Jew puts pig on murderer’s body, media calls that “extremism”

Saw this on MSN today. It’s my home page. I didn’t change it yet. This is the mayor of Kiryat Arba approving what the Jew did by putting pig on the murderer’s body. Some Muslims think that if pig touches their body, they won’t go to heaven for killing Jews.

גם ממלא מקום ראש מועצת קריית ארבע, ישראל ברמסון, גיבה את המעשה הקיצוני. “הייתי שם כשזה קרה”, סיפר. “אני חושב שזו תגובה בסיסית ביותר ולגיטימית. אני לא מגנה את מה שקרה. הם לא צריכים לקבל את הגופות שלהם בחזרה, צריך לזרוק אותן לים במקרה הטוב. המחבל בא לטבוח ביהודים והיה צריך לטפל בו כמו שטיפלו בו”.

The vice mayor of Kiryat Arba, Israel Bramson, backed up the extreme [sic] action. “I was there when it happened,” he said. “I think it’s a very basic and legitimate reaction. I do not condemn what happened. They should not get their bodies back. We need to throw them in the sea in the best case. The murderer came to slaughter Jews and we needed to treat [his body] as we treated it.

Leave it to the media to call putting meat on a dead body “extreme” while saying nothing of the intent to slaughter innocent people. Pig all the murderers and attempted murderers and burn them, or dump them in the Mediterranean, whichever is cheaper.


2 thoughts on “Jew puts pig on murderer’s body, media calls that “extremism”

  1. More is needed. Every Jewish and Israeli bullet, grenade, shell, missile, rocket and bomb needs to be packed with pork grease. Fine by Geneva conventions if that matters, more effective than Kryptonite. Supernatural ordnance. F_ with Jews – lose Paradise.

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