Austrian Keynesian parting of the ways: Jim Rogers and George Soros

It’s fascinating to see two financial giants have such spectacular success but have such differing views on economics, morality, and goals. George Soros and Jim Rogers are like two sides of the same coin. One is a radical leftist Keynesian, the other a free market Austrian. Both worked together in the 70’s on the Quantum Fund, a hedge fund that made both men spectacularly rich. After that, one retired to a quiet life of motorcycling around the planet and seeing the world. The other started doing mischief.

George Soros is known to many as a scary manipulator and radical leftist who has his hand up the world’s shirt, playing the Globe like a puppet master. He is said to have “broken the bank of England” though I have little idea what that actually means. The man believes in globalization, central planning, inflation, bailouts, and State control. He loves Obama and the Federal Reserve.

Jim Rogers is known to many as an affable guy who likes the Orient. He lives quietly and gets interviewed by this and that financial network about what investments to make. He talks about morality a lot, the immorality of bailouts, believes in sound money, gold, believes the Fed should be abolished, and loves Ron Paul.

The question is, how is it that these two men actually worked together on the Quantum Fund, split apart and developed such different ideas about macroeconomics and politics?

The answer, I believe is that they don’t actually have different beliefs. They have different goals. Soros wants to control as much as he can. This is why he is a Keynesian. Not because he believes it’s good for the people, but because once you’re on the top, inflation, government control, and centralization can only benefit you. Jim Rogers and George Soros both know that the free market is the only thing that works, and is the only thing that is moral. It’s just that George Soros would rather keep all the power for himself and fool people.

The point is this. Those at the top, in the Fed, at the helm, in the treasury, the ones actually in charge of the central plan that is killing us, all know very well that the whole thing is rotten. They just don’t care.

The battle between Keynesianism and free markets is not a battle between economic ideologies. It is a battle between freedom and slavery, good and evil.


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