One more nothing the government should do to stop attacks

With thanks to God who provided me with a job that I do not have to commute for, I can avoid the roads and risk of having my car stoned every day. In order to stop those attacks, the government has to do nothing. They need to do NOTHING the next time a car is stoned, and an armed person gets out of the car and shoots dead the person who threw the rock.

I would guarantee that if the government followed a policy of doing nothing when someone who just had their car stoned gets out of his car and kills the person who threw the rock, there would be no more car stonings, period.

Getting your car stoned is serious business. It is attempted murder. People forget the case of baby Yehuda Shoham who was murdered by rock throwers in 2001. He would have been 14 today.

The government needs to follow a policy of doing nothing when anyone responds to rock throwers with lethal force. Within a day, there will be no more rock throwing, period.

As George Zimmer says, “I guarantee it.”

But for now, we all have to just drive past and hope we don’t get killed, because if any of us dare shoot back, we will spend the rest of our lives in government cages fending off gang rape by criminals who could not meet government imposed minimum wage productivity levels.

When these attacks happen, shortsighted people blame Arabs. I blame the government, because they are the ones perpetuating it. Any time a rock attack happens, it’s Netanyahu’s fault, because HE forbids us from stopping them. Netanyahu is personally responsible for every death.

(If there are any government agents reading this, let me reiterate that I am absolutely against any violence against State leaders.)


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