Ann Coulter, Jews, and Twitter Don’t Mix Well

Ann Coulter is one of the meanest people I can think of. When I think of mean, acerbic witches, she’s one of the first faces that comes to mind. There is nothing pleasant about her. I’m mean sometimes. But not all the time. She’s mean all the time.

I read some of her books when I was in high school. Just mean mean tone, throughout. Really annoying voice too. There’s nothing I like about her. She looks like an evil version of Helen Hunt.

Don’t think I’m upset because she said “How many #$%ing Jews are there in the US?” I couldn’t help agreeing with her tweets. The republican obsession with Israel, due the Evangelicals, is quite distasteful and dangerous. Her sudden distaste with Republicans was actually quite refreshing.

How many of us have used that language describing a different group of people? Almost all of us. And she wasn’t even insulting Jews in the sentence. But HOLOCAUST HOLOCAUST, it’s immediately goes into “antisemitism” and reductio ad Nazism and Ann Coulter is the next Eva Braun.

She’s a bad person, but not because of this tweet. And she certainly doesn’t hate Jews any more than she hates pretty much everybody. She’s not anti-semitic. She’s misanthropic.

How many #$%ing Jews spend their time bomb sniffing for anything less than sensitive written about them?

And in terms of sensitivity, Ann Coulter, on a scale of 1 to 10, gets a zero. She’s a republican cheerleader. Nothing more. Wave the pompoms.

Give me an R!



8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter, Jews, and Twitter Don’t Mix Well

  1. Witches I read also have the concept of good witch – bad witch (follows their rules/doesn’t follow their rules). So when you say “mean witch” you can’t denigrate them because you put a denigrating adjective close to a simple category. As for Ann Coulter herself I do believe that if she is a bad witch she does send this type of tweets to get negative vibes from you and use them against you (she can’t but she aims to; bad witches are also dumb witches). But I thought Ann like any good Rep “girl” is Christian and does not do the practice of anything occult (as in hidden, contrived, twisted) because she has to testify for anything she says so she can never lie not even by accident. In theory at least …. Just sayin’ because it may help someone some day if the internet becomes just a place of information instead of pushing keyboards … trying to convince the internet of something. As if [[it matters]].

  2. I take offense to your use of the word witch, used as a negative. This is blatant prejudice tantamount to racism and homophobia and antisemitism!

    Your only saving grace is that you acerbic witch. But why did you have say witch at all?

    You could have used “individual,” which should not have offended anyone at all.

    But, I also think that we are too focused on what other people say about us, and need to get over it, and worry about what we think of ourselves, and, dare I say, focus on what God thinks about us.

    Ann Coulters have existed in various forms throughout history. She’s not going to be the last.

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