UNDERSTANDING MURDER Why Arabs hand out candy and why nobody cares that Jews were murdered today

Sure, seeing a bunch of people hand out candy in celebration of mass murder is not an easy thing to stomach. But unlike any of the outrage I have seen on Facebook, nobody has made an attempt to understand why they hand out candy and why nobody really cares that 4 Jews were murdered today in a Har Nof shul. It’s easier just to blame it on Islam, imply that therefore all Muslims have to be expelled, or blame it on Arabs being inherently evil and therefore the solution being get rid of them all.

It feels good to say that, especially when they’re handing out candy.

But we should understand why they hand out candy. You’re probably thinking by now that I’m one of those lefties who tries to “understand the criminal” and “blame the victim”. Well, think what you think, but that’s not it.

They are passing out candies because they are happy. What are they happy about? From their perspective, they are happy that people who are living in their land and who kicked them out of theirs, are now dead.

If someone physically threw you out of your own house and then started praying in your house to their God, and then somebody came in and shot them all to death, you may hand out candy, too.

What nobody wants to deal with is the question of whether they are correct or not. Whether it is their land or not. Nobody wants to say that Jerusalem is ours. And so nobody gives a crap that Jews were murdered, because as far as the world knows, we have already admitted that Jerusalem is not ours when we gave the Temple Mount to the Jordanians and signed the Oslo Accords with Arafat.

We say to everyone that the place where those Jews were praying before they were murdered is Arab land. If it is indeed Arab land, then those Jews murdered today were committing the crime of trespassing and were not murdered, only killed in an act of self defense.

There is no reason that anyone but Jews should care that Jewish trespassers were killed by a property owner in self defense.

Unless those Jews are not trespassers. In which case they were murdered. But we have to make clear that they were not trespassers by proclaiming our ownership of Jerusalem. That begins at the Temple Mount.

Not at CNN. Har Habayit.

Netanyahu Orders homes of murderers destroyed – one thing he’s good at

If there’s one thing Netanyahu is good at, it’s destroying homes. He did it in Wye, he did it in Hevron, he did it in the Disengagement, and he’s doing it now.

Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the demolition of the homes of the two terrorists who carried out Tuesday’s attack in Har Nof, the most significant operational step taken in the immediate aftermath of the murders.

Politicians are great at harnessing the emotions of an angry populace. We’re all pissed that murderers killed innocents today. But when we’re all upset, we stop thinking about the dangers of government power. What law allows Netanyahu to simply destroy a house just because a murderer, now dead, used to live there?

And what the hell is that going to solve? If the parents are already glad their sick murderer kids were killed in the act, then what do they care if their house is going to be destroyed as well? You know what’s going to happen now? Here’s what’s going to happen now.

Israel is going to tax you for buying food, transfer that money to the Palestinian Authority, who will then proceed to pay the families of these murderers cash to rebuild their homes. They will also name a road after them.

If Netanyahu weren’t such a pathetic coward, he would think of something more Jewish to do instead of destroy more capital in Israel. He could, for example, move the family out of their home and put it up for auction to a Jew. Though this would not be a libertarian solution, it would be better than destroying a home and much more of a deterrent to these bastards.

The libertarian solution is privatize all infrastructure surrounding the home, including roads and all public buildings, sell them to Jews, and the Jewish owners could then forbid this family of murderers from using the road.

SARCASM Jewish Worshipers Provoked Arab Murderers By Praying for Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem

Five are now dead in Har Nof including Rosh Yeshiva Moshe Twersky. No one in the Yeshiva was armed at the time. The murderers were killed so at least Netanyahu won’t be able to exchange them in the next good will gesture.

Baruch Dayan Emet. But on to the sarcastic part.

Observant Jews generally pray the morning service every day of their lives. We call it davening shacharis. When halachically observant Jews daven shacharis, they wear these things called phylacteries, or tefillin, on their arm and head. Inside the tefillin are sections from the Torah about, among other things, what we are supposed to do after we settle in Israel. Exodus 13:11, right on our heads:

And it will come to pass when the Lord will bring you into the land of the Canaanite, as He swore to you and to your forefathers, and He has given it to you,

Provocation right there. We should all stop wearing tefillin, as it’s insulting to the Arabs.

We also generally ask for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Binyan Beis HaMikdash in our parlance, and we all say that we want it built right on the Dome of the Rock. We say this several times a day. Clearly this is a call for a holy war against Muslims and must be stopped. Big provocation:

May it be your will God and God of our Fathers, that the Temple be rebuilt speedily in our lifetimes, and give us a part in your Torah, and there we will worship you in awe as we did in the old days and in years past.

Right wing extremism clearly. That line should be forcibly censored by the government from ever being said by anyone lest they provoke a religious war. Praying like this should not only be illegal on the Temple Mount itself, but anywhere and everywhere. After all, just because one has the right to pray for whatever he likes, does not mean that one should exercise that right indiscriminately and risk a holy warI hear this claim all the time in the statist media.

Do we expect the Arabs to just simply do nothing while we pray for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock? Clearly not. We’re asking for it unless we all stop praying for the rebuilding of the Temple immediately.

?פיקוח נפש דוחה שבת, דוחה תפילה לא כל שכן

CONFUSING ECB to buy gold to boost inflation? I’m totally lost

This one is really confusing. Some European Central Bank official with a severe shortage of vowels in his name, Yves Mersch, warned that the ECB could buy stocks, ETF’s, and…gold. Why? In order to boost inflation. What the hell does that even mean? Does anyone have a clue?

Usually the zany things that central bankers say at least make sense within their own economic misconceptions and they are at least consistently wrong on the same things because they all hold the same false doctrines. But this is something new. How in anyone’s mind does buying gold boost inflation? Someone should check if he was drunk or high during his speech because it sure sounds like it.

Hey, if he wants to buy gold, fine by me. But inflation by definition is money unbacked by specie. If you buy specie you are backing your money, not inflating it.

Could it be that God is starting to put strange thoughts in these banker’s heads in preparation for what’s to come? Who knows, but that is the weirdest thing I’ve heard come out of a central banker’s mouth in a long time.

Considering the fact that the Swiss National Bank is fighting tooth and nail against the Swiss electorate NOT to buy gold ahead of the Swiss Gold Initiative referendum on November 30 precisely because buying gold would force them to stop inflating, if the ECB cleared his speech and this is actually the ECB’s plan, it really makes no sense, not even within the twisted logic of the ECB’s own Keynesian system.

Something really weird is going on here.

Bob Wenzel Recommends Hilchos Yichud as the Solution to Date Rape Crisis

I just came across this at TargetLiberty. Bob Wenzel wrote a post about how Bill Cosby is being attacked for being a rapist. I personally do not believe a word of it, and Bob pleads ignorance but doesn’t take a position, and at the end of the post Bob says something very frum actually. Bob is not a religious guy and I doubt he is Jewish, but he gets halacha at least when it comes to Yichud.

For the gentiles reading this blog, Yichud is an area of Jewish law that forbids men and women who are not married to each other from being in a room alone together. The prohibition is much more serious when it is a married woman with a man who is not her husband, but applies in all situations of people not married to each other in various degrees of severity.

He basically says, at the end of the post, that following the Halachot of Yichud will solve the date rape crisis in America. He’s right. It will.

Bob’s words:

Which brings me to my final point. The Mafia boss John Gotti once told his daughter that she should always be careful around men. He said, “They may look fatherly to you or like an uncle, but they all have only one thing on their mind.” And that is good advice for any father to give his daughters, a girl should never put herself in a position where a man can take advantage. In other words, never be alone in a room with a man unless you don’t have a problem sleeping with him. It will solve this so-called “date rape crisis.” It will stop it cold and it would have prevented any problems that these girls allegedly had with Cosby.

The Banksters are Worried that the Swiss Gold Initiative Will Pass

The vote is in two weeks, November 30th, and it could be a day for the financial history books, reversing the infamy of August 15, 1971. More important than any election about which group of politicians is going to tell you what to do.

They’re starting to squirm now. The head of the Swiss National Bank, some guy named Something Jordan, was quoted as saying that the Swiss Gold Initiative would be “fatal” for the bank. Usually, this kind of jargon is hyperbole, but in this case, Something Jordan is right. If a central bank must keep something that it cannot print or its buddies cannot print as a certain percentage of its holdings, then by definition that central bank is tethered and restricted from printing beyond a certain point.

The money supply becomes stable and moves only with an increase in gold supplies, and inflation stops. The Swiss Gold Initiative only requires a 20% ratio of gold to Swiss Francs, but it doesn’t matter what the ratio is. As long as there is any requirement to hold something physical in proportion to monopoly money at a fixed percentage, the amount of paper that can in theory be printed becomes limited, and the central bank dies. Unless, of course, it cheats, as the Federal Reserve did from 1913 until 1971 when it finally defaulted on its last gold payments.

If this referendum passes, and with God’s help it will, then the first central bank in the West will go down. The Swiss Franc will shoot up like a rocket, bringing down other currencies in relation to it, and the Swiss people’s purchasing power will double, triple, who knows how high it will go. They’ll be able to buy a lot more stuff with their paper and they will notice it. Then other countries will notice it too and start demanding sound money and declare war against their respective central banks.

The snowball will be fast and furious and central banks will fall like flies. Gold and silver will move up fast and leave paper in the dust. The shot heard round the world will be fired in Switzerland, incidentally, exactly where Zionism began in 1897. I haven’t found much of a link between those two things. I just think it’s cool.

I have already discussed my investment strategy for gold in an article on TheStreet. The most leveraged way to play this is to buy way out of the money calls on GLD going out to 2016 and 2017, which will pay out 1750:1 at current prices assuming gold does what it did in 1980 by January 2016 or 2017, depending on your strike date.

That means that for every $1,000 you put into GLD 225 2016 Calls, you will get $1.75M in return if gold quintuples as it did from 1978-1980. Of course, you could also lose it all if gold does nothing by then.

But if the Swiss Gold Referendum passes, we will be in the end game, a year or two away at most.

Central banks will fall like flies. Incidentally, I swatted three flies today in my house.

Yael German’s Crazy Amazing Plan for Misrad HaBriut that Will Save The Country

Yael German is a sick woman. Besides Naftali Bennett, who earns my title for worst, most disgusting Knesset Member/Minister, Yael German is right behind him for her callousness. Lapid I pity because he’s more clueless than callous, even though arguably he does more damage due to the power of his position as Finance Minister.

One reader turned my attention to this article in The Marker, which outlines German’s new crazy amazing plan for the Government Health Mafia to make it better. My disdain for Yael German comes from the fact that she fought Moshe Feiglin hard on the cannabis legalization issue, and actually made it harder for sick people to get marijuana by giving the entire industry to Sarel, a government crony company in charge of supplying the Health Ministry and all its crony hospitals with all its supplies at monopoly prices.

Yael German, apparently, has the moral authority to make sick people suffer and not let them take what helps them. She is therefore unforgivable in my eyes, unfeeling, and evil for the pain she causes suffering sick people.

But anyway, the title of the article here is “Equalizing the Burden Begins at the Health Ministry”. Already you can tell this is about taxing the rich more to support public hospitals. And indeed that’s all it is. Here is the relevant half of a paragraph about German’s new “plan” that’s supposed to make the Misrad HaBriut a powerhouse of modern health blah blah etc.

גרמןהציגה שני מהלכים גדולים שעודם בחיתוליהם ואמורים להיות הזרזים לשוויון המיוחל: הראשון הוא שינוי שיטת החישוב של מס הבריאות, שיהפוך אותו לפרוגרסיבי יותר באמצעות העברת נטל מהעשירונים הנמוכים לגבוהים. השני הוא הקמת ועדה ציבורית לבחינת דרכים לחיזוק הרפואה הציבורית.

Basically, German is doing two things. One thing really, because the second thing is so stupid it’s only worth mentioning for comedy. First, she’s making the taxes that go to the Health Mafia more “progressive” AKA raising them on the rich people to support the Mafia. Second, she’s…jeez, it’s really hard to write this without rolling my eyes so I can’t even type…she’s “establishing a committee to investigate ways to strengthen the public health system.”

Translation: She’s paying a bunch of her friends and relatives or political allies and donors some tax money so they can sit on their fat asses and drink coffee all day somewhere in the Knesset’s meeting rooms and discuss how they can raise taxes even more to make the Health Mafia even stronger. This committee will probably cost millions of shekels because everyone on it will be paid obscene amounts to discuss raising taxes even more on you, while spending your money talking about it.

So that’s it. She’s going to raise taxes, and appoint a committee of her friends to discuss how to raise taxes still further. That’s her plan. Ingenious.

Feiglin takes a Shot Across Netanyahu and Danon’s Bow

Here’s the background:

Last week there was a big meeting of the Likud Central Committee in Tel Aviv. They were there to set the primary day agreed upon by Danny Danon and Benjamin Netanyahu to be January 6. Danon is the Central Committee Chairman.

Moshe Feiglin, playing the game, got up at the meeting of 3,000 people and submitted a motion to limit the primaries to stand for 6 months assuming no new general elections are called within that time frame. Primaries would then happen again before the next general elections. That would prevent Netanyahu from simply grabbing the crown now and using it as a blank check for the next 2-3 years to do whatever he wants.

The media was shocked and awed, but Feiglin’s motion actually passed by a wide majority. However, Danon basically ignored the vote, probably because he has a backroom deal with Bibi to team up against Feiglin in exchange for some petty crony position or other. Below is a video, in Hebrew, of Feiglin’s motion passing and Danon making up an excuse why it didn’t really pass. In his words, “People voted for both sides,” so the vote was “void”.

Besides that mess, Feiglin came off a total superstar during the meeting. I was not there as I am not a central committee member, but from what I hear he totally owned the place. Here’s a piece from Ynet about what went down that night and how Feiglin had to calm his supporters down not to jeer Netanyahu when he came up to speak. (The part about Rav Kahane is just stupid fluff having nothing to do with anything, but the media always has to bring up Kahane when Feiglin wins a battle in Likud.)

Here’s the video. Even if you don’t understand Hebrew, it is clear who’s the rock star here and who’s the zhlub.

So, a few days ago some crony lawyer name Something HaLevi wrote a letter to some other crony that Feiglin’s motion is illegal for some technical reason or other. (If you want to know the garbagey details, he wrote that it says in the Likud Constitution that the Chairman will be Likud’s candidate for prime minister, and that means that once he’s chosen, he’s chosen for the next elections no matter how far out they are. This is, of course, bullshit, but blah blah blah, not important, it’s all political theater anyway.)

So now, Feiglin has come out with his response, pretty much slamming Netanyahu and Danon, in public, for being crony schmucks, which they are, and saying that his motion did pass, and to ignore it is illegal.

He basically took a big shot across their bow without taking any legal action (yet), and they are both – Danon and Netanyahu – running against him for Chairmanship of the party.

Here is a translation of Feiglin’s letter:


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud Chairman

Knesset Member Danny Danon, Likud Central Committee Chairman

The Likud

Concerning: The vote on the motion to limit the validity of the Primaries

After checking the pictures that were published from the Central Committee meeting last Sunday in the matter of my motion, it is quite obvious that my motion got a clear majority. Central Committee Chairman MK Danon’s claim, which he made after losing the open ballot vote twice, that certain Central Committee members were voting twice, has no supporting evidence, and it harms and mocks the Committee members.

The scandalous behavior of Chairman Danon does not end here.

The elections committee decided on November 6 that, in keeping with the recommendation of the Attorney General Avi HaLevi Esq., the vote for moving up the primaries and all the related motions are so important that they should be done by secret ballot today between 10am and 10pm. How and why did this decision evaporate? Why is the vote not now taking place?

It seems, unfortunately, that nothing at all as changed. Decisions are made behind closed doors between the Chairman and his representatives and the Central Committee Chairman. The committee members are simply there to be part of a play. When not all goes according to plan and the committee members do not play the part planned out for them and actually state their preference, you do not respect their decision while using the same dirty tactics we knew in the past.

The opinion that you solicited from Avi HaLevi Esq. where he claims that no vote should take place on my motion, is not worth responding to. If we keep going down that road, we can nullify every Likud Party institution and let HaLevy run the whole show. It’s obvious how much you yourselves disrespect HaLevy’s opinion because you are not holding a secret ballot vote on the Prime Minister’s request move up the primaries, as HaLevy proved must be done, and he even made sure to cite it as a decision of the elections committee.

I hereby declare, clearly and publicly, that my motion to limit the validity of the upcoming primaries to 6 months was accepted by the Central Committee.

I will also add that if we are indeed on the eve of elections as the Prime Minister claims, this unacceptable behavior I previously mentioned, brings up justified anger. The party will be dragged into the courts, instead of just having transparent procedures. This behavior has political consequences that we all will pay for. I call on both of you, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Central Committee Chairman Danny Danon, respect the decision of the Central Committee and its members.


Moshe Feiglin

Does that mean Feiglin is going to court? I don’t know. He is certainly threatening it. I spoke to him on Friday and he was not sure if it is worth it to do so even though he thinks he can win. We’re winning anyway.

I’m not good at making political decisions, so I have no idea one way or the other if Feiglin should fight here over this issue. But I trust that whatever he decides, God will help us come out on top.

Both Danon and Netanyahu are going down in the end. They are nothing but petty politicians. Moshe Feiglin is the only man running.



HYPOCRISY Why do Republicans care what Jonathan Gruber Said about Obamacare?

A very simple question: Why do Republicans care what Jonathan Gruber said about Obamacare if they have no intention of repealing the law? Even Rand Paul, the most “conservative” of Republicans, is “unsure if Obamacare should be repealed.” They will simply change it. Not in any way that matters though. They will replace Democrat cronies who make money off the law with Republican cronies who will make money off it.

If Rand Paul is unsure if Obamacare should be repealed, you better believe that Mitch McConnell, the Kreep from Kentucky, has NO intention of ever repealing Obamacare. Why not? Because Republicans are just as much into Big Government as Democrats are. They just like enriching their own allies via Big Government rather than Democrat allies.

So I guess Republicans agree with Gruber’s assessment of the stupidity of the American voter, because no matter who Americans vote for, Obamacare will stand. They should be nodding their heads and congratulating Gruber, not demonizing him. Gruber and Republicans agree. They would much rather have the law passed than not.


G20 Sets the Stage for a Global Bail-in, OR: The Protocols of the Elders of Global Finance

Today we’re going to pick apart some Newspeak. Here’s the relevant paragraph, from an article in Reuters about the leaders of the most powerful financial institutions all coming together and conspiring about how to rob the entire human race of all its savings and transfer them all to governments, all in one shot.

Government leaders are expected to agree in November that the world’s top banks must issue special bonds to increase the amount of capital which can be tapped in a crisis instead of calling on taxpayers to come to the rescue, industry and G20 officials said.

The bonds, known as “gone concern loss absorption capacity” or GLAC, are seen by regulators as essential to stopping the world’s 29 biggest lenders from being “too big to fail”.

Here’s the translation into English:

There’s this problem with banks that have gotten so big, thanks to government coddling and favors, that to let them fail would endanger the government itself. Therefore, up until now, every time they almost fail, which happens repeatedly because they are all fractional reserve banks that lend out demand deposits, the government bails them out by raising taxes and printing, and giving the money to the banks in what is called, colloquially, a bail out. In 2008 it was $700 billion in taxes (remember the TARP act?) and $16 trillion in printing, 22x the taxes spent on the banks.

The problem is, relying on taxpayers to back banks is politically unpopular, so instead of having to rely on the government to transfer tax money to banks through direct taxes and inflation, governments are enabling the banks to steal from depositors directly without using the government as its thieving middleman.

GLAC bonds will be backed by none other than demand deposits, in other words the money you deposit in your checking account. You can’t just invent capital out of nothing if you are not a central bank and do not have the ability to steal through inflation. So in the event of serious financial stress, these GLAC bonds will be on the balance sheets of banks listed as assets to pay off creditors.

Got that? Thanks to G20 governments, the biggest banks now have the ability to pay off their creditors with the money you deposit in your checking and savings accounts by calling that money a “GLAC Bond” and declaring it an asset.

Now taxpayers do not have to be robbed by government in order to pay off bankster debts. Now they can be robbed directly by the banks themselves through GLAC bonds. Remember Cyprus in 2013? When the Cypriot government took a percentage of everyone’s deposits to pay off its debt?

It just went global.

The Protocols of the Elders of Global Finance