How to make a Yitzhak Rabin Event Apolitical

I’m seeing these articles now about supposedly apolitical events surrounding Yitzhak Rabin. This year is the 20th anniversary of his killing, so the MSM is waxing all poetic and butterflies about his wondrousness.

The events are promised to be “apolitical” which is an absolute contradiction in terms with Rabin. Rabin’s entire life was politics. Everything he ever did was funded by tax payers. Every order he ever gave was an order of force, and every word he ever spoke publicly concerned what he would force other people to do. So what the heck are you going to discuss about Rabin that is apolitical?

It is possible to have a non-political discussion about an Israeli state leader like, say, Ariel Sharon. You could theoretically talk about how he managed his ranch when he wasn’t in the government or something. Because he did do that a bit. You can talk about Chaim Weitzman, who was a chemist. Talk about his chemical discoveries or whatnot. You can talk about Levi Eshkol’s years in Kibbutz Deganya milking cows or whatever he did. David Ben Gurion picked oranges. That’s it. Beyond that, I cannot think of a single Israeli leader that ever did anything nonpolitical. I count law firms as political, because they make money off of weaving through government legislation. That’s why lawyers and politicians are so similar. Two sides of the same coin.

No Israeli leader ever made any significant contribution to humanity through voluntary exchange. This is what we call the ruling class. They are a class. There is really no public service where private people go into government for a while and then return to their normal lives of voluntary exchange. It doesn’t exist.

The only thing you could say about Rabin that is apolitical is that he learned agriculture before he became a soldier. From that point on it was all politics.

I suppose one could discuss his family life, relationship with his parents, children, wife, whatever. You could theoretically discuss his medical records. Those are apolitical. What food did he like. What books did he like to read. All that is apolitical. But nobody cares about any of that.

Somehow I seriously doubt that any of these Rabin-worshiping events will be about Rabin’s family life or sex life or medical records or personal art preferences. They will be about how Rabin made decisions thereby forcing one group of people to do something in favor of another group of people, backed by State power which threatened to kill anyone who opposed Rabin’s decision. And how whatever the decision was, it was wise and thought out and well taken and vomit etc., not that we’re being political.

Rabin did nothing in his life that was apolitical. Therefore, it is impossible to have an apolitical event commemorating his life.

Thanks to a friend, here is a video of the Altalena incident in which Rabin shot at people jumping ship swimming in the water.


The maddening thing about Moshe Kahlon

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It looks like Moshe Kahlon, the popular and vaunted Likud Minister of Communications, will be the second consecutive Likud Central Committee Chairman to leave the party looking for more power. The first one, Tzahi Hanegbi who left to Kadima and was charged with handing out jobs to cronies and nearly convicted of perjury, is now back in Likud because Kadima has entirely crashed. He’s looking for a slot on Likud’s Knesset roster.

But that’s not what’s so maddening. After all, corrupt gangsters are all over the political spectrum peeking their heads in and out of political crevices looking for a slice of tax money. I am a voting Likud party member, and I don’t care all that much that Hanegbi is coming back. I simply won’t vote for him. What’s maddening is the reason that Kahlon is popular and polling 27 Knesset seats if he runs with former Kadima Diva Tzipi Livni, another Likud defector.

The only reason that Kahlon is popular is that I, an Israeli citizen with a cell phone, only have to pay 20 shekels a month for good service now instead of 400. Why is that? Because Kahlon, in a fit of what must have been Divine Inspiration, decided that he, as Communications Czar of Israel, would just let the market be, get out of the way, and do absolutely nothing.

Quite literally, the best thing he did for Israel was to say that he would no longer forbid any company that wants to enter the communications market to do so. He decided he would no longer protect big business with government threats. He decided, in effect, that there was no need for a Communication Minister at all. And voila! More companies sprung up offering much lower prices, and the whole country now benefits from the free market in cell phones. (Or at least much freer.)

But what makes me want to put my head in my hands and weep “Oy Gevalt!” is that the country has no idea what Kahlon did or why it worked. The entire media is describing Kahlon now as an economic socialist, and that it was socialism and ingenious government regulation policies that fixed the cell phone market. All the people know is that Kahlon went into office and then the cell phone bills went down, so they all love him.

And the worst part is, Kahlon himself doesn’t understand why he succeeded. He really IS a socialist, into the welfare state idea and all that. He just happened to have a flash of genius once and did something totally libertarian, totally unsocialistic, by getting government out of the market and just letting it function. Now he thinks he knows how to fix everything with government, and Israel believes him and will vote for him to do just that.

He’ll take that mandate, try to tinker with the free market somewhere, and the people will be disappointed, his party will crash, and he and everyone who goes with him will come crying back to the Likud, as they all do. Even Avigdor Liberman came from the Likud way back when, and now he’s back too.

All government has to do is get out of the way and leave everyone alone as much as possible. It doesn’t take Kahlon-ic genius to do that.

I REALLY Don’t Like Eli Yishai of Shas

Every time Eli Yishai, the head of the Shas party, does something, he exhibits the perfect combination of cowardice, ignorance, pompousness, and something so way beyond chutzpah it’s hard to describe. He has done more to embarrass Judaism and God than any other Jew on the planet.

When anything bad happens, he blames it on gay people. Like the big Carmel fire last Chanukkah when 40 policemen were burned alive in a bus. Gay people did that. Well, thanks for making such a great name for the Jews, because you were the one in charge of the national fire department, which you neglected, probably worried about gay people, while we had to beg for equipment from abroad while the country burned. And you still don’t accept responsibility.

But he just keeps getting worse. The man just does not stop being an ass. Today, I was reading the Israel Hayom newspaper, quoting Yishai as saying we have to go into debt in order to “cheapen living costs” because as a “leader” he has to “take care” of the people by spending borrowed and/or printed money.

He added, “If we go a little off budget, it’s not a big deal.”

The reason living costs are so damn high is that the government taxes the crap out of everything that moves and Ehud Barak and Eli Yishai spend it on first class trips to France and Netanyahu spends it on elaborate anti-missile defense systems that shoot down $10 rockets with million dollar precision guided missiles and everyone cheers him on. Well, at least Netanyahu doesn’t want to put us in debt – he just wants to raise taxes some more. As much as that sucks, at least it’s honest.

But Yishai, ecchh, he wants to put us all into debt because he “cares” about “the people”.

The truth is he actually cares about buying some VOTES before elections next year. He’s a “leader”. He has to look out for the “little guy” by “bribing him with welfare” so he’ll “vote” for the guy that didn’t “take care of the fire department” and 40 people were “burned alive” and he blamed it on “gay people”.

Yishai – I’m sure that when non observant Jews look at you, they say, “Wow, Judaism is a great religion. Maybe I’ll take Tefillin today and strangle Eli Yishai with the shel yad.”

You want to endanger everyone’s shekels because you want to buy some votes? Have a happy Pesach. Thank God Netanyahu doesn’t have to listen to you. As bad as he is, at least he’s fiscally responsible, and when he wants to buy a vote, at least he keeps the budget balanced.

You know what? Maybe Yishai isn’t as bad as Bernanke. At least Yishai isn’t saying that breaking the budget will stimulate the economy and make us all rich.