I ask that Netanyahu do NOTHING to protect us; just let us protect ourselves

2 people killed today. More stabbing attacks in Ra’anana and Jerusalem. I am not joining in on calling for the Israeli government to “do something”. I do not want the government to “do something”. I do not want to impose closures, or bomb Gaza, or invade Arab cities or homes or anything. I want the government to do NOTHING. Not just any nothing, a very particular kind of nothing. Here is a list of six things of NOTHING that I want the government to do in response to this wave of murder:

  1. I want the Israeli government to do NOTHING when they see me carrying a knife. I want them to leave me alone and let me protect myself. In Israel it is illegal to carry a knife under threat of 5 years in a government cage. People are lining up at Ricochet (a camping chain) to buy knives but since they are illegal to carry, Ricochet cannot sell them.
  2. I want the government to do NOTHING when the see someone carrying a gun without a license. People should be able to buy a handgun immediately, today, right now, without a waiting period, without registering with the government (registering with the store is fine if they require it privately), and without a government issued license (private license is fine).
  3. I want the government to do NOTHING when they see a group of Jews pummeling and knifing an attacker to death.
  4. I want the government to do NOTHING to return the body to where it came from.
  5. I want Netanyahu to get on TV and tell everyone he will do NOTHING. Not a thing, except allow all of us to protect ourselves however we see fit.
  6. I want all Knesset Members and Ministers to take a permanent vacation to the Caribbean to do NOTHING which I would personally fund raise for just to get them out of here so they don’t start another war for fun.



5 thoughts on “I ask that Netanyahu do NOTHING to protect us; just let us protect ourselves

  1. I am absolutely thrilled that none of what you propose is legal or plausible in Israel. I would much rather live in fear of a stabbing terrorist than the O.K. Corral of average civilians armed to the teeth.

    • But you’re perfectly fine when someone dressed in a uniform is armed to the teeth. That makes sense. All hail state uniforms. They turn average people, who all want to kill you, into angels.

      • Yes, state uniforms — along with the psychological screening and mandatory training that goes along with them.

        Or perhaps you suppose that those shiny metal plates affixed to cars are for decoration alone?

  2. I guess now you believe me? (:-) (not really)

    Incredible, eh? I get that guns are highly regulated. But I grew up with a father who used to carry around a just-under-4″ (legal to carry into airports pre-9/11) folding (and lockable) knife and no one had ever said anything.

    This is not legal advice. But if you have a knife on you and are stopped, you are:

    1. On your way to a picnic and this is what you use to peel fruit.

    2. It’s a tool for work (helps if it has multiple uses). Even if you work in computers (“I cut cables all the time.”).

    3. Transporting it from the store where you bought it.

    4. Taking it to get sharpened (there’s a shop that does this in Machane Yeduda).

    Those will likely just get the knife confiscated (at worst) and you on your way.

    Don’t ever say you carry it around for security. And especially never in the “SHAI” district (Yehuda and Shomron). You will likely be charged even if they don’t arrest you on the spot. Get a good lawyer.

    There are cases that have gone to court and are in the public record. If your Hebrew is good, you can probably figure out how to get transcripts.

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