Stabbing at Nabi Elias…No Words

Well is my face red. Just when I finished writing a post about how I shop at Nabi Elias on principle, there is a stabbing at Nabi Elias. I go to NRG and see a kid from my neighborhood on the front page, mamash my neighbor, he’s the EMT taking this guy to the hospital.

When shopping at the Arabs, it is a good idea never go get out of the car or let the windows down too far. I never get out of the car when I shop there.

Two criminals apparently just stabbed the Jewish guy and ran into the village. The guy was not in his car at the time. I’m also pretty sure the merchants are pissed and these guys will be lynched. The guy drove to the army checkpoint down the hill who gave him first aid and he is in serious condition.

This doesn’t change the valid point that business lowers attacks. However, I do understand the side that refuses to shop at the Arabs out of fear for their safety, and I don’t criticize people for avoiding doing that. I also do not criticize people for preferring Jewish labor over Arab labor. I myself prefer Jewish labor to Arab labor at equal prices. I just don’t appreciate those who badmouth Jews who shop at the Arabs.

I also understand the impulse that says not to allow Arab labor in the Yishuv. It’s a normal reaction. I just think it’s wrong, and if you want to protect yourself, stay armed at all times.

I’ll have to think about the timing of this. I am aware it is very disturbing.


3 thoughts on “Stabbing at Nabi Elias…No Words

  1. I was surprised to discover that you never mention an obvious nemesis: Dr. Meir Tamari. He was former “chief economist” for the central Bank of Israel, and founded the known Center for Business Ethics. Tamari wrote many books and articles the web over detailing his pro-economic interventionism views from a shallow “Torah” perspective. I recently overheard as someone mentioned to him the name of Rabbi Israel Kirzner shlita. His reaction was a sore snap: “Has he done Teshuvah yet?”

    Bottom line: you two ought to have a public debate or something.

  2. Personally, I do not happen to believe in consequences.

    I take safety over the freedom of my neighbors to hire whomever they want, even more so, non-citizens.

    However, this does not mean that I believe the government should disallow me from protecting myself, nor that is should have sole control of this endeavor.

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