Now the Vermin are Coming out of the Woodwork

Great. Now Jews are attacking random Arabs in Netanya with an attempted lynch and Dimona with a stabbing. I am assuming these reports are true and the attacks were unprovoked.

Assuming they are true, let’s be clear about this. Any person that attacks any other innocent person with the intent to kill, should be killed. I don’t want to pay for a Jewish attempted or successful murderer’s housing and food any more than I want to pay for an Arab’s.

Any Jew that attacks any other person intending to kill that is not attacking him should be eliminated.


10 thoughts on “Now the Vermin are Coming out of the Woodwork

  1. According to Libertarianism, perhaps. You are the expert.

    Now, before you accusing me of picking and choosing my sources, which I most certainly do not do, if you are interested in having them presented to you, I will.

    If not, I will not bother, and we will continue to agree to disagree, which I believe is what we sometimes, if not often do.

    Correct me, if I am mistaken.

    • Yeah, I don’t care about sources. I care about the truth. I only care about sources when I’m not sure what the truth is and I think they can help me. If I already know it, sources are irrelevant. If you want to define “wartime” as when a group of politicians declare that their slaves are at war with the slaves of other politicians, then even in that case, it is not legitimate to go around killing people that do not directly threaten you with violence.

      • Once (1 1/2 yrs. ago) I heard you say that HaShem’s wishes trump Libertariansm.

        I’m not talking about “rabbis.” I’m surprised that you do not already know that I stay far away from those.

        Hakhamim, on the hand….

        I’m talking about the Beth Yosef, and the Ramba”m, the Tur, other Rishonim…, Mishnah, Talmud.

        I’m not sure how you understand Torah sheb’al Peh (ie. HaShem’s will) better than they do, who have had it handed down to them, the proper understanding of Torah shebikhtav.

      • God’s wishes do trump libertarianism. The only case of that I know of, without God telling me directly into my personal ear, is circumcision. I also said that I don’t play the halachic game when the NAP is involved. I ignore it. If the Beis Yosef or Rambam says that it’s OK to kill innocent people when politicians declare war on other states, I disagree with them. That’s it. Why? Because if I can’t trust my own mind, I cannot trust anyone else’s mind either, since their minds are automatically filtered through mine. Mine takes precedence.

        Unless I’m absolutely sure God told me to do something against libertarianism, the default is, he didn’t.

        But I would bet you’re reading the sources wrong. In any case, I don’t care to see them.

      • Well, thank-you for answering my questions.

        Reading the sources wrong? You can “bet” all you want. However, until you’ll willing to look at them with me, I would suggest that you refrain making conclusions.

        I will suppose, then, that you are not making conclusions. Rather, you are stating a hypothesis.

    • There is no such thing as “wartime”. There is one rule. If someone is coming after you to kill you, kill him first. If someone is not coming after you and you kill him, you are guilty of murder.

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