BOTTLEGATE Sarah Netanyahu Busted for Scalping 13,000 State Bottles for 30 Agorot Deposit

Seeing this story brought me back to two low but high points in my life. The first was when I first got married. Always the frugal types, instead of going out on dates that cost money, my wife and I would walk around Givat Shmuel collecting bottles some nights. Before we had kids and before I had any kind of career. Eventually we collected enough for me to get a 600 shekel beer kit and I ended up brewing really bad-tasting Farbeer. I still have the buckets and still use them to collect rainwater. I fill the toilet tank with it sometimes.

These are sort of like Great Depression-era habits, like stories from people who grew up in the 30’s who do things like reuse plastic silverware because that’s what they did when they were 12 in 1933.

It was a low point because what kind of schmuck goes out collecting bottles with his wife. It was a high point because I am the kind of schmuck who would do that and she married me.

The other low-high point was when I was kidnapped into the army for 6 months. Instead of taking the bus from the bowels of Tzrifin to the front gate, I would do the 35 minute walk, collecting bottles on the way. There is no creature in the solar system that needlessly buys and throws away mountains of bottles and cans everywhere like an 18 year old pisher Israeli soldier jobnik. Every day I would collected close to 100, through the train station to Petach Tikva Segula to drop them off at the old חצי חינם in the dispenser and get my credit.

That’s about 30 shekels every day. A high point because it was a lot of money, a low point because what kind of schmuck in מדים goes on a train with a back pack full and 3 to 4 bags of cans? Me.

But what Sara Netanyahu did was really a low-low-low point, even for her. And my opinion of her ain’t so grand as you would guess. Because she gets enough tax money from me as it is. She really, really does not need 30 agorot more.

Apparently, for years, Sara Netanyahu would tell her housekeeping staff to collect the bottles from official State functions at the Prime Minister’s Residence, redeem them at supermarkets, and give her the cash. Wow. I’m speechless.

She did this for years, apparently, until the State Comptroller got word of it, started investigating, and then suddenly the money was returned via private Netanyahu family check (as “private” as private can be when dealing with the Prime Minister’s tax money) in May 2013 for a grand whopping insane sum of ₪4000, or 13,333 bottles.

I keep having this picture in my brain of a bunch of Oompa Loompas in the employ of Sara Netanyahu dancing out of the Netanyahu residence full of bottles and twirling and singing their way to the nearest supermarket.

I guess one could argue that if the state left the bottles at her house, then the money is hers. But on second thought, it’s just creepy.


3 thoughts on “BOTTLEGATE Sarah Netanyahu Busted for Scalping 13,000 State Bottles for 30 Agorot Deposit

  1. Sorry Rafi, but there’s no “high” point anywhere in the vicinity of this story…
    It was a lowest point for the “journalist” to write up a story based on a 4 year old story of a clerk bearing some grudge against the Netanyahu family without checking any of the facts. And what a coincidence that the “whistle-blower” appeared just 2 months before elections…
    It was a lowest point for the Media to publish this story and run it on the “news” without as much as basic fact-checking…
    It was (and still is) a low point for the Media to go after Netanyahu family digging up dirt as disgusting as this while looking away from grand-scale corruption in the opposition…
    It was a low point for a blogger to repost the story…

    I do not favor Bibi as a PM, and I do not personally know his wife, but that does not mean that I would go that low to slander a person because of out difference of opinion. I can and I do attack the PM for his policies or political work, not his wife or his personal life…

    And as it turns out, the actual facts are a bit different than how they were presented in the first story:

    • All politicians, and their families, and children who have homesteaded themselves, are fair game. Whenever a newspaper attacks a politician, any politician, from any side, regarding anything they ever did at any time in their lives, it is a good thing, it is fair, and should be posted, and written about, and spread around in order to degrade these people, and their families, including their children who have homesteaded themselves, if the children are involved in whatever affair it is.

  2. Well, now we know why she drinks … Parnuse for the family and that empty, sanctimonious, preachy, righteous, banana republic, hollow, fawney, weak, tossable, spineless BB.
    Altalena survivors, Professional Jews everywhere, aficionados of everything oriental, Generation 1.5, settlers, citrus grower in Rishon Lezion, don’t let Socialism back ! Don’t let Ashkenazi elitists rule and let Zionism succeed as it had till the arrival of Begin in 1977. Yeah, vote for your damn empty idol again, let Sarah show your face to the world. Why not put a caricature of the ultimate Judensau of Der Stürmer? Likud is desecrating Zionism, the survivors and the fallen.

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