Tsipras Insists on Saving Democracy, But Democracy is what is Destroying Europe

I can’t resist. It’s just too poetic.

Tsipras was quoted as penning this rhetorical flourish, not bad for the Rambam at the end of one of the 14 books of the Yad, except full of much more bull:

Those who perceive our sincere wish for a solution and our attempts to bridge the differences as a sign of weakness, should consider the following: We are not simply shouldering a history laden with struggles. We are shouldering the dignity of our people, as well as the hopes of the people of Europe. We cannot ignore this responsibility. This is not a matter of ideological stubbornness. This is about democracy. We do not have the right to bury European democracy in the place where it was born.

Your people’s dignity? What a sick twisted world where “dignity” is defined by how much of other people’s money you can snort up in a bailout to maintain your bloated pensions for people who do nothing but put restrictions on business.

Real dignity, Tsipras my commie buddy, is when you work for the money you earn, it’s from the satisfaction of having created value for the world, of being rewarded for hard efforts pleasing consumers.

As for burying European democracy in the place where it was born, just because “your people” in Greece voted for you to take other people’s money in Germany because you ran out of money in your own country, doesn’t mean doing so is dignified or morally correct. Here is a beautiful paragraph from an FT article penned by a politician of all people, telling the truth for once.

“The game theorists of the Greek government are in the process of gambling away the future of their country,” Mr Gabriel wrote, in a thinly veiled dig at Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister who is an expert on game theory. “Europe and Germany will not let themselves be blackmailed. And we will not let the exaggerated electoral pledges of a partly communist government be paid for by German workers and their families.“


Just because a bunch of people democratically voted to take money from people in another country doesn’t make it holy. Maybe democracy will finally die right where it was born, in Greece, with its body decaying out from there and the rotting corpse of democracy that has all led us to unsustainable global debt trying to steal from one another will decay and be gone forever, all while the democracy worshipers, especially in this country where “saving democracy” is the new god of Israel that took us all out of Egypt to be our god, all wonder what the hell happened.


2 thoughts on “Tsipras Insists on Saving Democracy, But Democracy is what is Destroying Europe

  1. We were both wrong on Greece. They are playing a long con and they are doing a great job of it too.

    They have talked endlessly of a deal, and even shuffled around the negotiating team to keep up appearances, but ultimately have not yielded even a little.

    Meanwhile, they are the recipients of a very generous bailout, a real bailout (for the Greeks, not the other countries). In the guise of the TARGET2 numbers. The rest of Europe keeps dumping more money into this pit, letting the Greeks withdraw more and more money from the country, while delaying and delaying. They have even stopped making debt payments and the troika has caved (so far)! They made a few payments, but they are now actually in default, regardless of semantic game playing. And TARGET2 imbalance still increases (for now).

    When the ECB finally puts a stop to it, assuming they even have the guts to, as has been pointed out, Syriza will be able to quite successfully pin the blame for the bank holiday etc. on the ECB. Even though they talk a hard core socialist game, we don’t actually know what they’ll do. Will they stay in the euro and blame the pension implosion etc. on everyone else, running a barely functioning hands off government or will they depart for a new drachma and turn those machines back on (!)? The obvious answer is “leave.” But not necessarily. Especially if they get some support from Russia, which benefits from Greece in the euro and EU.

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