STABBING HACK Before Going Outside, Wear a Newspaper and a Pigskin Jacket

Two more stabbings today. If you’re a Jew walking around Jerusalem or any other place an Arab might try to stab you, or if you’re an Arab and you run into a bunch of crazed Lehava lunatics looking to avenge Jews by stabbing innocent people (makes sense I guess?) here’s a tip.

Before you go outside today, stuff your shirt with two newspapers, front and back. It won’t stop a knife from cutting into you completely, but it’ll probably keep it from going deep enough to kill you. Arm yourself and if you’re attacked, shoot to kill.

It’ll also be helpful to carry around some pork and throw it on any Arab who comes to kill you. Or better yet, wear a pigskin jacket.

Now the Vermin are Coming out of the Woodwork

Great. Now Jews are attacking random Arabs in Netanya with an attempted lynch and Dimona with a stabbing. I am assuming these reports are true and the attacks were unprovoked.

Assuming they are true, let’s be clear about this. Any person that attacks any other innocent person with the intent to kill, should be killed. I don’t want to pay for a Jewish attempted or successful murderer’s housing and food any more than I want to pay for an Arab’s.

Any Jew that attacks any other person intending to kill that is not attacking him should be eliminated.