Haredim Won’t be Drafted After All, Yair “Draft’m All” Lapid has a Fit

So, surprise surprise, the Haredi politicians got back into the mafia and decided to shut down the whole “שוויון בנטל” garbage, where the logic is we should all be equally enslaved to our masters and no group should have more freedom than any other group.

There are few terms more twisted and causes more backward and opportunistic phrases uttered than “equality of burden”. It’s the perfect way to take the resentment of government slaves and turn them against citizens who do not enslave them rather than against the government itself. It’s the ruler’s way to divide and conquer, and Pretty Boy Lapid constantly uses this to get himself more votes on the back of enslaving entire groups of people for 3 years.

What I love about the Haredi parties is that they are a vacuum on government spending, forcing the state to spend more on welfare and less on other regulations. If the government is going to spend, it may as well be on welfare rather than more regulatory bodies or war.

No, I am not a fan of welfare, but I’d rather see massive amounts of welfare rather than massive amounts of military spending or “education” spending and general growth in the bureaucracy. Since Israel is at least sort of not horrid in balancing its budget (it’s bad, but not horrible) and the state needs the welfare to keep the Haredi votes, the more welfare the less government spending on worse things.

They believe in taking anything they can from the state but refuse to pay in by being drafted or being taxed, and that is a very good thing. This is the very “burden” that Lapid wants “equalized.” I would rather just see it lightened.

It’s like a bully saying “I have to steal $20 every day, and instead of it coming from you alone, it would be better ןf everyone contributed.”

I say, instead, just steal less please.

The haredim will never be drafted. Even if the law passes fully and finally, they won’t go. There will be riots. In the end all the negativity will result in the end of the draft entirely. That is the real and only solution.


3 thoughts on “Haredim Won’t be Drafted After All, Yair “Draft’m All” Lapid has a Fit

  1. Haredi welfare use is not harmless to the wider population for the following reasons:

    1) Their use of welfare pushes up rent prices for everyone in the vicinity. I pay £230 a week to live in a two room converted garage with no insulation for this reason. The same goes for any goods that Haredim purchase.

    2) To the extent that Haredim use welfare to avoid working, the general community is deprived of the economic product they would have to create if they did not have access to welfare.

    3) All the countries in which Haredim live run budget deficits. You claim that if Haredim desisted from their parasitism, politicians would not be able either to run smaller deficits (less inflation) or cut taxes (less theft). Who says? They would obviously have an incentive to do so. Even assuming that you are correct and they would spend the money on something else. So what, do you deny that Israeli schoolchildren would benefit from smaller class sizes, that Israeli soldiers would benefit from better weaponry?

    4) Haredim use the welfare state to avoid having to educate their male children, because if they did 50% + would leave Hareidut, and to have stupidly large families ( see Von Mises on the centrality of birth control to a functional market economy). If we ever manage to roll back the state this leaves us with millions of people totally unequipped to function in a market society, which would destabilise it and cause a retreat to socialism.

    5) People used to rooking the state, rook everyone else as well. I have spent five years observing this with my own eyes.

    The bottom line as usual, is that you look at every phenomenon in terms of whether it increases the chance of achieving market anarchism from 0.000001% to 0.00001%. You won’t get a libertarian society through bankrupting the state, you get a libertarian society by convincing the majority of people that libertarianism leads to the greatest general good and\or is morally correct. It is obvious that having hundreds of thousands of people mooching off everyone else is harmful, and one would hardly imagine that this had to be explained to Misesian. This would actually be the case in the hypothetical situation where 100℅ of the welfare was from private charity. But that brings us back to the same old point, stop reading dumbo pseudo ethics from Walter Block and actually read Human Action.

  2. “They believe in taking anything they can from the state but refuse to pay in by being drafted or being taxed, and that is a very good thing. ”

    How is violating the principles of fair trade a good thing? I would think that would conflict with libertarian ideals.

    Even if you believe that the draft and taxes are evils perpetrated by the government, shouldn’t refusal to participate in them thereby leave the Hareidim with no right to benefit from governmental payouts and services?

    • The principles of fair trade have nothing to do with government. The issue of taking funds from the government and whether that is theft is dealt with in depth here:


      In principle, it is not theft to steal from the government, because bankrupting the thief is a good thing. The less money they have, the less bad they can do. I personally do not take funds from the government as much as I can avoid it, though I am forced to use services that they monopolize. I do that as a utilitarian point, not an ethical one.

      I’m trying to change the world in my own way, and I can do that better by not partaking in the government trough. People like you would view me as hypocritical if I took welfare or government benefits. The fact that I don’t at least makes me a curiosity in your eyes rather than someone to be completely ignored.

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