Irwin Schiff Libertarian Party Speech 1996

Peter Schiff just posted this on his YouTube channel. When you listen to this, you may notice something strange. That is, Irwin Schiff actually says things with real content in his sentences. He talks like a human being.

Compare this with the speech from a Republican or Democrat politician, and you’ll notice that it is completely devoid of any content, and he may as well be burping and farting into the microphone.

Now let’s listen to a human being with a soul speak, so that we may listen and gain strength and hope that not all of humanity is dead, and not all Jews are catatonic Statists.

Even though Irwin was a minarchist, not an anarchist, he is the embodiment of what Murray Rothbard describes as a radical, motivated by a beautiful hatred of the State, who would blister his finger pushing a button that would obliterate it if he could, until it gets down to the bare minimum of defensive army, police, and courts. What a man.

Irwin Schiff. תהא נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים


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