are All Religious Zionists Now.”

No. Because as much as people believe that nonsense, when it comes to their actual lives, they will throw it out because it is, all, nonsense in the end.

What would really end up happening is that nobody would listen to the Knesset, finally, that would be that.

So Kim Jong Un for president. It would solve all the war tensions and solve a lot of problems with all the Trumpheads following his every command. Nobody would listen to him. He’d be a figurehead and we’d all ignore him.

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Kim Jong Un.


Why The Neil Gorsuch Nuclear Option Blather Is So Astronomically Important

Here’s your answer in one line.

It’s not important at all, this nuclear option nonsense. It’s all a smokescreen to distract you from upcoming wars Trump will start in Syria following some nonsense story about chemical weapons, and Trump playing chicken with Kim Jong Un.

All hail glorious leader.

I’m talking about Trump of course 😉

Maybe that was two lines. Point is, if you care about the Gorsuch nonsense and you feel any sort of conviction either way, then you have been officially hoodwinked by warmongers who want to drop bombs just a few miles north of me, and rattle the cages of a nuclear-armed North Korea.

But yeah. Gorsuch. Nuclear option. Filibusters. This is all crucial stuff.

Technically, according to the “International Community” whoever the heck they are, I live in southern Syria, so Trump is, politically speaking, about to bomb “my country”. And Kim Jong Un might actually use a nuclear option for real. 

Meanwhile, there’s Gorsuch. And the wussy “nuclear option” of a bunch of whiny cry babies in suits that their guy doesn’t have enough yes votes.

Gorsuch. Nuclear option. Filibusters. That is really important $#!+.

Trump Now says Building Houses for Jews “Impediment to Peace”

Ha ha. It took him what, a week to flip? Those who think this guy is going to move the embassy to Jerusalem are fooling themselves.

Trump met with King Abdullah unannounced and unscheduled, in Washington, and came out with this gem. See if you can spot the contradiction. If you can’t you’re probably sleeping. Says the White House:

“While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal,” the White House said in a statement.

Here’s a translation from politician into English:

“While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace, the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace,” the White House said in a statement.



Donald Trump or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Who Is Worse on Immigration?

roosevelt-trump-memeI am in no way defending anything that Donald Trump is doing with his immigration ban. I am not a fan of Donald Trump, I did not vote for Donald Trump, and I think the man is a bad person.

That being said, the liberals who are slamming Trump for his draconian immigration executive order should keep their hero, New Deal mastermind Franklin Delano Roosevelt in mind. Among other things, FDR:

  1. Imprisoned 120,000 Japanese American citizens, by executive order, for two and a half years, just because he felt they were a threat.
  2. Turned away 973 Jews on the St. Louis off the coast of Miami to their deaths in 1939.
  3. Refused to admit refugees from the Nazis into the US.
  4. Refused to even damage the death camp infrastructure during World War II allied bombing campaigns.

Beyond that, he confiscated the gold of every single US citizen and arrested anyone who kept any gold illegally. He imprisoned people during the Great Depression for doing work inside their own homes in his crazy “spread the work” schemes.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has banned visas for a few hundred people from Yemen, Iran, Syria, and three other countries he doesn’t like that I don’t remember. I don’t think that’s good. But I have perspective.

But despite all this, let’s all remember the Official Accepted Truth:

FDR is a beloved national hero, beloved by Jews especially, despite imprisoning hundreds of thousands of people by executive order and sending 973 Jews to their deaths. DJT is a racist Islamophobic scumbag for banning visas from Muslim countries. 

Here’s What the Russian Hacking Complainers Are Really Saying

I’m trying not to follow this but it seems so bizarrely stupid I just can’t help it. That people are portraying that they actually believe this just confirms that we are populated with adult babies.

So here’s how I understand this. The Hitlery Clintonites are complaining that the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails. And that this caused Americans to vote for Trump instead of Hitlery.

OK. Let’s assume that’s 100% true.

So what they are saying is that because Russia exposed corruption in the DNC and incredibly twisted satanic stuff in Podesta’s treasure chest of disturbia plus some of Hitlery’s explicit double-talk, it’s now Russia’s fault. Americans should not have known about any of this, and if they were kept in the dark as they should have been, Hitlery would be president and all would be well. Americans should not know about the corruption and sick behavior of the upper political class and because some of it was exposed, the election is invalid.

I’m confused. Shouldn’t the Hitlery Clinton people be mad at the DNC and Podesta for being what they are, instead of blaming Russia for exposing what they are? Nobody is claiming anything that Russia supposedly hacked is fake.

Another Libertarian Who Just Does Not Understand This Election

A libertarian friend comments. He has a gay son who has become a social justice warrior. Whereas I would not mind if my kid or kids were gay beyond being a little disappointed in less chances of having genetic grandchildren and more difficulty maintaining and passing down Judaism, if any of my kids turn into SJWs it would deeply trouble me. Let’s just leave it at that. I feel my friend’s pain and hope his son gets out of it somehow.

Anyway, here are his comments:

Your post really hit home today. I said almost the same exact words the day after the election. The crying and wailing and cheering is mystifying to me. I can ignore most of it, as I was not invested in this election at all. For the first time in my adult life, I did not cast a vote. The candidates were just too…too, you know…awful. As the election got closer, I waivered and thought that maybe I needed to cast a vote against Hillary, but that is not how voting works. The receiver of the vote does not say “oh, I know you voted for me because I’m not quite as disgusting as my opponent, so I am grateful and honored by your trust in me and I’ll be sure to pay attention to your concerns when I take office.” No, what the winner is really thinking is “they love me! They liked everything I represent! I have a mandate to do exactly what I want to do!” So I didn’t vote. Trump already thinks too highly of himself, and he was going to either win or lose without my one stinking little vote anyway.

Then my son made a very puzzling post on Facebook.

My son is 25 and still in college. He used to have a strong libertarian streak by hanging around with me, but we’ve lived apart for the past 5 years and he’s come under the influence of his boyfriend (yes, he’s gay) and the faculty and other students at the community college and the art school he has been attending. The art school and the SJW’s have really gotten to him. His world view and his language have changed so much that I often find it difficult to follow his train of thought. Discussing or arguing with him is a mind bender, as we often cannot come to agreement on simple facts. For example, women make $.79 for every $1 a man makes. An old fallacy, to be sure, but utterly beyond his ability to question. I think because he can’t believe that every teacher and feminist around him is wrong if they all repeat the same statistic so often. To him, repetition must make it true. The theory of the ‘big lie’ has been tested and found true in my son. Add to that the modern lexicon of the SJW, like ‘feminist’ (it doesn’t mean what it used to), ‘micro-aggressions’, ‘cultural appropriation’, and I think you can sense my bewilderment.

I came home from work on Wednesday to find my wife nearly in tears. Our son had written a ‘beautiful’ piece about the trauma of seeing Trump elected and knowing that he and his ‘community’ will be marginalized and oppressed for the next four years, or longer. But he will pull himself together and continue to fight for the causes of the LGBTQ community, and they will overcome the rampant homophobia that Trump will unleash. Then he wrote a very confusing passage in which he described himself as a ‘white passing’ ‘gender fluid’ gay person who will not let his beautiful life be ruined by the white majority (I’m working from memory here, but I think that is an accurate rendition.) “White passing”? I had to look it up just to make sure I understood him correctly. It appears that he rejects the fact he comes from Northern European stock, with about 1/64th Chippewa added in as a result of the French side of the family producing some ‘half breeds’ a couple of hundred years ago. I’m projecting when I say he must be embracing his Native American roots, because that’s the only non-white thing in him. (When I’m confronted by people playing the race card, I sometimes trump them with my Native American card, even though I find my genetic background nothing more than an historical curiosity. Works every time.) I checked out some websites that purport to help people with racial identity problems, and I see that the current rage is to refer to yourself as the race with which you identify. regardless of genetics. I really don’t know what he calls himself. Holiday conversation should be….(interesting, frustrating, maddening, hillarious….take your pick). By the way, I didn’t find the Facebook post to be ‘beautiful’ in the same way his mother and his gay friends did. I found it to be a word salad dressed with youthful angst.

I tried to bring some reality into my wife’s over-the-top concern for our son’s safety. There is no great anti-gay constituency out there. Straight people I know do not plot attacks on gays. Actually, they really don’t think about gays much at all. It’s just not that important. Live and let live. Today, my wife brought to my attention the story of a gay guy getting beat up by a couple of Trump supporters on election night. I researched it and found it lacking specificity, despite lurid details and a gruesome photo. then a follow up article retracted the ‘Trump supporter’ angle, and then another article noted that the victim could not be contacted for verification. Most likely a hoax…this time. But that is the kind of crap that gets people fantasizing about dangers that don’t exist, and acting out aggressively in response. The anti-Trump riots are very real and could be dangerous. My company canceled a business trip to NYC for Tuesday and Wednesday out of concern for our safety. Good call. This violent reaction is likely to be sparked by irrational fears and fueled by hoaxes.

Like you, I used to have an ‘inner homophobe’ that shuddered a little when I saw gay PDA. I haven’t seen it in my daily life for five years, so I’m not sure I still have it. The thought of gay sex doesn’t do anything for me one way or the other. Maybe I’m numb. Maybe I’ve evolved.

As for reading Atlas Shrugged, that was my early 2016 project. I had read it in my teens, 20’s, and 30’s, so it’s not so much that I wanted to know the story but that I wanted to revisit that book to see if it still held up twenty years after the last reading. Frankly, I expected to be disappointed in the artistry. Rand has been so derided as a clunky hack writer that I accepted she was best off writing non-fiction instead of fiction. Maybe, I thought, I really SHOULD be embarrassed to say I liked it, especially because I have a degree in literature.

On the contrary. It is beautiful. I was moved to tears at certain points, especially during Reardon’s thought-soliloquies. I could FEEL his pain. Her other characters also came alive for me in ways that I had not experienced in the past. I noted the compassion and humanity that she allowed her “cold and rational” characters to feel and demonstrate. It was a cornucopia of nuanced drama, with concern and charity demonstrated throughout. Her detractors have terribly mis-characterized this book, probably because the philosophical themes force the average person to think about their convictions in an uncomfortable way. It is easier and more effective to derisively dismiss than to honestly confront.

On the other hand, I could, and did, quibble with some word choices and some sentence structure. It was clear to me that she was not a native English speaker, as sometimes she used some odd phrases and unusual imagery. A good editor could have smoothed out the clunks, though Rand would have resisted, I’m sure.

As always, Rafi, you get my brain working and I feel compelled to jot down my 2 cents (it’s a half-a-buck now, with inflation). Sorry for the length. If you got this far, thanks for reading.

Top Annoying Things About This Election I Just Do Not Understand

Here are some things going through my mind right now. I’m going to write this in a subdued tone because I’m tired and I can only handle so much. But I may not be able to sustain that tone.

  1. What are people talking about when they say that Trump is homophobic and racist and sexist and anti Semitic? What do they think he’s going to do to gay black Jewish women? Lynch them? What do they actually think he’s going to do? I do not understand.
  2. People who are otherwise basically rational in their private lives for some reason have completely lost their sanity regarding the election. Some people are crying, weeping, bawling, literally acting like two year olds when their Aba tells them they cannot watch the 47 minute long national geographic walrus documentary for the 3rd time in a row. They start screaming and my two year old sometimes actually faints from crying. This is what these people are doing. They’ve completely lost their blanks. Why? What are they actually afraid of, in reality? I do not understand.
  3. Other people are so maniacally happy that I don’t understand what they think is going to happen either. Do they think Trump will bring paradise? That he is the Moshiach? That he will put China in its place or something and get rid of the Mexicans? And they think this will make their lives better, not being able to buy Chinese products anymore? What are they so happy about? I do not understand.
  4. All the people that say that Trump is Hitler, what do they mean? When I say Hillary is Hitler for example and I call her Hitlery, what I mean, literally, is that she has killed more innocent people than Hitler. That can’t really be argued, it’s just a mathematical statement. But what do they mean when they say that Trump is Hitler? Do they mean he has killed more people than Hitler? I don’t think that Trump has killed anybody yet. He will for sure, but as of now his hands are clean. I don’t understand this Trump Hitler thing. He’s definitely got the potential, but what are they specifically talking about? Do they think he will slaughter the Mexicans, literally round them up and murder them? What are they saying? I do not understand.
  5. If riots are happening because some guy is president, what happens when bankruptcy hits and government checks run dry? It’s going to be mayhem. Thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands could get killed. Why do people not get this, but instead they are worried about Trump being anti gay or whatever they say he is. What do they think he will do to gays? I realize I asked this already, but I still do not understand. Why doesn’t anyone see the bankruptcy coming and instead are focusing on him being “anti woman” but refuse to specify exactly what they think he will do against women.
  6. Does anyone know any heterosexual man who hasn’t said something similar to grabbing women by the vagina in boisterous chatter with friends? I do not know a single man who hasn’t been vulgar behind closed doors in telling jokes and bantering, myself included. Yet I do not grab women by their vaginas. There’s nothing to grab on to. How does one grab a vagina? As one of my gay friends boisterously and vulgarly explained his sexual preferences to me once, he doesn’t enjoy sex with women because “There’s nothing to grab on to.” I laughed uncomfortably because even though this was one of my best childhood friends, I am homophobic. That doesn’t mean I am afraid of gay people. I am not. But I am involuntarily disgusted by thoughts of gay sex acts when they are put in my head through incidental conversation. What straight man isn’t? I do not understand.
  7. How do Hillary supporters not see that she is an evil human being? How do they turn their brains off to her sickness? Even the Podesta emails, which put most of this evil right out in the open, could not convince them. What do they think they are missing now that she is not going to be president? What good specifically do they think she would have done? These people do not even understand what good even is. Perhaps they think she would have passed equal work equal pay laws, which would have unemployed hundreds of thousands of women. I do not understand.
  8. Why do Trump supporters not see the BS in his victory speech? With what money is he going to rebuild the nation’s highways, and how is putting people to work rebuilding highways going to make people richer? Isn’t this EXACTLY what Hitlery said she was going to do? Isn’t it exactly what Obama said he was going to do? Isn’t it exactly what every single president since Eisenhower said he was going to do? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
  9. Why do people not understand that we are already in an Idiocracy and both sides are part of it? Are libertarians and economic illiterates evolving into two separate species?
  1. Why does Aryeh Deri have to be such a disgusting pig? All the time? This thing is a leader. Of Jewish people! Who some actually respect! How did this happen? How did we get here?! How does he figure out how to say progressively stupider things, no matter how stupid and piggish the last stupid thing he said actually was, they just keep getting stupider? Not only was it stupid, it was a total non sequitur. What the heck does Trump have to do with Conservative and Reform Jews for God’s sake man! I do not understand!

“Minister Aryeh Deri has welcomed Donald Trump’s election for what he said he believed would be the blow it will strike to Reform and Conservative control of the US government and against progressive Jewish influence in Israel.

Deri made his comments during an address to the local religious council of Ashdod on Thursday.

“There is no doubt that one can give thanks to God that all those who have damned the [Jewish] covenant and all those who would wipe out Judaism who thought they could take control here over the Land of Israel and lead all these reforms in order to destroy received their blow,” said the minister.

“Their influence and the great threat they posed to us as those who hold the US government, they understand that this power has disappeared from them today, and we can continue, God willing, to strengthen traditional religion and Judaism, transmitted down to us from generation to generation.”

Deri, what the blank are you talking about? What the blank is going on in the world? Why is everything so insane?! I’m in the middle of Atlas Shrugged man. It’s come true! They’re all crazy!