STABBING HACK Before Going Outside, Wear a Newspaper and a Pigskin Jacket

Two more stabbings today. If you’re a Jew walking around Jerusalem or any other place an Arab might try to stab you, or if you’re an Arab and you run into a bunch of crazed Lehava lunatics looking to avenge Jews by stabbing innocent people (makes sense I guess?) here’s a tip.

Before you go outside today, stuff your shirt with two newspapers, front and back. It won’t stop a knife from cutting into you completely, but it’ll probably keep it from going deep enough to kill you. Arm yourself and if you’re attacked, shoot to kill.

It’ll also be helpful to carry around some pork and throw it on any Arab who comes to kill you. Or better yet, wear a pigskin jacket.


7 thoughts on “STABBING HACK Before Going Outside, Wear a Newspaper and a Pigskin Jacket

  1. Would you allow your children to be transported to and from school by an Arab? What if he seems “OK,” then gets threatened by Islamic Jihad to blow up your kids’ transportation.

    You won’t be able to save them. You won’t know there is a threat. So, why not take preventative action, by refraining from allowing this in your community?

    Some would call this “racial profiling” and “discriminatory practices.”

    I call it prudent.

    (May God forbid this from ever happening to you and your family.)

    • Esser –

      For some reason your understanding of libertarianism is still lacking. No violence against innocent people. That’s it. I would not allow my child to be transported to school by an Arab because as I said before, I’m a racist. It is not violent to not send my kid to school because I don’t like the bus driver. If people want to take political action by protesting against Arabs driving buses, they can. I don’t care. The real solution is to privatize the buses and the schools so parents can choose where to send their money and there is no need for protests against anything. When people can vote with their money, protests are superfluous.

      Just because Lehava does some things I don’t object to doesn’t mean I like them.

    • The ones that attempt to stab innocent people definitely or advocate stabbing said people, but my default position is they are all lunatics until proven otherwise, meaning I have to know them personally, otherwise I assume they are crazy.

      • It depends how they fight against intermarriage. If they punch people who intermarry in the face, then yes, it is a violation. If they yell at them and say bad things about them and encourage people not to do business with intermarried couples, that’s fine. Go for it.

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