Attempted Murderer in Critical Condition after Stabbing Attack

An 18 year old Arab woman stabbed a 36 year old Jewish man in the back this morning at Sha’ar Arayot in Jerusalem in an attempted murder. The Jew was armed and shot her. She is now critically wounded. The government hospital is now trying to save her life. The Jew is OK.

The hospital should just finish the job, let her die, and then cremate or dump the body on the Mediterranean. I don’t feel like paying to save the life of an attempted murderer just to have her released in the next prisoner exchange.

If someone stabs you or attempts to stab you, shoot to kill.


5 thoughts on “Attempted Murderer in Critical Condition after Stabbing Attack

  1. They will charge the jew with attempted murder. The arabs know this. They know that the Israel’s are little chickens who talk really loudly but in the end are just bugs waiting to be squashed. The track record seems to prove this to be true.

  2. Well, it might have been a bit difficult to focus his aim properly, having just been stabbed.

    So, I think he deserves a break.

    It’s the Israeli government, using our taxes to keep her alive which should been taken to task.

    The only legitimate reason to keep her alive is if we might be able to obtain intelligence information from her which could save Jewish lives.

    Gee. I wonder how much her kids will be getting for their college educations, as a result of the attack.

    I hear that Hamas pays out more that Fatah.

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