Ron Paul is NOT anti Semitic and neither, amazingly is Michael Scheuer

In a previous post asking whether Ron Paul is anti semitic, I asserted that he is not, but made the claim, which I now realize is false, that Michael Scheuer, a Ron Paul supporter, is.

I realized today that I was absolutely wrong. Scheuer knocked even further sense into me with a clip I saw today from the Freedom Watch show on Fox Business. What follows is the video that convinced me that Scheuer is anti Semitic. Watch it, cringe a bit, but then continue to the next video and you’ll understand the point:

Watch the latest video at

Now, watch THIS:

Watch the latest video at

The conclusion, my friends, is this. Israeli hasbara, and ALL the political activity that the American Jewish community does in the US on behalf of Israel is not only unnecessary, but it is harmful. Even people like Scheuer, who you could swear was an anti semite after first video, are obviously not after you watch the second. What they’re sick of is not Jews, but Jews whining.

This means AIPAC is a disaster. It should be disbanded and boycotted. I would not have said that even yesterday. But the worst thing America can do for Israel is keep giving her money.


13 thoughts on “Ron Paul is NOT anti Semitic and neither, amazingly is Michael Scheuer

  1. No I don’t believe from the first video Scheuer is anti Semite. He is just giving information. That in itself is static. I know many believe the Jewish heritage is great art and science but this is a mystifucation of the truth and may be locally true in the case of Hollywood and New York. What about the good philosophical heritage of existantialism that provided a good seed of mediating between Western’s philosophy conflict of ideas – thinking or believing? The same conflict that created contrasts and paradoxes that big that one day Nietszche said the man has to defeat God, without option. Baruch Spinoza instead said “God is the indwelling and not the transient cause of all things.” It is the mystifications about the Jewish people that lead to ignorant violence and exageration and I don’t know what AIPAC is aiming to but the result of their seeds can only lead to a new exageration. All are innocent of intent before proven guilty but excuse my paranoia, I have trusted and loved without limit before, all I was given in return was “and everything you say will be used against you but not in a court of law.” Ignorance killed me, not knowledge. To actually believe Eve had the power to do anything despite God in His presence, in Heaven, is to believe in Eve not in God.

  2. Btw, I just want to note – I have come along to think that there is a lot of wisdom in Ron Paul’s non-interventionist policy. My issue with Schneur is that I think there is a lot more than non-interventionist ideology going into his statements (such as his call in the Doho debate with Dershowitz and Gold to not only end military aid with Israel, but also diplomatic relations).

  3. What I don’t like about Michael Scheur’s statements is his total lack of perspective. Did Israel overthrow the Shaw? Did Israel arm Suddam to fight Iran? Who put pressure on Beigin to sign Camp David? Who put pressure on Israel to go to the Madrid Conference? Who put pressure on Israel NOT to retaliate when Suddam fired Scuds into Israel? Who put pressure on Israel to continue with Oslo (even when we were getting blown up – literally)? Who has put pressure on Israel NOT to attack Iran? The answer to all of the above is the US.

    Also, let’s note that Israel didn’t come to the US asking for aid, the US offered it to Israel in exchange for them giving up the Sinai Desert.

    This idea that Israel dictates to the US is a little one-sided. Yes, Israel has political clout in the US. Yes, the Israel lobby is strong. But the US is also strong and also has its demands and puts its pressure on Israel too. The US has never accepted Israel’s settlement policy. The US basically shut down Israel’s attempt to have its own air-force. I’m sure there are many more examples.

    I don’t know if he’s an anti-semite, but he certainly seems biased when it comes to the relationship between Israel and the US.

  4. What a loser this Michael. He is a fool when he he talks about Iran. He knows knowing. Maybe that’s why he was kciked out.

    • He was head of the CIA Bin Laden unit. He knows a lot, primary direct knowledge. We only know what the media tells us. I wouldn’t scoff his knowledge even if you find it distasteful.

  5. I think that people don’t ask the right questions, do we as American Christians support Israel? Well if you mean support as in: Encourage, build up, stand with, walk with along a path, then absolutely! If you mean support as in Give money that we have to borrow to them, so they will be our friends, then absolutely not! If you go to a church do you support your brothers and sisters in your congregation? If so how? Do you take borrowed money, because you don’t have it to give, and just give it to the members so they will be your friends? If this is what it takes to be a friend and Ally, then why aren’t any of our so called allies giving us money to be their friend? We need to support all our allies in every way we can! But it is time that Americans feed their own Children ,before they give their bill money to their “FRIENDS” A true friend will understand

  6. Jews whining? Yeah…about that. Gee, what on Earth or in history do they have to whine about? In fact if you were to take a good look at history you’d realize they’re not whining at all. They’re sounding the warning cry that they’ve had millenia to fine tune. They’re not letting themselves fall into victimhood again, and it’s noble. And I support them. And I will not support you and your ilk.

    Whining? Seriously? Me thinks thou doth protest too much. IOW: Right back atchya.

    • Erika –

      It seems you haven’t read any posts on this blog. If we don’t want to be victimized, we have to start standing up for ourselves instead of complaining to America that Iran wants to kill us. Jews can and should sound the warning cry. But they should not ask others to help them. We are God’s people and we must stand up for ourselves and for God. We should lead by example.

      • Jewish people are victims of history. And so are the Polish. Jewish leaders are fair with their people and tried to avoid the trap of addiction of martyrdom and thus recorded their people as victims. The Catholic Church feeds on martyrdom and never prevented for it to happen and thus compromises everyday in the name of popularity and their historical truth is nothing but mean gossip. If it happened it happened, it’s not weak to say the truth.
        But the modern world is one in which it is forbidden any kind of weakness and the purely violent are adored because of the great confusion they bring.
        Jewish people never waged wars to get money and wealth and lived in full compromise with Europe until they forced out and I don’t think that they received full information about the strange energies that run the Islamic world, information that was available already to those who had colonies in Middle East.
        In all history you will never find a more progressive and tolerant diaspora than the Jewish one, until some wanted their space. Who started this violence?
        There are those who say (twisted intellectuals) that the misgivings of Christianity as a religion is the Jewish people fault because they mentioned the original sin and human guilt in front of God. But give the Caesar what it’s his: Christianty is the dialectical spiritual response of the Roman Empire and it wasn’t always spread by force but sadly I wonder if it is a need of ascension that was the ruling emotion, or anti-semitism that comes from the days when Jewish people were powerless slaves and it was irrational unsubstantiated hatred and despise.
        When someone is subjected to unfair violence, unprovoked because Jewish have always been isolationists and not aggressively convert Romans or other people to their religion, this is a victim.
        It’s a technical term, in justice.

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