World War III Sabre Rattling Between Gog and Magog (US and Russia) in Syria

I’m not typically a wolf cryer about World War III, but this is nuts. Some idiot named Ash who is the “defense” secretary of the US, is saying that there should be US troops in Syria. While Russia is over there. Fighting.

On the pretense of fighting “ISIS”. So in order to defend Americans from ISIS, they need to invade a country that has nothing to do with America, making sure they risk a real war with a nuclear power while doing it. A nuclear power that really does have the capability of hitting American soil.

Russian and US troops fighting in the same country is a very bad idea. These people are insane and they are threatening the existence of all humans on Earth. They can send troops anywhere they want without even so much as a vote. The power they have to endanger us all is mind numbing.

These people are crazy. They’re dangerous psychopathic crazy people. I don’t know what else to say.


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