More stabbings, more death, less feeling

Another death today, a 21 year old woman standing by a bus stop stabbed. The saddest thing is I’m become numb to all this.

It’s hard for me to feel outrage or expectation or anything but sadness. Most people who believe in the government as protector can channel their rage to the cartel that is supposed to be their protection racket. They can rouse their emotions by protest and articles and all the yelling and venting that in the end does nothing anyway.

But I have no expectations from them to protect me, or anyone else, so there’s nobody I can yell at.

I cannot be mad at the government or demand that they do anything, because I know that if I do demand they do “something” it will only be a power grab and in the end will only make things worse.

All I can advise anyone to do is arm yourselves and learn self defense, because nobody is protecting you but God.

That, and repent, pray, and give charity. Perhaps it will avert the severity of the decree.

What you can actually do that will help is join Zehut now.

The State is not going to disappear, but there is one minarchist out there who wants to shrink it as much as possible, and actually has a decent plan to end this murder. Pay the Arabs to leave.


Stabbing at Nabi Elias…No Words

Well is my face red. Just when I finished writing a post about how I shop at Nabi Elias on principle, there is a stabbing at Nabi Elias. I go to NRG and see a kid from my neighborhood on the front page, mamash my neighbor, he’s the EMT taking this guy to the hospital.

When shopping at the Arabs, it is a good idea never go get out of the car or let the windows down too far. I never get out of the car when I shop there.

Two criminals apparently just stabbed the Jewish guy and ran into the village. The guy was not in his car at the time. I’m also pretty sure the merchants are pissed and these guys will be lynched. The guy drove to the army checkpoint down the hill who gave him first aid and he is in serious condition.

This doesn’t change the valid point that business lowers attacks. However, I do understand the side that refuses to shop at the Arabs out of fear for their safety, and I don’t criticize people for avoiding doing that. I also do not criticize people for preferring Jewish labor over Arab labor. I myself prefer Jewish labor to Arab labor at equal prices. I just don’t appreciate those who badmouth Jews who shop at the Arabs.

I also understand the impulse that says not to allow Arab labor in the Yishuv. It’s a normal reaction. I just think it’s wrong, and if you want to protect yourself, stay armed at all times.

I’ll have to think about the timing of this. I am aware it is very disturbing.

More Arab Workers, More Arab-Jewish Business Ties, Less Stabbings

My family that is still in America is worried that I’m going to be stabbed any day now. Maybe I will, but I doubt it. The general reflex when attack waves happen is to clamp down. Arab workers are no longer allowed in my town. That is really bad timing because the community pool just started undergoing renovations, and then the stabbings started, so now the pool is unusable and won’t be finished any time soon because Arab workers may not enter.

The local butcher, Basar HaShomron, is looking for Jews to replace its own Arab workers.

This is when the nationalists start coming out of the woodwork and accusing anyone who uses Arab labor of being a self-hating Jew. And endangering the community.

I shop at the Arabs. There’s a village called Nabi Elias (Eliyahu HaNavi in Arabic) that has little hole in the wall shops of vegetables, eggs, meat, a little 7-11 type Arab Kwik-E-Mart. I don’t buy the meat obviously, but we get eggs and olive oil there, mainly. Sometimes vegetables, though I haven’t lately because of Shmitah and I don’t know where they come from exactly.

Beyond the money-saving, I shop at Nabi Elias on principle. The more business between Jews and Arabs, the less stabbings and attacks in general. This is not the inane Shimon Peres theory that if you give them luxury they stop attacking. In other words if you take money from Jewish taxpayers and give it to an Arab government, everyone will be happy. No no. No peace results from one government giving money to another government. Shopping at the Arabs is based on the common sense theory that business owners want to make as much money as possible, and therefore will protect their businesses and customers from attack.

There are no rock attacks or shooting attacks in the area of the Nabi Elias market because if some stupid Arab kid dares throw a rock at passing cars in the vicinity of shop owners looking for customers, the shop owners will beat the snot out of the kid for ruining business. The rock attacks usually take place around Azun, or between Azun and Nabi Elias on the stretch of road with nothing on it.

So Thursday I was coming back from a meeting in Herzliya and decided to go shopping for eggs. I get 120 eggs at a time for 80 shekels. That’s 66 agorot an egg, because there is no State supervision on them, no minimum price controls to support egg farmers, and no sales tax. Eggs stamped by the State cost a shekel and a half usually, more than twice what I pay. And I eat between 3 and 5 whole eggs a day, so it’s not trivial. I also got olive oil, which is much more hearty than the industrialized Jewish stuff and 33% cheaper.

That’s the usual. Thursday I decided to get something extra. I bought a live chicken and had the guy put it in a box for me. Then I drove home and put it on the balcony. Then I quickly did a rerun of hilchos shechita in the שמלה חדשה, prepared my knife, checked it, got some dirt, shechted the chicken, defeathered it and gutted it, washed it and salted it, and we had chicken soup for Shabbat.

I’ve had my knife sitting in my drawer for years and finally decided to use it. My girls got to see a real shechita and pluck some feathers, and my wife got to do the mitzva of כיסוי דם, covering the blood with earth, for the first time.

Back to the Arab point, a good way to reduce attacks is to promote business. Where there is business, there are less attacks. Not that attacks and murders have not happened around joint Arab/Jewish business, but most happen in no-man’s land where there is no trade going on.

Therefore, just empirically, a good solution to lessening attacks is to buy Arab. It’s understandable if this makes you scared or uncomfortable, and I don’t mean or recommend going over to Shechem and painting the refugee camp red. Within reason. More importantly, the State, both local and national, needs to loosen restrictions against Arab labor, not tighten. If you object to that, then at least the State should get rid of welfare and minimum wage so Jews will do these jobs instead, but the state makes that impossible for Jews so Arabs must be hired instead.

Ultimately, Jews and Arabs should be allowed to build and settle wherever they want and trade and exchange between each other without interference, so that if I wanted to, I could buy land or real estate in Azun, and some Arab in Azun could buy real estate in Karnei Shomron.

How a Libertarian Israel would Deal with Stabbers

I get this question a lot. If there is no government how do you deal with stabbers and murderers, and attempted murderers? Wouldn’t an anarcho-capitalist society just fall apart in chaos?

Well, what they do now is destroy the home of the guy that did the stabbing, and that is the best we can hope for. This is a total waste of capital. In a private property society, the owner of the property on which the crime was committed, whether it is a sidewalk, a street, a park, whatever, would have his private insurance company apprehend the criminal, but what would likely happen is armed citizens would apprehend him, or kill him. If he survived, he would be tried in a private court very quickly. If convicted, his assets would go to the victim according to Perek HaChovel. If he did not survive, any assets go to the victim. Instead of destroying the guy’s house, it would be sold to the victim who could do with it whatever he wanted.

If Arabs had their houses handed over to a Jew after a stabbing, they wouldn’t stab. What the hell is the logic of destroying a house when it can be easily given over to the victim?

If the criminal had no assets, he would be his victim’s slave until the debt is repaid. A slave does not mean he is in the the victim’s house, because who would want his would-be murderer hanging out with him? His slave meaning whatever he earns, those wages are garnished and given to the victim until everything is repaid. If he was killed and had no assets, then nothing can be done. He’s dead, that’s enough, especially considering what happens now. Which is he is rescued, sent to a government hospital for taxpayer funded medical care, sent to a government prison for taxpayer funded housing and food, and then released when the next government soldier is kidnapped and exchanged for a bunch of murderers.



I ask that Netanyahu do NOTHING to protect us; just let us protect ourselves

2 people killed today. More stabbing attacks in Ra’anana and Jerusalem. I am not joining in on calling for the Israeli government to “do something”. I do not want the government to “do something”. I do not want to impose closures, or bomb Gaza, or invade Arab cities or homes or anything. I want the government to do NOTHING. Not just any nothing, a very particular kind of nothing. Here is a list of six things of NOTHING that I want the government to do in response to this wave of murder:

  1. I want the Israeli government to do NOTHING when they see me carrying a knife. I want them to leave me alone and let me protect myself. In Israel it is illegal to carry a knife under threat of 5 years in a government cage. People are lining up at Ricochet (a camping chain) to buy knives but since they are illegal to carry, Ricochet cannot sell them.
  2. I want the government to do NOTHING when the see someone carrying a gun without a license. People should be able to buy a handgun immediately, today, right now, without a waiting period, without registering with the government (registering with the store is fine if they require it privately), and without a government issued license (private license is fine).
  3. I want the government to do NOTHING when they see a group of Jews pummeling and knifing an attacker to death.
  4. I want the government to do NOTHING to return the body to where it came from.
  5. I want Netanyahu to get on TV and tell everyone he will do NOTHING. Not a thing, except allow all of us to protect ourselves however we see fit.
  6. I want all Knesset Members and Ministers to take a permanent vacation to the Caribbean to do NOTHING which I would personally fund raise for just to get them out of here so they don’t start another war for fun.


Inane Israeli police keep losing their guns to knife wielders…gevalt

The people that are supposed to be protecting the State seem a little pathetic from the reports I’ve been reading. This just in the Jerusalem Post.

According to police, when the attacker failed to snatch the soldier’s weapon, he then tried to choke the soldier, took out a knife and stabbed him.

While the bus was stopped near the capital’s International Convention Center, a citizen struggled with the suspected terrorist. Police that were on the scene nearby entered the bus.

A police officer then struggled with the suspected terrorist, who managed to apprehend his gun.

Afterward, additional police forces arrived to the scene, saw the terrorist with the pistol, and shot him dead.

Wait, so let me get this straight. Some guy tries to take a soldier’s gun. Then he strangles the soldier and stabs him. Then a passenger wrestles him and police, with more guns, get on the bus. Then a policeman fights the stabber, and the stabber somehow gets the policeman’s gun before SOMEONE figures out that he should just shoot the guy already and get rid of the problem.

Wow. Our state security can’t even keep their own guns away from stabbing criminals.

I understand that shooting a gun on a bus is not a good idea. Anyone who goes outside should be armed with a knife at least, in the event that shooting a gun is too risky.