Another Domino to be Added to the List of Catastrophic Catalysts

I’ve known this for a while, but never saw it in graphic detail. Bob Wenzel of Economicpolicyjournal, a blog I visit every day, had this infographic up on his site today.

Top Holders of US Debt

I’ve always known China is the largest holder of US treasury debt in the world. I didn’t know that Japan was right behind.

Japan is the only country on the planet that is more into Keynesian economics than the US. As I mentioned in my last post about the bonobo chimpanzee behaving former IMF head Dominique Strauss Kahn who only attended 4 sex parties a year, Japan is somewhere between 240% and 500% in debt to GDP. Whichever number you want to pick, it’s the highest debt to GDP ratio on the planet. And Japan holds $1.24T in face value of US treasury debt.

If this isn’t a highly unstable house of cards, I really don’t know what is. The situation is just beyond any scope of reason, while the media makes you blissfully unaware of any of it or its meaning. The most indebted country in the world is being propped up by the country with the highest debt concentration in the world.

These are aftereffects of a country that destroys another with two nuclear bombs and then proceeds to nurse it back to health. How would you feel if someone beat the living crap out of you to within an inch of death and then put you on life support until you sort of recovered? You’d feel indebted. $1.24T of indebtedness.

Sooner or later some tiny domino is going to fall. If you feel like you have to sneeze, duck and cover.



One thought on “Another Domino to be Added to the List of Catastrophic Catalysts

  1. Aoi no sora – the sky is blue
    Shiroina kami – the paper is white
    Midori no Kamisama – God is green
    Momoko no kokoro – the heart is peach
    US dropped two bombs on Japan to make the emperor surrender to US and not SU as it was going to happen according strictly to the war. So US did save the emperor and the Japan of Yukio Mishima, so the Japanese have nothing to get angry about those two bombs and Enola Gay. Definitely not Enola Gay. She was just the mother of pilot and she was already dead. Americans said the effects of nuclear power shocked them and I don’t think they just lied there, though everyone seems comfortable in saying “forget Mandchuria (too many Chinese people anyway), how about Hiroshima and Nagasake?” Japan did not ‘pay” (not that I necessarily seek for them to pay, I don’t think the Chinese care much if the PM of Japan apologizes or not on January 1st each year, they will simply never forget and forgive; just the proof that Chinese are not ‘as honorable’ as Japanese even if cultures are related, completely different). I got that, completely different. China really wants to do business, Japan has more to offer to the world – ‘stupefaction and tremors’.
    And the full knowledge of “the principle of the thing.”
    And back to U.K.

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