How to make a Yitzhak Rabin Event Apolitical

I’m seeing these articles now about supposedly apolitical events surrounding Yitzhak Rabin. This year is the 20th anniversary of his killing, so the MSM is waxing all poetic and butterflies about his wondrousness.

The events are promised to be “apolitical” which is an absolute contradiction in terms with Rabin. Rabin’s entire life was politics. Everything he ever did was funded by tax payers. Every order he ever gave was an order of force, and every word he ever spoke publicly concerned what he would force other people to do. So what the heck are you going to discuss about Rabin that is apolitical?

It is possible to have a non-political discussion about an Israeli state leader like, say, Ariel Sharon. You could theoretically talk about how he managed his ranch when he wasn’t in the government or something. Because he did do that a bit. You can talk about Chaim Weitzman, who was a chemist. Talk about his chemical discoveries or whatnot. You can talk about Levi Eshkol’s years in Kibbutz Deganya milking cows or whatever he did. David Ben Gurion picked oranges. That’s it. Beyond that, I cannot think of a single Israeli leader that ever did anything nonpolitical. I count law firms as political, because they make money off of weaving through government legislation. That’s why lawyers and politicians are so similar. Two sides of the same coin.

No Israeli leader ever made any significant contribution to humanity through voluntary exchange. This is what we call the ruling class. They are a class. There is really no public service where private people go into government for a while and then return to their normal lives of voluntary exchange. It doesn’t exist.

The only thing you could say about Rabin that is apolitical is that he learned agriculture before he became a soldier. From that point on it was all politics.

I suppose one could discuss his family life, relationship with his parents, children, wife, whatever. You could theoretically discuss his medical records. Those are apolitical. What food did he like. What books did he like to read. All that is apolitical. But nobody cares about any of that.

Somehow I seriously doubt that any of these Rabin-worshiping events will be about Rabin’s family life or sex life or medical records or personal art preferences. They will be about how Rabin made decisions thereby forcing one group of people to do something in favor of another group of people, backed by State power which threatened to kill anyone who opposed Rabin’s decision. And how whatever the decision was, it was wise and thought out and well taken and vomit etc., not that we’re being political.

Rabin did nothing in his life that was apolitical. Therefore, it is impossible to have an apolitical event commemorating his life.

Thanks to a friend, here is a video of the Altalena incident in which Rabin shot at people jumping ship swimming in the water.


2 thoughts on “How to make a Yitzhak Rabin Event Apolitical

  1. Just don’t use my tax sheqqels to support any Rabin event, and do not force me or my participation in such an event.

    Do not affect traffic, when I am trying to get to work either.

    How’s that for libertarian?

    BTW, you left out the order to kill off those Jews jumping off the Alta Lena, and his bragging about it (Youtube).

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