Kahlon Jacks up Taxes on Home Purchases, Home Prices Plunge (HA HA No They Don’t!)

Moshe Kahlon, that fake fraud pathetic slime, has raised taxes on houses for investment by as much as 10% of their value.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon appears ready to make good on his promises to lower housing prices – but critics said that the first move he was making on the subject was actually likely to backfire.

On Sunday, at Kahlon’s behest, the government significantly increased the purchase tax on apartments and homes purchased for investments. The increases will tag between 5% and 10% on the price of an investmentproperty.

The logic goes like this:

Housing prices are too high, so if we all give more money to the GOVERNMENT instead of to the people SELLING THE HOUSE, they’ll go down.


It’s not supply and demand! It’s how much money you give to ME, MOSHE KAHLON, INSTEAD OF SOME OTHER GUY! The more you give to ME…the richer everyone will be!

It’s beautiful logic, especially when you’re a dirty scum politician like Moshe Kahlon. Riding in on a wave of popularity after you accidentally did sort of the right thing but have no freaking clue why it worked.

Raise taxes. That’ll solve everything.


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