The trouble with Catholics and Atheists debating about God

Saw an article in the Jerusalem Post about how the Australian Jewish Community was offended by what some Catholic guy said about the Holocaust or something while he was bickering with Richard Dawkins about whether God exists or not.

I don’t want to address the Holocaust sensitivity issue, though I believe that Jews should stop being sensitive about what people say about the Holocaust, or anything else, because every time they do they sound like little children and make things worse for us.

I’d like to address the very notion of an atheist and a Catholic religious leader arguing about God. The very notion is itself silly, and illustrates the world we live in that lacks Jewish leadership. In an ideal world, the Jew would be the defender of God, as we are the keepers of His law and we are His people. Catholics know very little about God, and most of what they think they know is silly.

Dawkins goes on about evolution, the Catholic guy goes on about Genesis, and the two go in circles as the audience gets dumber by the second. It’s like to kids fighting over a cookie. Invite a Jew who knows who he is on that stage and he’ll change they way these arguments flow.

You, Catholic, on the one hand, believe God actually died and that I killed Him. Then you thank me for killing Him because He died for your sins, but you blame me for killing Him and hate me for it. Then, depending on your mood and the century, you either thank me or kill me over it. And you expect Dawkins to flock to this “ideology”?

The Catholic guy is saying he has to believe in God. Dawkins is saying it doesn’t make sense to. The Jew would say I don’t care what you believe in, but can either of you explain my existence as a Jew? Judaism’s for me. You can both sit back and watch.

Put a Jewish leader on stage and neither of them would be able to explain why the Jew exists, why he’s back in Israel, and why none of the promises in the Bible have been broken. Once the Jew claims his mantel as spiritual leader of the globe, Dawkins and Catholic will fall in line behind us as disciples. And the Catholic guy will suddenly realize God never died in the first place.


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