Creepster Yinon Magal of Bayit Yehudi is Sexually Attracted to Women, Oh My

There’s some zhlub I’ve never heard of in the Jewish Home party named Yinon Magal. His name can be translated as He Will Rule a Sickle. Apparently he is a raging heterosexual who has a penchant for telling attractive women that he would like to have sex with them. Also, according to tradition, Yinon is one of the possible names of the Mashiach (Messiah). Maybe it’s this guy. We should start a movement.

There’s a whole PC wave going on about how this guy is a criminal because, aside from the fact that he’s married (maybe not for much longer) with four kids, he isn’t very suave at clothing his sexual advances into something more socially acceptable. From what I read, he needs to improve his game, especially once he’s single again. His real crime is being a welfare bum Knesset member, but his problem is that he doesn’t seem to understand the crucial point that men must elicit sexual interest from women first by acting attractively before men make their own advances. Making an advance first without being signaled that it’s OK and wanted is the quintessence of being extremely creepy. “Lefties” love to arrest people on the “right” for being sexually creepy.  And vice versa. But it isn’t a crime. It’ll just keep you out of the human gene pool.

The only crime he committed was kissing women and smacking their tushes without permission. Yes, this is an actual crime, and he should be fined for it. But compared to being a Knesset member and drawing up laws about how people can and can’t live their own lives is a much greater crime.

No, I do not buy that unwanted sexual advances cause severe damage to women and therefore it is a serious crime. Some women like uninvited sexual advances, depending on who’s doing it. How many women would complain of a sexual advance from Brad Pitt? Some maybe, but not most. (Not that I’m recommending playing sexual harassment roulette here on the assumption you are Brad Pitt. That will probably get you ostracized and possibly committed.) Some women hate it.

A crime is not a crime because of what it makes you feel, be it good or bad feelings. It is a crime because it aggresses against other people’s property, in this case their own bodies. Rape is a serious crime. Unwanted kisses are a crime but not a serious crime. And making verbal sexual advances is not a crime at all, unless it is accompanied by an actual explicit threat of aggression.

Keep in mind that without primarily male sexual advances, there would be no human race.

Magal also committed a breach of contract with his wife, so it’s up to her if she wants to sue him for that or divorce him. The man is on welfare and has no real job anyway. I say dump him.

If he gets arrested for this, good. One less creep in the Knesset. Though he’ll be replaced immediately by some other creep.


4 thoughts on “Creepster Yinon Magal of Bayit Yehudi is Sexually Attracted to Women, Oh My

  1. So, I guess that that means he “touched someone” or “touched her stuff” without her consent. Otherwise, as a Libertarian, I would think it shouldn’t be arrestable.

    But, the funniest thing you write in this post, is that he’s right wing. LOL! What a joke!

    I’ll assume you’re conveying the public’s view of him, and perhaps a relative one at that.

  2. “Making an advance first without being signaled that it’s OK and wanted is the quintessence of being extremely creepy.”

    Yes and no. This guy obviously has no game, because otherwise, this behavior would not have been considered creepy or unattractive, no matter how much he came on to the women. Learn Game from the master, Roissy. It will open your eyes.

    Is Donald Trump a creep? Absolutely not, even though feminists despise him.

    Trump’s got game in spades, and no woman anywhere will ever consider him a creep no matter what he does or says. Magal has no game, and until he learns it, he will be a creep to all women he encounters, period. Signaling has nothing to do with it.

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