Iran trading in gold to avert sanctions

From Arutz Sheva:

Report: Iran Skirting Sanctions by Trading in Gold

The Iranian regime has found a way to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by the West and delay the crash of the local economy. It is engaging in illegal (editor’s note: FAH!) trading in gold, according to a Tuesday morning report in the British newspaper the Times.

The report says that after the United States made it clear it would treat any breach of the sanctions on Iran as money laundering, Iran began to demand gold in exchange for oil. The Islamic Republic is doing so through a large network of private front companies.

How dare the United States tell Iran what to do? If they want to build a nuclear weapon, power to them. Israel will take care of it if we so choose. Franklin D. Roosevelt, that horrendous thief, made trading in gold illegal for all US citizens back in 1933 and simply confiscated all gold belonging to private people and devalued it. Now Obama wants to make it illegal for Iranians too.

America, that imperialist power, also makes it illegal for anyone in the world to buy oil with anything but dollars, by threat of force. Then America takes that power and buys its citizens welfare. What a sick bully country. That is the only thing keeping the dollar from turning into toilet paper – the fact that the world must use it to buy oil. The real story here is that the petrodollar is slipping, because Iran is now trading oil for gold. Good for them. The dollar just got another kick in the gut.

Let it fall.


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