Shkoyach Europe! EU Parliament votes to drop charges against Ed Snowden

Well here’s some good news and rare praise from me to a body of politicians. According to RT, the vote was 285 to 281 in favor of dropping charges.

Liberty activists will go gaga over the fact someone is being nice to Snowden, but I think the real significance here is that the world is getting less and less afraid to stand up to the US Government. They are weakening. Russian jets just buzzed the USS Ronald Reagen, some warship or other. China is threatening a passing US warship as it sails by some manmade island chain. And now Europe is raising the middle finger to the American State.

Raise it high. Keep it up. Good job Europe!


One thought on “Shkoyach Europe! EU Parliament votes to drop charges against Ed Snowden

  1. Agreed. Although I would not be so enthusiastic over Europe doing the right thing.

    As far as the U. S. goes, it looks like its sun is setting. However, we’ll see just how it finally sets with the next president. Will is go out with a bang, or will it just fade into the background?

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