Ron Paul is NOT anti Semitic and neither, amazingly is Michael Scheuer

In a previous post asking whether Ron Paul is anti semitic, I asserted that he is not, but made the claim, which I now realize is false, that Michael Scheuer, a Ron Paul supporter, is.

I realized today that I was absolutely wrong. Scheuer knocked even further sense into me with a clip I saw today from the Freedom Watch show on Fox Business. What follows is the video that convinced me that Scheuer is anti Semitic. Watch it, cringe a bit, but then continue to the next video and you’ll understand the point:

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Now, watch THIS:

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The conclusion, my friends, is this. Israeli hasbara, and ALL the political activity that the American Jewish community does in the US on behalf of Israel is not only unnecessary, but it is harmful. Even people like Scheuer, who you could swear was an anti semite after first video, are obviously not after you watch the second. What they’re sick of is not Jews, but Jews whining.

This means AIPAC is a disaster. It should be disbanded and boycotted. I would not have said that even yesterday. But the worst thing America can do for Israel is keep giving her money.