How Ron Paul can get the Jewish Vote

I’m not sure that it matters so much since Jews vote mostly democrat, but here’s how Ron Paul can get the Jewish vote. This post is of course mostly directed to Paulians with Jewish friends who support Israel.

The first thing to understand about Zionist Jews in America is that they feel terribly alone and scared for their Jewish homeland. They feel they want someone “involved” in the “middle east peace process” and they want American aid more for what it symbolizes than for the actual money. It symbolizes the fact that America backs Israel and it makes them feel less alone. So if you want to break through to a Jew, you have to identify that loneliness and diffuse it.

Tell them that the Jewish State is the strongest in the region and can handle any threat on its own. Tell them that Congress is the most Zionist legislature in the world (it actually is) and if Congress decides to declare war against Iran or join the fight if war breaks out, then Ron Paul would fight it. Paul as president would have no constitutional authority to just fight a war, but if Congress declared one, he would be constitutionally required to fight. This is all true. They have to know this.

About the “peace process” tell them that Israel should be in charge of it, not America. Israel should feel no pressure from the UN or from the US or anyone else, which is why Ron Paul wants to cut off US funding for the UN, leave the UN and butt out of the “peace process”. Tell them you believe Israel is grown up enough to make her own decisions with what she wants to do with the Arabs, and America shouldn’t be involved.

About the money, tell them that Israel won the 6 day war without American aid and she can do it again.

And most importantly, tell them that both Ron Paul and Israel share the value of liberty and mutual respect, and in that sense both will always be friends and Israel will never be alone. That’s in bold. Emphasize it. Let them know you understand this point, and they just might start listening.


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