Greece Heads Back to the Polls to Vote For…What?

Here we go again. The Greek people are once again going to vote, today, Sunday September 20, for the people that will take their money. The only interesting thing about this election is how many seats Golden Dawn will get. When a political party is named like a Jew for Jesus would name a synagogue (a little bit too colorfully flamboyant), you know there are a bunch of people with emotional issues at the helm.

All politicians have that, but Golden Dawn is at least honest about their hatred of everyone. They are neo Nazis, and Yanis Varoufakis has called them actual Nazis. Here is their flag. Look familiar?

Golden DawnMaybe their leader will try to burn down the Greek Parliament, or attempt a coup in a beer hall. He’s already been in prison for murder.

When countries get squeezed financially, as Weimar did in the 1920’s, and as Greece is getting squeezed now, this is what gives rise to Nazism. It is no surprise that Golden Dawn is going to do well this election. Here’s what I wrote about it at 247WallSt.

The party that causes particular concern is the Neo-Nazi Gold Dawn party, which could take home 10% of the vote this time around. Former Greek Foreign Minister Yanis Varoufakis has even eschewed the term “neo-Nazi” to call Golden Dawn bona fide Nazis straight out, and the party seems very adamant about throwing out the third bailout deal and even EU membership. Usually this can be chalked up to rhetoric, as was apparent even with the extremely anti-bailout Syriza party. But when dealing with Nazis, all bets are off.

And yet, sadly enough, Golden Dawn’s actual positions on anything may not even matter. If Golden Dawn has a strong enough showing on Sunday to actually become the kingmaker, the dizzying historical twist of Germany funding a government that includes Nazis in its coalition may be too much for Europe to bear. What will Germany do then? Demand new elections again so German taxpayers won’t have to fund Golden Dawn?

Conservative Greek MP Fotini Pipili was quoted in The Guardian: “I am afraid. For the first time we have no idea what this election will bring. What we do know, however, is that Golden Dawn is going to do well, and for the serious minded that is a very worrying thing.”


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