Inane Israeli police keep losing their guns to knife wielders…gevalt

The people that are supposed to be protecting the State seem a little pathetic from the reports I’ve been reading. This just in the Jerusalem Post.

According to police, when the attacker failed to snatch the soldier’s weapon, he then tried to choke the soldier, took out a knife and stabbed him.

While the bus was stopped near the capital’s International Convention Center, a citizen struggled with the suspected terrorist. Police that were on the scene nearby entered the bus.

A police officer then struggled with the suspected terrorist, who managed to apprehend his gun.

Afterward, additional police forces arrived to the scene, saw the terrorist with the pistol, and shot him dead.

Wait, so let me get this straight. Some guy tries to take a soldier’s gun. Then he strangles the soldier and stabs him. Then a passenger wrestles him and police, with more guns, get on the bus. Then a policeman fights the stabber, and the stabber somehow gets the policeman’s gun before SOMEONE figures out that he should just shoot the guy already and get rid of the problem.

Wow. Our state security can’t even keep their own guns away from stabbing criminals.

I understand that shooting a gun on a bus is not a good idea. Anyone who goes outside should be armed with a knife at least, in the event that shooting a gun is too risky.


8 thoughts on “Inane Israeli police keep losing their guns to knife wielders…gevalt

  1. These kinds of stories make me wonder whether Jews really hate the idea of jews defending themselves. Makes me believe so because otherwise, why is everyone talking about “well what can the state do” and the usual Marxist babble crap.

  2. No way this is a grassroots amateur uprising. It’s directed and coordinated by people with trainng to get weapons. I agree that soldiers and police need countertraing. Mainly merciless pre-emptive shooting and take no prisoners.

    Really an emergency military law with loose rules of engagement and mass deputization of loyal citizens. Israel is at war and has been since the Churban.

  3. No way these are grassroots spontaneous attacks. It makes sense that the attacks are centrally directed and coordinated and that the attackers have had specific training to sieze weapons. Obviously Israeli soldiers and police should have had counter-training or get some improved training quick. Uninhibited pre-emptive shoot to kill, take no prisoners.

    Actually some kind of emergency military law with loose rules of engagement.

  4. It is illegal to carry a knife in public. True. I got caught in the maw of the government-prosecutorial complex for doing so and had to hire a criminal lawyer to BE”H keep me from being locked in a cage for up to 5 years

    • Ah, so there already is knife control. I suggested that to someone jokingly and he responded sarcastically that this would be stupid, and that there is a cost benefit analysis with legislation. Well, the cost is that only criminals with the intent to kill have knives, and those that want to defend themselves don’t for fear of going to prison.

      • It was a stupid mistake. I was shown the law. I think it dates from 1982. It doesn’t even define “knife.” That’s right, technically, ANY knife could get you up to FIVE YEARS. People have actually been convicted and jailed on this offense. However, non-locking Swiss Army-style knives will probably lead to nothing more than confiscation (or theft) if they are so inclined.

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