The closest thing to a neocon Ron Paul supporter I’ve found

Just saw this on the Ron Paul forums. This guy is the closest thing to a neocon supporting Ron Paul that I’ve seen out there.

He’s also the closest to my own views on the subject of Islam.

My biggest disagreement with Ron Paul is his view of Islam. He doesn’t see it as problematic as a religion. But then again, it’s not the Christians’ job to fight Islam, as Christianity and Islam are not all that different. Just depends on the century. Sometimes the former is violent and the latter passive, sometimes the other way around. Just ask medieval Spanish Jews. And we’re always in the middle of our bickering children, the Christians and Muslims.

I trust Paul even though he’s a Christian because he’s first and foremost an advocate of Liberty, the penultimate Jewish value. His Christianity is private, subsumed under his independent conscience rather than leading it.

Dealing with Islam is our fight, not the Christians’. It won’t be a fight of bombs so much as a war of ideas. So Ron Paul is not the one to fight it. His job is to set an example of freedom in the world so we can fight our own battles.


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