More stabbings, more death, less feeling

Another death today, a 21 year old woman standing by a bus stop stabbed. The saddest thing is I’m become numb to all this.

It’s hard for me to feel outrage or expectation or anything but sadness. Most people who believe in the government as protector can channel their rage to the cartel that is supposed to be their protection racket. They can rouse their emotions by protest and articles and all the yelling and venting that in the end does nothing anyway.

But I have no expectations from them to protect me, or anyone else, so there’s nobody I can yell at.

I cannot be mad at the government or demand that they do anything, because I know that if I do demand they do “something” it will only be a power grab and in the end will only make things worse.

All I can advise anyone to do is arm yourselves and learn self defense, because nobody is protecting you but God.

That, and repent, pray, and give charity. Perhaps it will avert the severity of the decree.

What you can actually do that will help is join Zehut now.

The State is not going to disappear, but there is one minarchist out there who wants to shrink it as much as possible, and actually has a decent plan to end this murder. Pay the Arabs to leave.


3 thoughts on “More stabbings, more death, less feeling

  1. It’s hard for me to assess the relative danger of living in or around Israel. The news I get is not much different from a typical day in St Louis (I no longer live there, but there were shootings and knifings daily in certain parts of town, such as north City where only couple of hundred thousand people live. The suburb I lived in had one murder in 10 years, and it was a nutty son who killed his father.

    Still, when I hear the stories of the troubles in Israel and the West Bank, I think of you and hope you stay safe.

    • The chances of me or my family getting knifed are very small. Even smaller than most because we work from home and don’t wait at bus stops. The difference is that there is less of a way to lower your chances of being attacked. With crime shootings, it’s just stay out of those neighborhoods. Car accidents you can try to drive safely and the chances are more in your control by choice. When faceless people want to stab you there is really nothing you can do but hope they don’t, and try to learn self defense.

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