What I fear more than a random Arab stabbing

A law was passed today in the committee of super politicians (Ministers and Other Thugs) that accomplished something good by setting a very bad precedent. The law fixes a previous injustice of children automatically going to the mother after a divorce, even if the mother is an insane abusive person, by introducing an even worse and more dangerous injustice, namely that the State is the official caretaker of all children in Israel rather than the parents, and therefore the State decides where a child goes after a divorce.

The precedent that defines the State as the caretaker of all children means that if someone does not like someone else for whatever reason, he can call the police on the other person and claim he is abusive, at which point the State can shift to the default position of taking his children away without any evidence of anything at all. If you are a “racist” they will take your kids away.

Mark my words. This is what will happen. It is what happened under Stalin, and it is what will happen here. Stay safe. Not from arabs with knives, but from the mafia you are calling on to protect you from them.


4 thoughts on “What I fear more than a random Arab stabbing

  1. It can and will happen. Social workers will deem parents unfit on the slightest of pretexts. Someone once told me that a SW expressed concern over the fitness of my friend and her husband to have custody of her own grandchildren (who’d been taken from their parents) because the grandparents didn’t believe in Santa Claus. They wouldn’t teach the children about him, and therefore, according to the SW, it was doubtful that they could raise children appropriately.

  2. This truly an evil law, and designed to further the indoctrination of children into loyalty to the state, which has been falling behind with the State’s previous strategies.

    Who will be taken away? Haredim and setllers who hold Torah Law above State law.

    In this way, there is no difference between Likud and Labor, and Jewish Home and Meretz.

    ‘Nuff said.

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