Why Despair is Appropriate when Jews are Murdered in Israel

Two Jews were murdered on a government road by Itamar last night. There are two basic responses. One is anger and hope. Anger against Arabs and hope that the government will punish them and “deal justice” to the murderers. The other is despair.

Anger and hope are misplaced. Well, not so much the anger. Mostly the hope and trust that the government will somehow remedy the situation for the future. Politicians love this hope and trust. Every time Jews are murdered, they grow stronger. They give their mindless idiotic soundbites about how we must not stop in the face of terror, or the dead will not have died in vain, or the State of Israel will do everything in its power to blah blah blah, and all the angry and hopeful people cheer and fall in love with Netanyahu once again. And the beaten wife that is the people of Israel go running back to their abuser politician leaders to be smashed in the face for the umpteenth time.

They love their Netanyahu for saying angry sounding things and shaking his fists to the point that his combover gets slightly shifted in the hot air of his own self-righteous breath.

The government will not do anything about this that matters. They will find the gunman and stick him in free housing until the next prisoner exchange, where you and I will pay to have him clothed and fed and watch TV.

The truth is I’d rather he not get caught. It’s a waste of resources. The two Jews died in vain and their kids are orphans for nothing. We should all accept that and move on.

From there, we need to join those, including myself, who respond the second way. With despair and hatred, not against Arabs, but against the State of Israel. It is their road that this happened on, on which they have monopolized security but have not provided it. They will not lose money from this, or control of the road.

They have a monopoly on justice in the whole country but will not provide it by killing this murderer, so therefore we cannot expect justice to be done.

I don’t know how this will ever happen, but if eventually enough people become disgusted with the government who is responsible for this, they can be overthrown nonviolently.

For now, it is important to understand that nothing will change, because the government grows stronger when Jews die. People support it more. It becomes “unpatriotic” to yell at Netanyahu when his slaves are murdered. People say “it’s not the time.”

It’s exactly the time. This is the State’s fault. And they should lose their monopoly on security, justice, and roads, because they cannot deal out justice and they cannot secure their roads. The road should be privatized and the job of finding, trying, and killing the murderer should be in the hands of the private insurance company of the road.

But since that will not happen, the more people realize that these people died for nothing, the better. The more people that realize it, the more that can direct their wrath against those responsible. Not Arabs. The State.


3 thoughts on “Why Despair is Appropriate when Jews are Murdered in Israel

  1. Remember that the Israeli’s have disarmed their fellow citizens so that they will be forever dependent on handouts. No wonder why it is they are just big mouths.

    • Rafi, you hit the nail on the head.

      Dan, you’re also right. I saw the disarming as far back as 2004 in the Shomron. Private security companies moved in. Residents were not allowed to word for the company in their own town. It became more and more difficult to get a gun license.

      But I have heard it began earlier than this with the government using any excuse to take away gun licenses. A man in his 40’s in Ofra cannot get a license, because of rocks he once threw at a car when he was a teenager, even though his record is otherwise clean (and he pays his taxes like a good little Jew).

      Here is a graphic of the cycle I believe we are in: Bitter Cycle

      • Esser,

        Great link you posted. I should add that since the Israeli government wants to disarm the Jews in any way they can, how is that any different from the position that 95%+ of American Jews take which is to support lither style gun control? Is this just one of many things that the Israeli government/majority of Israeli’s and American Jews have in common?

        I suppose based on this that the worst enemy of the Jews are in fact the Jews.

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