WOW Ron Paul responds to ISIS gold video

People have been sending me the news about ISIS going on the gold standard. They even mentioned Ron Paul. Ron Paul responds here. I haven’t even seen this yet. Exciting!

Gold haters will sure use this as an excuse to say that gold bugs are ISIS supporters or something inane like that. It’s great propaganda.


One thought on “WOW Ron Paul responds to ISIS gold video

  1. Wow. I’ve seen the movie and luckily it wasn’t with Isis (I agree with Ron Paul, they’re so much in the media next they will hold cover of Vogue and people are still expected to believe these are invaders from a non-western culture controlled by the devil and whatnot). Ron Paul sounds like a really honest man and who dislikes lies. Lying was still a sin last time I checked (not so according to some). Ron has one problem: he’s old. In politics he will never make it. He’s the funny ol’ grandpa (he might remind some people of their grandpas) but that’s as far as anyone would vote for him. Maybe someone else from his background might win. I think he really should think of “forming” or finding a “successor” (I use quotes because succession and monarchies are what lead the way to the fiat money system, at least in Europe, imho, in the beginning all of these monarchs believed they were the messiahs and together with the continuous wars they wanted their names and history attached to a system that would “forgive all” or something like that). Ron should find someone younger who shares his views to back and promote. That’s what I mean.

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