IRONIC US Says Russian Bombing of Syria will ‘Backfire’

How do they find these people? If it isn’t the warmonger calling the psychopath bloodthirsty eh?! Unless I’m mistaken, the US was about to bomb Syria in 2013 for some reason or another but Congress actually said no to something insane for once.

Now all the previous warmongers who were egging Obama on to not only bomb Syria in 2013, but to also ship weapons to ISIS, will all say that the US is right, that Russia bombing Syria will “destabilize the region” and Putin must not be allowed to show such “aggression”.

Warmongers including my favorite guy Shmuly Yanklowitz, who the last time I talked to the warmonger it was about this very issue in 2013. Now I bet he’ll be mouthing off about how Russia should not bomb Syria because war is evil and bombing countries is not the “progressive” thing to do and it’s not a “Jewish value” or “social justice” or something maddeningly cliche like that.

Well all you progressive warmongers should know one thing. I was anti bombing Syria before you all were, and all it took to change your minds was some idiot in the state department who decided to mouth off about how people who aren’t Barack Obama shouldn’t be bombing countries just because they feel like it.

Well, neither should Barack Obama.


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