Kim Jong Un for President

Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un, they are both whackjobs with nuclear arsenals. Here’s a novel idea for peace. Trump should fly to North Korea, prostrate himself to Kim Jong Un, and offer him the Presidency. Sure, that’s not constitutional, but neither is anything else Trump has done as Overlord.

Kim Jong Un would be appeased, become president, and nobody in the US would listen to a word he said.

It’s similar to taking the fears of the lefties and righties in Israel to the ultimate extreme. Annex everything and watch the Arabs outvote the Jews and 61 out of 120 MK’s are Arabs and vote to “drive the Jews into the sea”.

So what? Will the Jews say “Well, they have 61 votes, and according to our constitution which doesn’t exist, that means we have to follow everything they say because the State is Holy and We Are All Religious Zionists Now.”

No. Because as much as people believe that nonsense, when it comes to their actual lives, they will throw it out because it is, all, nonsense in the end.

What would really end up happening is that nobody would listen to the Knesset, finally, that would be that.

So Kim Jong Un for president. It would solve all the war tensions and solve a lot of problems with all the Trumpheads following his every command. Nobody would listen to him. He’d be a figurehead and we’d all ignore him.

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Kim Jong Un.



One thought on “Kim Jong Un for President

  1. Ah, if only…
    The American people seem capable of accommodate nearly any absurdity, once they get used to it. How else could the Land Of The Free barely flinch at massive government spying? Or government mandated health insurance? Or confiscatory taxes? Etc.

    In my lifetime, I have seen the impossible become the obvious. At one time it was a shame to be on the government dole. Today you’re an idiot if you DON’T take government money. At one time we sneered at ‘socialist’ countries that confiscated 40% of their worker’s incomes…today we’ve reached that level and we think we’re not taxed enough.

    Kim Jong Un is a ridiculous candidate for POTUS. That’s why the idea is entirely possible.

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