One more nothing the government should do to stop attacks

With thanks to God who provided me with a job that I do not have to commute for, I can avoid the roads and risk of having my car stoned every day. In order to stop those attacks, the government has to do nothing. They need to do NOTHING the next time a car is stoned, and an armed person gets out of the car and shoots dead the person who threw the rock.

I would guarantee that if the government followed a policy of doing nothing when someone who just had their car stoned gets out of his car and kills the person who threw the rock, there would be no more car stonings, period.

Getting your car stoned is serious business. It is attempted murder. People forget the case of baby Yehuda Shoham who was murdered by rock throwers in 2001. He would have been 14 today.

The government needs to follow a policy of doing nothing when anyone responds to rock throwers with lethal force. Within a day, there will be no more rock throwing, period.

As George Zimmer says, “I guarantee it.”

But for now, we all have to just drive past and hope we don’t get killed, because if any of us dare shoot back, we will spend the rest of our lives in government cages fending off gang rape by criminals who could not meet government imposed minimum wage productivity levels.

When these attacks happen, shortsighted people blame Arabs. I blame the government, because they are the ones perpetuating it. Any time a rock attack happens, it’s Netanyahu’s fault, because HE forbids us from stopping them. Netanyahu is personally responsible for every death.

(If there are any government agents reading this, let me reiterate that I am absolutely against any violence against State leaders.)


I ask that Netanyahu do NOTHING to protect us; just let us protect ourselves

2 people killed today. More stabbing attacks in Ra’anana and Jerusalem. I am not joining in on calling for the Israeli government to “do something”. I do not want the government to “do something”. I do not want to impose closures, or bomb Gaza, or invade Arab cities or homes or anything. I want the government to do NOTHING. Not just any nothing, a very particular kind of nothing. Here is a list of six things of NOTHING that I want the government to do in response to this wave of murder:

  1. I want the Israeli government to do NOTHING when they see me carrying a knife. I want them to leave me alone and let me protect myself. In Israel it is illegal to carry a knife under threat of 5 years in a government cage. People are lining up at Ricochet (a camping chain) to buy knives but since they are illegal to carry, Ricochet cannot sell them.
  2. I want the government to do NOTHING when the see someone carrying a gun without a license. People should be able to buy a handgun immediately, today, right now, without a waiting period, without registering with the government (registering with the store is fine if they require it privately), and without a government issued license (private license is fine).
  3. I want the government to do NOTHING when they see a group of Jews pummeling and knifing an attacker to death.
  4. I want the government to do NOTHING to return the body to where it came from.
  5. I want Netanyahu to get on TV and tell everyone he will do NOTHING. Not a thing, except allow all of us to protect ourselves however we see fit.
  6. I want all Knesset Members and Ministers to take a permanent vacation to the Caribbean to do NOTHING which I would personally fund raise for just to get them out of here so they don’t start another war for fun.


Jew puts pig on murderer’s body, media calls that “extremism”

Saw this on MSN today. It’s my home page. I didn’t change it yet. This is the mayor of Kiryat Arba approving what the Jew did by putting pig on the murderer’s body. Some Muslims think that if pig touches their body, they won’t go to heaven for killing Jews.

גם ממלא מקום ראש מועצת קריית ארבע, ישראל ברמסון, גיבה את המעשה הקיצוני. “הייתי שם כשזה קרה”, סיפר. “אני חושב שזו תגובה בסיסית ביותר ולגיטימית. אני לא מגנה את מה שקרה. הם לא צריכים לקבל את הגופות שלהם בחזרה, צריך לזרוק אותן לים במקרה הטוב. המחבל בא לטבוח ביהודים והיה צריך לטפל בו כמו שטיפלו בו”.

The vice mayor of Kiryat Arba, Israel Bramson, backed up the extreme [sic] action. “I was there when it happened,” he said. “I think it’s a very basic and legitimate reaction. I do not condemn what happened. They should not get their bodies back. We need to throw them in the sea in the best case. The murderer came to slaughter Jews and we needed to treat [his body] as we treated it.

Leave it to the media to call putting meat on a dead body “extreme” while saying nothing of the intent to slaughter innocent people. Pig all the murderers and attempted murderers and burn them, or dump them in the Mediterranean, whichever is cheaper.

Now the Vermin are Coming out of the Woodwork

Great. Now Jews are attacking random Arabs in Netanya with an attempted lynch and Dimona with a stabbing. I am assuming these reports are true and the attacks were unprovoked.

Assuming they are true, let’s be clear about this. Any person that attacks any other innocent person with the intent to kill, should be killed. I don’t want to pay for a Jewish attempted or successful murderer’s housing and food any more than I want to pay for an Arab’s.

Any Jew that attacks any other person intending to kill that is not attacking him should be eliminated.

Another Stabbing in Afula, Citizens Attack, State Police Rescue Attacker

Another stabbing just now in Afula. Fourth one today. This time private citizens caught the bastard and started bludgeoning him and beating him. They would have beaten him to death and gotten rid of the guy had not the State Police saved the attacker’s life by pepper spraying the defenders before they could kill him. So now we can all pay for his housing and food for the next few years until he gets out.

Long live the State security monopoly.

Another Stabbing, This Time They Killed the Arab, More Gun Control!

Another stabbing in Kiryat Gat just now. An Arab walks up to a soldier, takes his gun and stabs the soldier. The attempted murderer gets shot down by police. This time I won’t have to pay for his medical bills.

You know what all these shootings prove? We need more gun control. And knife control. It should be illegal for people to just go up to a soldier and steal his gun. We need a law against that. Call the politicians. It should be worded very very very very firmly, so as to discourage this kind of behavior.

If nobody had guns, then the Arab wouldn’t try to steal one, would he?

I’m a genius. Somebody call the Knesset and tell them to pass a few laws.

(I’m joking. What would actually happen is the Arabs would ignore the new very very very very firmly worded laws, get guns, and shoot the unarmed Jews.)


Attempted Murderer in Critical Condition after Stabbing Attack

An 18 year old Arab woman stabbed a 36 year old Jewish man in the back this morning at Sha’ar Arayot in Jerusalem in an attempted murder. The Jew was armed and shot her. She is now critically wounded. The government hospital is now trying to save her life. The Jew is OK.

The hospital should just finish the job, let her die, and then cremate or dump the body on the Mediterranean. I don’t feel like paying to save the life of an attempted murderer just to have her released in the next prisoner exchange.

If someone stabs you or attempts to stab you, shoot to kill.

Why Despair is Appropriate when Jews are Murdered in Israel

Two Jews were murdered on a government road by Itamar last night. There are two basic responses. One is anger and hope. Anger against Arabs and hope that the government will punish them and “deal justice” to the murderers. The other is despair.

Anger and hope are misplaced. Well, not so much the anger. Mostly the hope and trust that the government will somehow remedy the situation for the future. Politicians love this hope and trust. Every time Jews are murdered, they grow stronger. They give their mindless idiotic soundbites about how we must not stop in the face of terror, or the dead will not have died in vain, or the State of Israel will do everything in its power to blah blah blah, and all the angry and hopeful people cheer and fall in love with Netanyahu once again. And the beaten wife that is the people of Israel go running back to their abuser politician leaders to be smashed in the face for the umpteenth time.

They love their Netanyahu for saying angry sounding things and shaking his fists to the point that his combover gets slightly shifted in the hot air of his own self-righteous breath.

The government will not do anything about this that matters. They will find the gunman and stick him in free housing until the next prisoner exchange, where you and I will pay to have him clothed and fed and watch TV.

The truth is I’d rather he not get caught. It’s a waste of resources. The two Jews died in vain and their kids are orphans for nothing. We should all accept that and move on.

From there, we need to join those, including myself, who respond the second way. With despair and hatred, not against Arabs, but against the State of Israel. It is their road that this happened on, on which they have monopolized security but have not provided it. They will not lose money from this, or control of the road.

They have a monopoly on justice in the whole country but will not provide it by killing this murderer, so therefore we cannot expect justice to be done.

I don’t know how this will ever happen, but if eventually enough people become disgusted with the government who is responsible for this, they can be overthrown nonviolently.

For now, it is important to understand that nothing will change, because the government grows stronger when Jews die. People support it more. It becomes “unpatriotic” to yell at Netanyahu when his slaves are murdered. People say “it’s not the time.”

It’s exactly the time. This is the State’s fault. And they should lose their monopoly on security, justice, and roads, because they cannot deal out justice and they cannot secure their roads. The road should be privatized and the job of finding, trying, and killing the murderer should be in the hands of the private insurance company of the road.

But since that will not happen, the more people realize that these people died for nothing, the better. The more people that realize it, the more that can direct their wrath against those responsible. Not Arabs. The State.