The Disgusting Torture Conditions of Irwin Schiff in Federal Prison

Just saw this from Lew Rockwell.

Irwin Schiff, Political Prisoner

 David, I only saw Irwin speak once. He was running for the Libertarian nomination for president. (He lost to Ron Paul, not exactly a disgrace.) Like his son Peter, Irwin was an extraordinary speaker: no ums or ahs, eloquent sentence following eloquent sentence in logical progression, classical rhetorical skills. He was caged for the last years of his life in the big prison in Angola, Indiana, a desperately ill, 87-year-old man handcuffed to his bed, just in case he might wobble out and challenge the machine gun-toting guards. Irwin was punished for answering a question in public about his last book, which a federal judge had ordered him never to discuss.

The State protects itself before it protects any of its slaves. Commit a crime against another person and may get off easy. Commit a crime against the State, and they will shut you up to your last breath. Dare to speak against them by answering a question about a book you wrote and they will handcuff you to your bed.

Even if you are an 87 year old man dying of lung cancer who never committed a violent crime against another person.

There runs through my work a deep and pervasive hatred of the State and all of its works, based on the conviction that the State is the enemy of mankind.

~Murray Rothbard

I hate the State. The image of an old dying 87 year old Jew handcuffed to his prison bed for talking about a book against paying taxes drives me almost to the point of madness. And when I post this and other Jews react with indifference or worse, a “He got what he deserved for not paying taxes,” there’s only one word that comes to mind.




2 thoughts on “The Disgusting Torture Conditions of Irwin Schiff in Federal Prison

  1. Irwin Schiff is a powerful reminder of what we are all capable of. May I have the principled fortitude to face evil and not bend a knee.

  2. He sacrificed himself for his beliefs which were honest. Sounds like a really good man. A man of Truth. And what a life!
    So he died chained in life paid by taxes that he refused to pay anyway. That is so cruel. And also that is a sacrifice because he knew they’d do that to him.
    May people his voice be Heard and what he was trying to prove/say.
    May he rest in peace.
    P.S. if taxes were invented as a form of charity, and if that’s truly what they are, then why do people who do pay taxes feel nothing but the will to punish those who don’t? Because real goodness would be uplifting, motivating, nourishing, it would feel emotional voids and make people better (in terms of soul and heart). But it feel like a dark force is keeping billions lobotomized and imprisoned in circles of doubt. Good energy would have a good result. Bad energy…..

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